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Welcome to "Peter's Pages"
The Web Presence of "Peter Lebeck 1866,"
The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®

Three 'Bugs!


Our Doin's was a Most Satisfactory Time!

Posted 5.13.23 -- By Timbo Gillespie, XXXNGH

Copper Queen Chartering

The Charter Doin's celebration of our newest addition to Clamperdom, Copper Queen Chapter 1915, took place this last weekend May 5th through 7th, in Yerington, NV. PXL was most ably represented by former NGHs Mike Ramirez-Mares, Dale Turner, Myrl Wallace, and yours truly, Timbo Gillespie. We observed the chartering, HOCO, and the New Chapter initiation of this fine bunch of guys.

Copper Queen Chartering

Former PXL NGH and Ex-Proctor, Gene "DH" Duncker, was ecstatic to see us and the nice burn barrel we presented to the Copper Queen Brethren, complete with ECV logo and inscription cementing us as brother chapters. There weren't any sisters around, or girls, for that matter, but that's just how it is in ECV.

Our proctor, current SNGH Dave "Warthog" Otero and SNGH to-be Mark Hall-Patton praised Peter Lebeck as a "class act." By traveling to Yerington, and representing the brethren of PXL, the four of us were able to proudly reinforce our bond as friends and compatriots of our newest group of irascible irregulars.

Ed. Note: The photos from the Copper Queen Inauguaral are posted on Peter's Outties Page.

What say the Brethren?

Email Timbo. Your Clampbastardly Ambassador,


Posted 4.24.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Quackster and Pokey

On behalf of our Humbug, Al "The Quackster" Price, he thanks everybody who came up to Camp Hamilton for our Spring Doin's and made it a success. We had 48 guys show up (Bob Clemmenson, where are you?) and not only experience great camaraderie, but also some of the best weather we've ever had for a spring Clampout, with sunny skies and daytime temperatures in the mid-70's all weekend long. I've already posted some of the photos, with more coming soon from Brother Max "The Flash" Felser.

Dr. Klapper's Raffle

Vice Humbug Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson, put together a great raffle, but even before the ribeyes had winked their last at Saturday night's dinner, our brother "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie worked his magic with his grilled soft tacos and cheesy beans on Friday night. So if you didn't make it up to this one, you really missed out because it was a whole lot of fun.

On a sad note, since our last Doin's, we did lose two of our own to the Golden Hills, XNGH Jim Adams and Brother Rod "Eggplant" Story. Both will be missed, and both were memorialized as part of our HOCO at the spring Doin's.


So far our Humbug has been doing a bang-up job. Al had already earned his "X" in 2019, but stepped in to help us this year on short notice. He's been daring us to put him out of his misery, but we're not as dumb as we look. Competence has its virtues, which in this case mean that the Quackster, with the help of XNGH Mark "Pokey" Crawford calling in to the state park service every day, has locked in Fort Tejon for our fall Clampout.

Jim Adams, XNGH

That's right! We're going to Fort Tejon for a weekend Clampout, September 22nd to the 24th. So get ready for the fun as this is one of our most popular venues, with easy access for everybody. It literally has its own exit on Interstate 5, and while open fires are still not allowed due to drought conditions, there will be no size restriction for RVs this time around. So keep your eyes glued to this site for early registration information.

New Canopies

Our "Feed the Bear" fund is doing great things for Peter Lebeck chapter. XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, who is our Gold Dust Receiver and bear tamer extraordinaire, reports that the fund covered the purchase of our three new trade show quality canopies, one of which is emblazoned with four PXL Rondelles. The Bear fund also covered the chapter's yearly insurance premium and has paid for the new plaque needed to restore the demolished "Roads End" plaque we dedicated in 2005, under the late Humbug, Steve "Historically" Born.

Top has explained that the purpose of the fund is to cover insurance and the purchase of hard assets, so I agree that we have been putting our Brothers' generosity to good use. As every Clamper knows, our tradition dictates that no one pays dues to remain a Clamper. At PXL our Clampouts do raise money, but we purposely keep the rub low so that everyone can afford to come. Apart from that, sales from our store help bring in additional revenue. If you have a few extra bucks lying around and appreciate what PXL does for our Brotherhood and the Kern community, that $50 annual donation (or a $1000 life contribution) to the Bear fund, will provide the chapter with extra support on a strictly voluntary basis.

Bob 'DF' Cordes, XNGH

For instance, XNGH Bob Cordes, built a wood fired barbeque from the bed of an old pick-up truck, and we've shared it with his chapter of the Knight of Columbus for years. But due to the drought, most of the venues open to us no longer allow open fires, so the chapter needs a commercial grade propane grill to continue cooking our own Saturday night meals instead of having to have them catered, or worse, having to eat cold baloney sandwiches. So this is one place where the Bear fund could really help us out.

Broken Roads End Monument

As for the Roads End monument restoration, the Humbug has squared away the loose ends. The plaque has been ordered and it should be mounted later this year. The Roads End plaque celebrates a way station above Kernville which was literally at road's end in 1910. The wording tracks the site's history up until the 2002 McNally Fire when the buildings on site were destroyed. As a way point along the Kern River, Roads End was originally used to station the pack animals needed to build the hydroelectric power house a mile and a half up-river. Later, in the 1920's, Roads End was used to stage animals and equipment needed to extend the road. The site eventually included a store, a restaurant and cottages which served the public until their destruction by fire in 2002.

Charles Topping, XNGH

Originally XNGH Charles Topping envisioned a new concrete monument that would have included vintage photos of the site. But the U. S. Forest Service is very particular about this kind of thing. The original agreement had required us to affix our plaque to a "natural feature." That meant that despite being located in a parking lot, the plaque was attached to a large rock, and the rock was so near to the ground that someone backed into it and shattered the plaque to pieces. Well forget about the concrete monument. The current administration is requiring us to use the same rock, but this time they have put additional boulders around it, which should protect our monument from accidental abuse. We are also using aluminum instead of granite this time around.

Gene 'DH' Duncker

Our Humbug would also like to congratulate our XNGH, Gene "Dickhead" Duncker, PXP, who, after retiring to the Carson City area about eight years ago, found himself bamboozled into sitting on the board of the Copper Queen fledgling outpost in Yerington, Nevada. Gene attended the meeting, stepped out to go pee, and found himself in office when he returned from the lavatory. The problem was that Copper Queen was starting from absolute scratch, but, on the other hand, no one had ever accused Gene of being shy. At Dickhead's urging Peter Lebeck donated our surplus gear, including awnings, cook tops and pot and pans to get them Clamping. In 2022, and after a lot of hard work, Grand Council gave Copper Queen the go ahead for full chapter status, and their inaugrual Doin's is now set for May 5-7th in Yerington at the Lyon County Fairgrounds. To follow up, I asked Gene if he would ever do that again, to which he replied, "It Depends."

Paul Gleim

As I explained in a prior post, the Paul Gleim "Rfocus" Store is currently off-line due to some serious health issues which have forced Paul to seek treatment out of state. We wish Paul all the best, but note that his business is not completely kaput. Paul has left his store and his accounts to a friend, so hopefully Rfoucs will be back on line soon. The advantage to ordering from Paul was that you could order personalized items as well as shirts sporting various Clamper designs produced on a dye sublimation printer. That is a fancy way of saying that he could print one shirt at a time economically, as opposed to the screen printing process that requires printing dozens of shirts to make them affordable. That's a really useful option to have, so we'll make sure to keep you up to date on that.


As far as our event shirts go, we've been able to order them at a most reasonable price from a school district affiliated training program in Springfield, Illinois, for youths with disabilities, run by Ptimbo's nephew, Richard Gillespie. The program is called INK 186, and they are responsible for the recent Bald Eagle and Camp Hamilton offerings.

New Hawkers

As for PXL's Hawker Store, we've made some serious changes, hopefully for the better. Mike "12-Volt" Mazzetti is our new Hawker, with an assist from Jim "Shanker Mechanic" Mann. They'll be holding down the store but not taking it to other chapters, at least for now. We've put the old Hawker trailer up for sale, and we're paring down the inventory to make it fit in the trunk of a car. Mike and Jim are both CARP members, so you'll still be able to buy pins and other doo-dads obtained from other CARP Peddlers, but event shirts will have to be pre-ordered and picked up either at our next Doin's or at the Saturday Clamper Getaway in Santa Clarita, which typically occurs on the first Saturday of the month.

You'll also be able to preorder other Clamper gear. 12-Volt has access to the entire Wrecking Ball catalog. If you preorder from him at Wrecking Ball prices and pick-up your items from the PXL Store, you won't have to pay for shipping and PXL will still make a little on the sale. You can peruse the Wrecking Ball catalog online, or see Mike. He'll be at the Getaway on Saturday, May 6th, noon until 3 pm. Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379, 17766 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita, CA 91351.


So what happened to the last guy? Well that's a very sad story, and the chapter deserves an explanation. We turned management of the PXL store over to Kevn "No Eye" Horton as part of the 2014 term, with nearly $12,000, in the store account. Kevn told us that his experience as a businessman made him particularly qualified to take over the store from XNGH Russ "Hole" Chapman, who had been serving temporarily as our Hawker. Kevn was expected to beef-up the store's inventory, keep track of sales and expenses, and deposit the store's proceeds into the general fund after each event. He was also expected, at a minimum, to submit a financial report at our annual corporate business meeting in November, as part of our intention to make chapter finances more transparent.

No Eye -- PNG

At first, no one expected much from the store because store funds were expected to be spent on new inventory. But when it was time for Kevn to report on the stores' progress, Kevn would always paint it in the best light, but his financial report was always "almost ready" or 'left at home.' The leadership would roll over and Kevn's failure to file a report would go unnoticed by the new administration.

That went on until 2020, when Al Price, coming off of his first stint as Humbug in 2019, became the Gold Dust Receiver. Al set about going over bank statements from his Humbug year and discovered that two transactions on the store account were returned for "insufficient funds." Neither deficiency had been reported to him, nor had any explanation been offered. Al also noticed that regular deposits were not being made into the general account after events. So where was the money going?

Humbug Mark "Pokey" Crawford appointed an audit committee that included himself, Al and XNGH Dale Turner to review the store's books going back to 2014. At first Kevn appeared to cooperate, but it quickly became clear that he was unprepared to turn over any financial records other than bank statements to which the chapter already had access. He produced no ledgers or receipts for his purchases, and he would not surrender the check register. By the time Kevn gave up the store in September of 2021, the account had less than $200, and there was no evidence of him ever having made regular disbursements to the general account, or having generated any after action reports despite his having taken the store to various ECV events during his tenure, including a trip to Colorado at our chapter's expense.

The situation looked really bad, but the board wanted to give Kevn a chance to reconstruct and explain the store's finances and his activities even if he did not have all the receipts and other paperwork he should have been keeping as part of the ordinary course of business. He was also given the option to come before the board and explain himself, but he failed to take advantage of either opportunity. He did reply in writing, but it was to say that we should recognize that he had always done a good job handling the store.

On February 4, 2023, the board voted to expel Kevn "No Eye" Horton from Peter Lebeck chapter and to declare him persona non grata. Kevn is no longer welcome at any of our functions, and both the Board of Proctors and the other ECV chapters have been so notified. Peter Lebeck cannot take Kevn's redshirt from him, but we do have the right to make our displeasure known. It is a sad thing indeed.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook





Posted 4.8.23 -- By NGH Al "The Quackster" Price

It's Warthog!

Unless you are the Sublime (or our proctor-advisor, who happens to be the same guy), registration for our Spring Doin's at Camp Hamilton is now closed. It is important to have an accurate count for the food, giveaways, etc., so yes, we do have a cutoff date.

If you told us you were coming, filled out and submitted the registration and liability forms, but didn't get your rub in by the cutoff, then we will charge the additional $15.00. But get your rub in pronto because we don't handle cash at the gate. We purposely want to keep things as simple and fair as possible, so no walk-ins or late registrations.

And I'm sure you are aware that we haven't allowed retreads ever since 2017. At PXL we want all of our new guys to have a quality experience, and retreads often ruin things for the new PBCs.

I hope that answers your questions. See you at the Doin's!

Email Quackster.

Al "The Quackster" Price, XNGH
Your Noble Grand Humbug




Posted 3.29.23 -- By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier

Greetings Brother of ECV,

It's Klapper and Clapping!

This Saturday, April 1st 2023 is our monthly Red Shirt Get Away, NO FOOLIN'. So won't you join us for a hot dog and a brew? Rick "Hardluck" Veiga, GNR, and myself, will be on hand at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge to sign brothers up for the Spring Clampout at Camp Hamilton. This will also be the last day for PBC's to sign up and the last day to order and pay for an event shirt.

Also don't forget to sign up and pay for the Spring Doin's by April 7th, because PXL doesn't take walk-ins.

The door to the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge bar opens at Noon. All redshirts in Good Standing are Welcome, noon until 3 p.m.

Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379
    17766 Sierra Highway
    Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Our Vice Humbug Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson is planning to bring our three new EZ Ups and set them up. Believe me when I say you need to see them to believe how good they look. Also, the 2023 Feed The Bear hangers are in ( $50.00 Dollar Annual donation).

NOTE: Parking may a little tight due to a boutique that will be held in the dining area of the Lodge from 0900 to 1500. You're all welcome to come early and check out the items for sale. I understand that there will be some great Easter items and gifts for sale.

NOTE-NOTE: "MGM" finally posted the photos from the Widders' Ball. You can find them in Peter's Picture pages, you just need to know the secret words to get in. Thanks to Max Felser for his work at the Ball!

Hope to see you all on Saturday.


Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR
     Clamp Crier


NGH Al Price

Posted 3.7.23 -- By NGH Al "The Quackster" Price

Oh Wait ---- That was 2017, back at Clamp Okihi, and we haven't seen a pirate since. In fact there's a lot of thing we don't see anymore. Many of the best Clampsites, like Okihi, are gone or have become extremely restrictive.

It's Camp Hamilton Clamping!

That's why Camp Hamilton is so special, and why you won't want to miss our 2023 Spring Doin's, I'm calling it, "Freedom Isn't Free." It starts on Friday morning, April 14th and runs through Sunday morning, April 16th in one of the most beautiful settings in all of Kern County. It's an ideal place for our lucky Brethren to decompress. Camp Hamilton has easy access from the main highway, with plenty of space for RVs in an immediately adjacent parking area, and shaded lawns for anyone looking to pitch a tent. If you're not yet convinced, just check out the photos from our spring Doin's in 2022. Much thanks to Dale "Top" Turner for appearing before the Camp Hamilton board of directors to secure us this weekend.

So what is Camp Hamilton, you ask? Well it's a "Veterans' Memorial Park," but it isn't a cemetery. Its grounds are literally an ever expanding forest planted in honor of the men and women who have served in our country's military; with over 350 individual trees so far, each tree has a memorial plaque with the name of a friend or relative who is no longer with us.

Like many of you, I also served, and I recognize some of the names in this park. I was a combat journalist and photographer with the U.S. Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade (Paratroopers) in Viet Nam from May of '65 until June of '66, which is why I chose the theme, "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!"

It's Camp Hamilton Clamping!

BECAUSE IT ISN'T --- SOMEBODY PAID -- DEARLY! So if there are any objections or complaints --- see me!

So you all need to come on down in April and to bring a PBC. We'll take good care of him. We'll make sure he get a whole lot of history, and we'll make sure both of you are fed. XXXNGH "Ptomaine Timbo" Gillespie has volunteered to cook for this Doin's. His goal is to make sure everyone eats "gud," upholding PXL's reputation as having some of the best victuals in all of Clamperdom, from Friday night's road kill, all the way through Sunday morning's antacids.

Check out the registration page and flyer for details. Ptimbo's promising some wonderful surprises. I'm kinda hoping for his "'possum au ju," but you can certainly count on his one pound ribeyes on Saturday night if you are so inclined.

Ptimbo has cooked for us now for many, many years, and he's looking for a volunteer replacement. If you are interested in taking over, don't be bashful, Ptimbo says, "It's so easy a chimpanzee can do it." That leaves me out! But you just might fit the description.

It's Camp Hamilton Clamping!

Due to Covid, we remain behind on our plaquing, but I will be meeting with the folks at Famoso Raceway, and I hope to be able to plaque it later this year, or set it up for early next year, if it fits in with our current Vice-Humbug, Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson's schedule. I also want to thank XNGH Donny "Sawdust" Johnson for helping me get in contact with the right people at Famoso!

That said, I don't want to leave anybody out, because several of our Brothers have pitched-in and donated several top notch, red and black picnic tables to Camp Hamilton, and we'll be dedicating them on Saturday. So let's get ready for a good time in April at Camp Hamilton! Bring lots of PBC's, but make sure they are vetted and prepared or the joke will be on you. So get your dust in by April 7th, because we don't accept walk-ins or retreads. If you want to buy your PBC an event shirt, the deadline for ordering it is April 1st. See the Flyer or registration page for details.

Remember my Brothers; nobody leaves the Clampsite early without helping to clean up. Everybody helps, from XSNGH to any redshirt present. Any former PBC who leaves early WILL NOT RECEIVE A MEMBERSHIP CARD OR SHEEPSKIN --- AND WILL HAVE TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN --- AND I MEAN IT!

I'll be there to greet you. Let's have some fun!

Email Quackster.

Al "The Quackster" Price, XNGH
Your Noble Grand Humbug




Posted 3.7.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Mike Mazzetti.

Hail, Cloggites. Just a few short notes to catch you up. First off, the electronic sign-up pages are now online for our Spring Doin's weekend, April 14th through 16th. This is one you don't want to miss. Registration closes April 7th, and remember, we don't take walk-ins. Event shirts are available only until April 1st, so if you want one for yourself or your PBC make sure to order it by then. Mike "12 Volt" Mazzetti is our new Hawker, and he's thoroughly amped up about the job (sorry, I couldn't resist -OHM, - - groan, again), but Mike is concentrating on pins and other small stuff and won't be carrying much in the way of shirts to this Doin's.

Scoop and Mrs Scoop.

It looks like the crew had a real fun time at the Widders' Ball. I missed it, but from what I heard and from the pictures that Max "The Flash" Felser took, I can say that you all looked splendiferous. I can't recall the last time I saw so many of us so nicely decked out in our Red and Black. I'm still going through Max's pictures, but I should have them up shortly. Thanks, Max.

We didn't have a great turn out for Kernville's Whiskey Flat Parade. Truth be known it was pretty cold that weekend, and we had but half a handful of Lebeckians to march our flag down the street. So instead, our Humbug, making a command decision, emblazoned the front of his Jeep with our banner, piled our crew aboard, and encouraged all to wave as PXL "marched" in the parade. Hey, never say never. CQA. . . and no, we didn't win the prize for "Best Walking Group" this year.

Lastly, a small correction. Jim Adams passed on the Golden Hills on Wednesday, February 22nd. There are no immediate plans for a memorial services. Apart from his wife, Phoebe, Jim's family mostly lives outside of California. As for us, the Clamper Necrology ceremony shall be recited in Jim's honor at our upcoming Doin's. - - MGM.


Jim Adams, his wife, Phoebe and their daughter.

Posted 2.26.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

SAD NEWS. Normally you wouldn't be getting the next CLOG update until the website has been updated and the Spring Doin's announcements are ready for publication, but this is not one of those times.

Jim Adams, early 1980's.

XNGH Bob Clemensson informs us that our friend, XNGH Jim Adams left us for the Golden Hills this past Thursday, February 23rd, 2023. Jim served as Humbug of Peter Lebeck in 1989, and seldom missed a Doin's until his health would no longer permit. On behalf of the chapter, our sincerest condolences to his wife, Phoebe, Jim's family, and to all of Jim's friends. His hail was sincere to all who were fortunate to receive it. He was in many ways what a Clamper should aspire to be, and his kindness was felt by all who knew him during the over 40 years he was a member of our chapter and of ECV. Jim, you will be missed.

Here is a short biography from a few years ago . . .

  • Our 1989 Humbug, Jim Adams is an educator who has devoted much of his life to the progress of the young people of Kern County. Jim grew up in San Francisco but migrated to Kern in 1964 along with his new bride, Phoebe. They established their home in Bakersfield and raised two daughters as Jim pursued his life-long love and study of history. To this day Jim and Phoebe remain a devoted couple.

  • Until retirement, our XNGH taught history for 34 years at Arvin High School and served as Social Studies Department Chair at Arvin, as well as at the night division of Bakersfield College. He holds a Master's Degree from Northern Arizona University.

  • Jim Adams has been entitled to wear a redshirt for [over 40] years. Sponsored by friend and educational colleague, Don Burkett, Jim became enlightened at our 1980 Doin's in Tehachapi, and was demoted to Humbug seven years later in 1989. During his tenure Jim presided over two Doin's: our spring Clampout in Frazier Park and the fall Four-Way Doin's and erection at Randsburg, described here on our plaquing page.

  • Now living on the central coast of San Luis Obispo County, Jim remains an active member of Peter Lebeck, but also proudly claims Charter membership in De La Guerra y Pacheco, Chapter 1.5 of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties; Branciforte, Chapter 1797 of Santa Cruz County; and our newest E CV California branch, Lassen-Loomis, Chapter 1914 of Tehama County.

  • While living in Bakersfield Jim was also a member for many years of the Fort Tejon Historical Association, which is instrumental in putting on living history programs and mock Civil War battle reenactments for the public. All things clampsidered, a most satisfactory kind of guy.

Final arrangements are pending. I'll post here and on Facebook when I learn more. In the meantime here are a couple of quick announcements.


Hamilton Shirt Design.

Registration for our Spring Doin's at Camp Hamilton Memorial Park is open. While you can't yet do it on line, you can download a copy of the "Infallible Fillable Flyer" by clicking on this link. Your dust can be remitted either by Zelle or the old fashioned way, using stamps and an agent of the federal government.

You can also sign-up at next Saturday's "Red Shirt Getaway," at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge. Doors open at noon and it goes until about three. So join us for an inexpensive hot dog and a brew. All red shirts in good standing are welcome regardless of chapter. And, as usual, you can bring along a prospective PBC so we can get a good look at him.

We are in the process of reorganizing the store and principal Hawker Mike "Twelve Volt" Mazzetti will be there to sell tchotchkes and to take orders. More on that later, but from now on our store will be on a diet until further notice, so if you want an event shirt for yourself or for your PBC, make sure to include it in your pre-pay. Sizes up to 4X are $25, but only if you pay by April 1st.

Come back soon for additional updates.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted 2.6.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

US Flag.

Hello Cloggites! Before we get into the new Humbug's welcome message, our Quackster wanted me to let you know how much he's looking forward to seeing our chapter strut it's stuff at Kernville's Whiskey Flat Parade. So come on up! It's a a week from this coming Saturday. The parade route is only about a mile, but for the Widders, and for those who can't walk, we'll likely have a truck to aid the progress of our crimson entourage.

The parade starts at 10 am, so we must be in the staging area no later than 9:30. Just follow Burlando Rd over the river bridge and into town. The parade stages at the T-intersection with Sierra Highway. Wear Clamper attire, but dress warmly. Morning temperatures in the mountains have been between 23 to 33 degrees lately, though it warms up to about 48 to 58 degrees in the afternoon.

Lastly, the Toppings will not be able to host the previously advertised BBQ at their house, but there are plenty of places to eat and wet your whistle in town. Download the flyer from the links on the left. Hope to see you there! -- MGM


Gene and Al

Posted 2.6.23 -- By Al "The Quackster", NGH

Alan Price, XXNGH!

OOPS! ---- "Back in the Saddle Again!" Yup, I guess that's it, but I ain't no Gene Autry, (and some of us --- well, most of us, are old enough to know who I'm talking about)!

Let's see now, what can I say and still remain politically correct? Can't say anything stupid like Columbus discovered America …. as a matter of fact, can't say anything about history ( 'cuz I'd want to be accurate, and tell it like it really was! ) …. but current public sentiment wants to tear down statues and re-write documents leaving certain words and events out! Ain't happenin' with us Clampers! In other words . . ."READ MY LIPS":

IT IS AN HONOR to return as your Humbug - - - BUSY, but a real honor!

Whiskey Flat Parade

I want to thank my Widder, Jayne, and Ptimbo's Widder, Judi, for all of their help and efforts in making the 2023 Widder's Ball a real success! I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Nicole Kirkland, Manager of Homewood Suites, and XNGH Jim "Bullseye" Bailey for all that they do for us each year with the hotel and catering!

Two weeks after the Widders' Ball, on Saturday, February 18th (President's Day weekend) we will once again be marching in the Whisky Flat Days Parade up in Kernville. Then immediately thereafter we might invade a few of the local Bistros or Pub's. Sorry folks, but all of the hotels and motels in the area, and the Campgrounds that are still open in the winter are booked up with all the vendors and helpers for Whisky Flat Days. We have already registered, but I have to be there to sign us in and get a parade number at 0830 on Saturday, February 18th, and if you would like to march with us, Redshirts and Widder's must be there in line by 0930 (9:30 am), the parade will start at 1000 (10:00 am) sharp! Your best red and black attire or any old thing Clamper will be appropriate (as long as it really is, "appropriate"!)

BBQ at Camp Hamilton

Then, April 14 thru 16, 2023, for the Spring Doin's we will be Clamping once again at Camp Hamilton Memorial Park in Bakersfield. I want to thank XNGH Dale "Top" Turner for handling these arrangements! And, as you know, we try to do two plaques a year, and try to arrange to do the plaquing during the Doin's. Because I didn't know until Oct. 1, 2022 that I would be asked to be the Humbug again in 2023, I hadn't had time to plan for any plaques for 2023 yet. I really want to thank my Vice-Humbug, Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson, for offering to give up one of his plaques to me. I am still negotiating with the Famoso Raceway/Dragstrip folks --- but hopefully we will have their OK soon, but probably not soon enough to get the plaque done by the Spring Doin's, hopefully we will have the proper approvals so we can do a plaquing later this year.

May 19 thru 21, 2023 will be the Annual Grand Council meetings up in Sonoma, CA. It was canceled in 2020, then restricted in 2021. Hopefully they will once again allow several of our brothers to join us again this year, but I'll have to get back to you, once I find out for sure.

July 2023 will be the Annual TRASH TREK. I don't have the dates yet, but we will be going to the "Hastings Cutoff" (of Donner Party fame), and Fort Bridger to Salt Lake.

Broken Roads End Monument

July 2023 will be the Annual TRASH TREK. I don't have the dates yet, but we will be going to the "Hastings Cutoff" (of Donner Party fame), and Fort Bridger to Salt Lake.

Our Fall Doins' will be scheduled for September 22 - 24, hopefully at Fort Tejon. But, they don't allow scheduling more than 6 months in advance of the event, so I will be trying to get us on their schedule in April 2023 for those September dates.

I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but we did a joint plaquing with the Dr. Samuel Gregg George Chapter at "Road's End," in Tulare County, up just beyond McNaley's, in 2005, but the plaque has been totally destroyed since then. XXNGH Charles "Al Vll" Topping has been trying to get permission to do a replaquing at the site, but the U.S. Forest Service has changed regimes 3 times since then. I have contacted the daughter, and a son, from the last two families who owned or operated Road's End, and have some rewording and other suggestions from them, and I have met with the District Forest Ranger in charge of that area. He seemed in favor of the replaquing plans, but must now get the approval of his Supervisor before we can continue. Hopefully we will have an OK back shortly. I'll keep you advised.


The final item on the schedule for 2023 will be the Annual Business Meeting, again at the La Sierra (actually I wrote it down the first time as "La Siesta"), in Frazier Park, on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

I'm sure Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson will have his dates "carved in stone" before he takes over as Humbug in 2024. I want to thank so many brothers for stepping up and filling the much needed positions with me, and FOR YOU in 2023, and believe me when I say, IT IS A VERY LONG LIST!

Brother Ptimbo, now an XXXNGH, is at the very top of that list, he's going to be a real tough act to follow, and I really want to thank him for volunteering to also come back (if only until we can find some other poor soul) to be our Clamp Chef.

US Flag.


We are also very fortunate to have several other Brothers volunteering to return and help us out again:

  • XNGH, Dale "Top" Turner to remain as Gold Dust Receiver, Clamp Crier, also in charge of the "Feed the Bear" program, and PXL Accounts Auditor.

  • XXNGH, Mark "Pokey" Crawford has agreed to help teach the Grand Noble Recorder & Asst. GDR, Brother Rick "Hardluck"Veiga the ropes; and, let me mention something right here, we are extremely fortunate to have Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson as Vice-Humbug, and Rick "Hardluck" Veiga helping us. These are two of the hardest working brothers we've ever had in PXL! No task is too difficult, and they don't just stand around waiting for someone to start pitching in, they LEAD whatever needs to be done. Thank you my Brothers.

  • There are a crew of new "functionaries," and I also want to thank them for offering to help us out this year, but we have a couple of returning Brothers, who took a little break, but are now back with us as "Petey's Flying Circus" Ring Masters! Brothers, Fred "Flintstone" Fenski, and Brother, Dave "Boulder" Staley! Dave has also volunteered to take back the position of "Royal Clamps Thespian."

  • I can't fail to also thank Brother, XNGH, Mike "MGM" Ramirez for all that he does for us; Photographer, Consulting (not insulting) Clampstorian, and Cyber Recorder! (Did I miss anything Mikee?) Thanks go out too, to Brother Mark "Scoop" Mutz for assisting as Assistant to the Cyber Recorder.

  • Hats off also to Mike "12 volt" Mazzetti, for stepping up and assuming the PXL Hawker position.

Oh yeah, Redshirts, tell your PBC's that the Humbug really loves good Irish Whisky. MGM got him hooked on "Powers", but it's hard to find, so Jameson's or something close would be an appropriate "bribe". I'd also like to remind you, "No retreads" during the HOCO.

And my MANY THANKS to all of you for allowing me to try to "do it right this time"!

Email The Quackster.

XNGH Al 'The Quackster' Price, PXL #1866
    Noble Grand Humbug 2023
    (661) 867-2414


Happy Ball Goers

Posted 1.23.23 -- By MGM, CR

PXL has better balls.

Per our GDR, Dale "Top" Turner, the Registration for the 2023 PXL Widders Ball is now closed. No further registrations will be accepted and there are NO WALK-IN's. The meal order has been sent to Homewood Suites.

As for those of you who signed-up, we hope to see you a week from this coming Saturday. Be there at 1:00 pm, for a short business meeting in the hotel conference room, with hospitality to follow at 3:00 -- because the party can't come soon enough!

Per our Humbug Erectus, Al "Quackster" Price, we're still on track to March in Kernville's Whiskey Flat Days Parade, Presidents' Day Weekend, Saturday, February 18, 2023. if you would like to march with us, Redshirts and Widders must be there and in line by 0930 (9:30 am). The parade starts at 1000 (10:00 am) sharp! Your best red and black attire is encouraged, but any old thing Clamper will be satisfactory and appreciated. The most important thing is to come on out, have a good time and show the public a little PXL spirit.

Unfortunately the Toppings will be unable to host the previously announced post-parade BBQ, but there will be plenty of places for us to eat and wet our whistles in Kernville after the parade. - - MGM


Posted 1.18.23 -- By By MGM, CR

Our Widders' Ball is happening in Bakersfield on Saturday, February 4th. If you plan to attend ad haven't done so yet, you need to sign-up by this Friday. Don't put it off! Keep reading down into the CLOG for details, or click on the Widders' Ball link in the links box to get the flyer and registration form. - - MGM


Posted 1.13.23 -- By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clampcrier

Friday Buffet at Broken Yolk.


If you plan on going to the 2023 Widders Ball your Registration and Rub is due by next Friday 20 January 2023. You can use this link to download the Registration form. Then pay by Snail Mail or Zelle your rub to our email link. The information is on the form.

Also, we still have room for dinner at the Broken Yolk on Friday Night 3 February, but to attend your name must be on the reservations list.

The cost will be $25.00 per person, with "CASH" due at the door. There will be NO WALK IN's. Social Hour from 1700 to 1800. Dinner at 1800. To reserve, or if you have any questions or concerns give me a call 661-714-7203

Clamp On!

Posted 1.03.23 (Amended 1.5.23 and 1.23.23)
By MGM, XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, CC, and XXXNGH Timbo Gillespie

Set up at Bald Eagle Ranch.

Hello Cloggites, and welcome back to this PXL Clog! Today we're going to talk about our Widders' Ball, November's business meeting, the upcoming year's Clamping calendar, and, not to forget, all the pics from our recent activities -- because you all look so debonair - especially after a little Photoshop "rinse and repeat." By the way, I think "debonair" is French for "smells gud" - though I could be wrong about that.

At the end of this post, I've included a "thank you" and a few concluding thoughts from our outgoing Humbug, Timbo Gillespie, so stay tuned for that as well.

Vitus Cooking.

First off, let us congratulate our incoming Humbug, Al "The Quack" Price, his Vice, Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson (whose birth foretold the arrival of the frozen T.V. Dinner), and all of Al's officers and functionaries. - Good luck, and may St. Virus keep you dancing outside of the pot and away from the guys with all the matches!

As many of you know, due to unforeseen obligations on the part of our previously intended victim, we had to rehang the drapes again this year when it came to the Humbug, but we were fortunate to be able to call upon the Quackster - Al "The Quack" Price - for his help and diligent leadership. By the time of the November meeting, Al had already locked down nearly all parts of our regular calendar for next year. So if you've ever griped about not knowing the date for the next PXL Clampout or event, this one will be mostly easy. And no more excuses about not knowing when to put in for time off.

Al Price

The only loose end so far has been the Fall Doin's. Al had lined up a weekend at Camp Whitsett, complete with a commitment on the part of the management not to drain the lake, but due to rule changes imposed since our last trip, alcohol and burn barrels are no longer allowed on the premises. Needless to say, that didn't work out, and no amount of begging would get them to make an exception for adult libations. Other than that, I've listed the firm dates below.

Widders having fun.

Of course, the most firm date of all is the Widders' Ball set for Saturday, February 4, 2023, at the Homewood Suites in Bakersfield. To get the flyer, click on the Widders' Ball link in the links box or the flyer icon below. This is a prepay only event, with attendance capped at 80 guests, so make sure to sign-up by January 20th to secure your reservation.

Link to Flyer.

The ball is a "thank you" to our Widders so we never expect to make money on it. Unfortunately prices did have to go up this year due to increased costs, but you still get a nice dinner with a choice of entrées, dancing into the evening, and an afternoon hospitality with an open bar throughout the event. You can also take advantage of a reduced room rate at the Homewood Suites, which is the smart thing to do, and it's way less expensive than a 502. Just make sure to call Nicole before the deadline as space is limited. See the flyer for details.

Also, over the last few years (pre-Covid), XNGHs Dale "Top" Turner and Jim "Bull's Eye" Bailey have hosted a private get together for those who are in town on Friday and would like to socialize over dinner the day before the Ball. Their last offering was a Mexican Style buffet, but they need a minimum number of attendees to make it work, and if you are interested you need to contact Top as soon as possible:


Dale Turner, XNGH

Brothers, I need to know how many of you, who are attending the Widders Ball, would like to once again have Dinner at the Broken Yolk on the Friday before the Ball, 3 February 2023. Over the past couple of years this has proved to be a most Satisfactory gathering for dinner.

We need to have at least 20-25 to make it happen. I will negotiate a price per person based on the number of sign-ups. I'm estimating the price will be around $25.00 per person. Please let me know if you would like to attend and I will start a list and handle the rest.

Please respond no later than Tuesday, 10 January 2023 by email or text. or 661-714-7203

Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/Clamp Crier


While I don't have the latest edition of Peter's Procs, I will put it up just as soon as I get the finished product in hand. Now normally we would charge $100 for such a valuable publication, but because you are a Cloggite we're making the first electronic copy of our chapter's newsletter a free gift to you! Use a sturdy magnet to attach it to your fridge. Or better yet, print it out before posting. That is especially important if you intend to use it to dispose of fish guts or other stinky stuff. It avoids complications at home. Your Widder will thank you for it.

Here are the known upcoming dates for 2023:

    Sat. Feb. 4, 2023 -
  • 61st Annual Widders' Ball - Homewood Suites, in Bakersfield. $50 per person. Includes dinner, dancing, afternoon hospitality and an open bar. Rooms available at $109 & $139/night, plus tax. Sign-up and prepay by January 20th! Our Annual Business meeting will reconvene at 1 pm in the hotel's meeting room to dispose of outstanding issues from November. Hospitality Lounge begins at 3 pm, with dinner at 6 and dancing at 7:30.
  • Sat. Feb. 18, 2023 --
  • PXL marches in Kernville's Whiskey Flat Days Parade, Presidents Day weekend. Check this site for parade details. The previously announced BBQ has been cancelled, but multiple venues in Kernville will be open for food and drink.
  • April 14--17, 2023 -
  • 4 Day Spring Doins' at Camp Hamilton Memorial Park in Bakersfield. All rubs are prepaid, no drop-ins or retreads without permission of the Humbug. Redshirts $75, PBCs TBA. We'll likely plaque the historic Famoso Raceway, thanks to the work of Vice-Humbug Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson.
  • May 19 - 21, 2023 -
  • ECV's Grand Council in Sonora, CA. We're looking for volunteers to host a hospitality tent during the weekend.
  • July (TBA) 2023 --
  • Graybeards are invited to TRASH Trek XLIX: Hastings Cut-off to Salt Lake, Utah. Final dates to be announced following Grand Council
  • September 22 - 24, 2023 -
  • 3 or 4 Day Fall Doin's, location to be determined. This event may be concurrent with the rededication of PXL's "Roads End" plaque north of Kernville, which was destroyed over seven years ago.
  • Nov. 4, 2023 --
  • Annual Business Meeting, Saturday at 10:00 am, at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant in Frazier Park, CA. Restaurant is open for breakfast, usually by 8:00.
Pokey and Francis.

As for other issues brought up at the business meeting, while I don't have the Procs for you today, you can find the new officers and their contact information posted on our Indignitaries Page. I had intended to hang all these beautiful mugs up at the nearest post office, alongside the "most wanted" posters, but I had a run-in with the postmistress. I explained to her that I was an "X" Humbug, but she said she had had her own "X," and he bounced twice when she tossed him out the door. Luckily I got out of there before anyone got hurt.

Crew Cleaning up.

I did post six sets of photos, including some taken by our own Max "The Flash" Felser at the Fall Doin's up at Bald Eagle Ranch. I had to leave Saturday morning, but Max was able to complete the job so thanks to Max for that. I also posted photos from the Bear Valley Springs and the Saugus Café plaquings (thanks to Mark Mutz and Craig Baker for the Saugus pics), also from the November Business meeting in Frazier Park and the Fall Work Party in Santa Clarita. So if you don't look good, sorry. It's not my fault. I'm a realist.

At the meeting we also scheduled a work party for November 19th, so thanks to everyone who came out to help put our trailers in order. We cleaned out and rearranged the kit hauler and prepped the old Hawker trailer for sale. We'll be taking the store back to basics and won't be needing the old trailer anymore. If you are interested in buying it or know someone who does, speak to the Humbug.

Kit packed up.

This coming Saturday, January 7th, is the first Saturday of the month, so you are invited to the monthly Red Shirt Getaway at the Elks Lodge in Santa Clarita, 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country 91351. Drop in to our informal get together from 12 noon until 4 pm. Even if you are a heavy tipper, a hot dog and a brew won't set you back $10, plus you'll find the camaraderie priceless. All chapters are welcome, as are prospective PBCs.

While you are there, speak to GDR Dale "Top" Turner about Feed to Bear, our yearly voluntary assessment in support of Peter Lebeck chapter. The money is used for things like insurance and vehicle maintenance, and durable goods like awnings and kitchen equipment. $50 gets you a membership pin and your first annual hanger. Then show your support by buying a hanger yearly.

And now for a few concluding words from out outgoing Humbug, Timbo Gillespie:

Timbo Drops he Mic.

My Brothers -

I appreciate the trust and faith shown in allowing me to be in the driver's seat this year. From the hassles caused by the Hawker to trying to return the chapter from Covid, I'd quote Jerry Garcia, "What a long strange trip it's been."

However wobbly on our feet we may be, we are at least back up and weaving in the right direction. Dale "Top" Turner has started the "Feed the Bear" fund which serves a variety of good purposes for us, not the least of which is a safety net. He has done a great job of keeping our pennies where they are supposed to be and reorganizing our books, providing transparency to all of the brethren. Al "The Quack" Price has kept all of our other ducks in a row and made sure that we are compliant with everything we should be, keeping us in good favor with the State Franchise Tax Board and the GC. He was also, sadly, caught in a moment of weakness and agreed to be our Humbug again. When will they ever learn?

Kelvin and Rick.

I am popping corn and setting up my ringside seat, because we are going to expect a lot from two guys who have already gifted us a lot - Rick Veiga and Kelvin Swanson. These two and the rest of our logistics team, - the Flintstones from Frazier and others - ensured that we get set up and ready to go for our doin's, and we can't thank them enough. A great big sloppy THANK YOU to all who have pitched in and helped.

Clamping is about history, frivolity, and fraternity. These three things vary in degree for each Redshirt, but the fact is we are a band of brothers who can work together for a common good. One of my favorite expressions is "Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff". There are times when we have let minor differences become more than minor problems, so let us all have some perspective. Let the minor slights slide, fellas, and remember that we are all on earth not for long time, but for a good time.

Judi and I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year, and please feel free to put me aside when I get in the way.


See you at the Ball! --MGM



Posted 11.02.22 (Amended 11.04.22) -- By MGM

PXL Ketchup.

Welcome back Cloggites, time to Ketchup! Now that we’ve mostly figured out how to deal with Covid, we’ve had a flurry of activity of late, so catch-up has been the name of the game. Aside from our fall Doin’s, we just concluded two plaquings, including a joint event with Platrix. We are also looking forward to a full calendar next year, beginning with our Widders’ Ball on February 4, 2023, in Bakersfield.

More on all that later, but first a reminder that our annual business meeting will convene this Saturday, Nov 5th, at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant in Frazier Park, a PXL Watering Hole. I’ve attached the agenda and proposed functionaries list here, so take a minute to look it over.

The meeting starts at 10 am, but the restaurant will open for breakfast at 8:30 as a courtesy to our chapter, so please take advantage. 3500 Mt Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA, United States, California (661) 245-3628. As a bonus, Veronica knows that some of us are always asking for menudo, so if you are interested, text Dale “Top” Turner at (661)714-7166, to get on the secret menudo list. Veronica has offered to make it special, just for us. See you there!

XXNGH Timbo Gillespie

As his final sacrifice, outgoing Humbug Ptimbo Gillespie, is offering up our friend Al “The Quack” Price, as next year’s Humbug. May the Graybeards be pleased! Or at least mollified. And since the Quackster will now be an upper level retread, may the 'Beards not find him too odiferous nor too ripe for their mysterious purposes.

Al Price

But assuming Al has his way - - following our Widders’s Ball in February - - we’ll be marching in Kernville’s Whiskey Flat parade on February 18th, then going back up to Camp Hamilton for our spring Clampout April 14th-17th. Al also has his eye on Camp Whitsett for our fall outing in September, where he has been guaranteed that no one will be pulling the plug on Lake Ida before we have a chance to personally observe what fish are rumored to do in it. Seriously, the lake actually has a plug.

Al also wants to plaque the Famoso Raceway in the spring, and replace the shattered Road’s End monument later in the year. I could say more about more stuff, but I’m afraid I’ll just run over my word budget. So it would be best if you came on up to the November meeting to see for yourself.

Our outgoing Humbug was no slouch, either. So I’ll recap the last part of our season and you’ll just have to put up with me for a bit longer.

Bald Eagle fun

We had a very chill fall Doin’s up at Bald Eagle Ranch, with about 50 guys showing up to veg with their Brethren. Attendance could have been higher, but I think some of the guys were spooked about making it up the mountain roads with their rigs. Nevertheless, there was plenty of space, the weather was choice and the camaraderie was near perfect. But you can check things out for yourself. I expect to have all the photos up by the end of the weekend.

On Saturday, October 29, 2022, we gathered up at Bear Valley Springs to plaque the original 1872 school house. I’ve posted the plaque to the ”Clampdown page if you’d like to see it up close. The project took about a year to complete, and we were even delayed by the foundry which missed our original September deadline. There were about 50 people in attendance to witness remarks by our Humbug, Ptimbo Gillespie and Clampcrier Dale “Top” Turner, XNGH. Photos will be posted to the usual location.

BVS Plaque

The Saturday before that, we had a joint plaquing with Platrix chapter in celebration of the Saugus Café. This joint claims to be the oldest existing eating establishment in L.A. County. I always assumed that would be the county jail, but for the Saugus Café you don't have to prequalify.

I missed the ceremony, but I understand that the event was MC'ed by Platrix XNGH Denny Thompson, with current Platrix Humbug Patrick Turner speaking on behalf of Platrix and our own XNGH Al Price speaking on behalf of Peter Lebeck. About a hundred people were in attendance.

I mention that I didn't go because it means that I didn't take any photos and neither did Max Felser, who was out of town. Mark "Scoop" Mutz's widder did get a few pictures but the Mutzes didn't get any of the plaque because they assumed that part of the ceremony would involve mounting the plaque to the café wall which didn't happen until this week. They did get a pic of the plaque resting on an easel - - covered with a red blanket.

SC Plaque

Fortunately fellow history buff, Craig Baker, who was also at the ceremony, did go back and take a few pictures once the plaque was mounted. He was kind enough to share some of his photos with us. Click on the plaque to read the larger version. I'll post everything I've collected to the usual location so we'll have a permanent record.

Last thing before I let you go, our Widders’ Ball won’t be in January for the first time that I can remember, because it’s always the weekend before Super Bowl, and we have no control over the NFL which keeps extending its season. We’d protest, but what’s the point? The league isn’t listening to some very burly dudes who could easily push a Mack Truck across the Red Zone. You think the league would listen to a bunch of flabby guys in red shirts?

Jim Bailey

Luckily for Peter Lebeck, our XNGH Jim “Bullseye” Bailey has invited us back to the Homewood Suites for our annual soiree now set for Saturday, February 4, 2023. Check back here for details in a couple of weeks. I won’t do a full webpage dedicated to the Ball, but I will plug it on the main CLOG Page, and link the flier with complete instructions, including directions and how to pay. PXL has gone over to “prepay” for its events. We’re generous about refunds or credit if you let us know ahead of time that you can’t make it, but prepay cuts down on waste and the need to handle cash. It’s all for the good of the order.

See you Saturday!

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Click for Details!

Posted 9.27.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Sorry, Gents. Registration is closed, so if you didn't sign-up you're going to miss a chill weekend because we aren't accepting walk-ins this trip. But for those of you who thought ahead and seek splendor and repose in the mountains, we welcome your company.

Gates open on Thursday at noon for early arrivals; but if you do come early just make sure to bring something to eat, drink and plenty of shade. We feed you through the weekend but our first chapter provided meal is on Friday afternoon, to be followed by our Yucca-Off contest. That's our Humbug Timbo getting a head start on his shaking technique.

Our XNGH Al "The Quack" Price is a ham. No, really. He has a radio and one of those big sticky-up thingees that points to the sky and would make lesser men blush. Plus no one has ever accused our Quackster of being smoked or basted, so I think we can take his word for the kind of weather we'll experience during our Havilah weekend.

So expect daytime highs in the upper 80's, with nighttime lows in the mid 50's. Bring your propane heater if you wish, but no burn barrels due to dry conditions. We do want the Bald Eagle Ranch to still be there if we are ever invited back, and this part of Kern is no stranger to fires.

Also keep in mind that there is no cell service Havilah, so say goodbye to the Widder before you leave the flats. We are guest of XNGH Wes Kutzner and his lovely Widder, Janet. Their land line is available for EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY! (760) 379-2636.

Proof that no one should accuse us of ever being completely untethered! Just make sure your Widder has it before you head for Havilah. See you at the Doin's.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook





Click for Details!

Posted 8.28.22 - - By NGH "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie, XXNGH

LET'S GET READY TO YUC IT UUUUUPPPPP!!! Owl-rye-tee, a basic fact or two here:

A) We are Clampers.

B) Many Clampers seem to enjoy adult beverages from time to time, always, of course, in moderation and as an adjunct to helping little old ladies cross the street and to rescue kitties from trees.

C) Most Clampers won't get off their fannies for a drink unless there is a PBC near by to hand them one.

But things are going to change when you join us for Peter Lebeck's Fall Doin's at Bald Eagle Ranch, September 29 through October 2, 2022. You're gonna be getting off of your lazy corn-fed posterior, and shaking them buns for bragging rights because -- that's right folks -- you saw it here first! On Friday night PXL is bringing back the YUCCA!

If you are unfamiliar with this most satisfactory and satisfying nectar, do a little diggin', or get inventive; and get you a gallon jug, a bunch of ice, a sturdy towel, and some sort of liquor/citrus combination that will meld into something wonderful after it has been passed around the circle and shaken into an icy frothiness.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that part? Yeah, see, when you Yucca, what you do is combine your ingredients, wrap that puppy up in a towel, and pass it around the circle, stopping for a vigorous shake at each redshirt along the way. After lots of rough handling and plenty of time to contemplate the consequences, you pop the lid and pass 'er around. Just make sure the Holy Yucca Judges get a good long hit before everyone has the chance to backwash.

There will undoubtedly be prizes of some-sort-or-other for the best concoction, but seriously, by the time we get done tasting them all, we may not remember who won.

So there's that, but isn't that part of the fun?

So grab a jug, get a team, slice that fruit, put in the appropriate liquid, and Sheik Yerbouti, Friday night, at PxL's Fall '22 Clampout. I personally will provide the ICE! Go to our registration page to sign-up electronically or download the flyer, just do it by September 23rd, because this event is prepay only. No walk-ins and no retreads.

See you there!

Your Noble Grand Humbug


Posted 8.19.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

The PXL Paw. Saugus Cafe Announcement

The details about our joint plaquing with Platrix, of the Saugus Café, are now set. So join us for a combination dedication and 2 p.m. late lunch on Sunday, October 16, 2022. The 2 o'clock start will give the church ladies a chance to clear out of the parking lot, although if the lot is full, you'll do best to park on the street. As tempting as it may be to park in front of the liquor store, don't do it unless you're prepared to bum a ride home -- and pay the towing fees.

You can download details about our October plaquing, along with our Fall Doin's flyer and Peter's Proc's, by clicking on the flyer icon on the right. If you came here looking for information about our Fall Doin's, keep reading into the CLOG, and then visit our Fall Doin's Pages for the skinny and everything you'll need to sign-up. - - MGM

Posted 8.14.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

The Fall Doin's pages are now up, including our electronic registration form. If you don't see a revised page when you click on the link, refresh your browser. That also goes for any other page as well. I've also posted a copy of the artwork for our most spiffy event shirt to the main Doin's page. Click on the artwork to see a mock-up of the shirt.-- MGM


Yucca Time Invite.

Posted 8.7.22 (Amended 8.13.22) - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Bobble Mikee

Hello Cloggites! Mikee here with a few choice words before the Humbug realizes I have a day pass from the asylum. PXL is proud to announce our 60th Anniversary Fall Doin's, at Bald Eagle Ranch in Havilah, set for Thursday, September 29th through Sunday October 2nd, and if you are wearing a redshirt under your Superman pajamas, you're invited to join us for a most satisfactory time. In fact you'll want to bring a PBC because this is going to be a very special weekend.

Havilah was Kern County's original county seat until it was robbed in 1872 in a disputed election by some place that starts with a "B" and ends with a "D," which to this day has all the fast food joints while Havilah has none. No McDonalds, no Jack in the Box, not even a Taco Bell. What Havilah did have was proximity to the gold fields, but when the prospecting played out, this mountain town between Bodfish and Caliente could no longer compete with the settlement on the valley floor where agriculture and oil began to drive the economy. Finally, during the 1920's, most of the town was destroyed by fire.

Al Price

But Havilah still has history, and your PBC will be getting a double dose of it. Friday afternoon, he'll get an historical introduction to E Clampus Vitus and the Peter Lebeck Chapter, itself. On Saturday, he'll get an introduction to local history by XNGH Al "The Quack" Price, including a tour of Havilah, our plaques and the Havilah museum.

Yucca Timbo

Now while that all sounds very serious, there's also a reason for that picture at the top of the CLOG, for our Humbug, Ptimbo Gillespie has declared that Friday Night's post-dinner festivities shall begin with one of our notoriously satisfactory semi-occasional "1st Annual" Yucca contests. What is "Yucca," you ask? Well, it's what you want it to be. But mostly it requires a large jar, citrus, sugar, ice, something potent that starts with a "T," "V," or some other letter of the alphabet that ends with stupid. Then put a lid on it, wrap it in a towel, and let the shaking begin! Which is why you need a team of hearty souls to create the magic.

If you are interested, sign-up. Then get a team together and prepare to rock the Doin's. Just remember, the proof is in the tasting.

Rick Veiga

The electronic sign-up will be up soon, along with the usual schedule, descriptions, directions and whatever other stuff I can come up with to get you to show-up to Bald Eagle Ranch. But in the meantime I can offer you the flyer by clicking on this link. If you have a potential PBC. Don't hesitate to sign him up. We have an excellent Hangman in Rick "Hard Luck" Veiga, who's taken to the task with great enthusiasm. He's proven to be a great role model for our PBCs, and more than capable of showing them what being a member of Peter Lebeck is all about.

Paul Gleim

Our regular T-shirt guy, Paul "Rag Man" Gleim, has been ill, and we wish him a speedy recovery. He reluctantly won't be able to do an event shirt for us this trip, but the Humbug does have a solution and we will be offering event shirts for $20 each, so long as you order by September 7th. The shirts are being produced by "Ink 186," a vocational training program in Springfield, Illinois for students with disabilities. You won't be disappointed. Check out their website. The design will be posted to the Doin's registration page.

After a number of years of unexplained overhead, we are whittling our store down to the basics, so be forewarned that whatever shirts become available on site for your PBC will be extremely limited, primarily "close-outs." Event shirts will be preorder only, though you can still order current stylings from Paul's website. Just make sure you do so at least two weeks ahead of time if you want to pick items up at the Doin's.

Dale Turner, XNGH

An event shirt purchase option isn't listed in the flyer, but you can include a note with your snail mail remittance to GDR "Top" Turner with an extra $20 for each shirt, along with the needed sizes. You can also Zelle your order and dust to, just make sure you memo who it's from and list the requisite sizes. You can also text or email your name and shirt size to "Top" at or (661) 714-7203, but do it by September 7th. Orders will not be accepted after that date.

Due to a SNAFU at the factory our plans to plaque the 1872 school house at Bear Valley Springs has been postponed. The plaque has been reordered, with a tentative dedication date for some time in October. Meanwhile, our joint watering hole dedication with Platrix of the Saugus Café is now set for 2 p.m. on October 16th. This is a family event and all are welcome.

Grand Conclave

At our recent Grand Council, the Board of Proctors made a point of reminding all ECV Chapters that there is nothing private about "private" social media, including Facebook. If it's posted to the internet, it's in public view. E Clampus Vitus is, above everything else, an historical fraternity. We are not a political organization. Displays of drunkenness, lewd or scatological images, misogyny, political screeds or other posting that discredit us or our mission to celebrate history are frowned upon. Rule of thumb I've used here since we began the CLOG in 2007 is if it would embarrass you to have your Widder see it or P___ O__ your Brethren, then it shouldn't be posted. There is plenty of room to have fun on line. Frivolity and absurdity are not the same as being crude or in your face.

Truth be known, earning respect in the community while maintaining the fun loving aspects of Clamperdom is of great benefit to all -- to our members, to the places where we live and to the vitality of our Order. By all accounts, ECV is a dinosaur. It is the only remaining all male fraternity not found on a college campus. But that hasn't stopped us. We continue to erect "diverse monuments" to local history and many chapters engage in charitable works. As of 2022, ECV's has now grown to fifty full-fledged chapters covering eleven western states. So stand up, stand proud and keep it up!

By the way . . . when you come to our Fall Doin's at Bald Eagle Ranch, if you bring a Clamper from each of the 50 Chapters, the Humbug will buy you a pony.


Peter Lebeck's Annual Corporate Business Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 5, 2022, at 10:00 a.m., at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mt Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225. The agenda will be posted closer to the time of the meeting, but as usual expect wrap-ups on the current year's activities, financial reports and the line-up of proposed functionaries and officers for the coming year.

Lastly, don't forget the unofficial monthly gathering at the Elks' Lodge in Santa Clarita. The "Red Shirt Getaway," is open to all ECV members in good standing and runs from noon to 3 p.m., the first Saturday of the month. 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country, CA 91351.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook





Sp2022 Group photo.

Posted 6.26.22 - - By NGH "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie, XXNGH

Joel's Magic Hat

Welcome back to the CLOG, My Brothers! I just got back from Spokane, Washington and a most satisfactory Charter Doin's for Irish Kate #1858, one of ECV's newest chapters. As you can see from the pic above, this is a great bunch of guys, and I would encourage anyone headed up to the Spokane area, if you have time to visit, to contact one or two of them through the Irish Kate website or their chapter's Facebook page. The Spokane Brothers would love to see us Lebeckians at any of their Doin's.

Irish Kate Charter Fire Pit

I was mighty proud to be able to present the new chapter with a spiffy new stainless steel fire pit from us as a welcome gift to our Ancient and Honorable Order. It has a see through outline of the ECV Miner and Jackass, with the names and number of our two chapters on either side. Unfortunately, even after a few days of really hard rain, a propane-only rule was in effect, so we've yet to see this lovely thing in all of its blazing glory. But the Brothers did promise to send us a pic when they do finally get to fire it up.

I also had a great time talking with all of the Sublime officers and Proctors. SNGH Dave "Warthog" Otero congratulated us for representing our chapter and, in his words, thought our fire pit gift "really awesome." He is sending a letter commending us. I have to say again how proud I am to represent a bunch of guys who understand brotherhood and forging ties.

Signing the Irish Kate Charter.

Their HOCO and Chartering went great. They've put a lot of work into their community over the last nine years and have fostered ties with appropriate organizations. They've earned their place as an ECV chapter, so congratulations to the Brothers from Irish Kate.

I also want to make clear that none of this came out of chapter funds. The trip was on me as part of my Humbuggery, and the fire pit is a gift from our guys to those guys. So if you didn't get a chance to contribute towards the barrel and want to throw in a few bucks for that, see Rick "Hard Luck" Vega at the next "Red Shirt Getaway," It starts at noon, Saturday, July 2, at the Elks Lodge in Santa Clarita. So far we've collected about half the cost of the barrel, which was about $400.

We are still chewing on a venue for our Fall Doin's, but we hope to announce soon so keep an eye on this space. Also make sure to check out the latest edition of XNGH "Top" Turner's "Bear Feeder News," to see how our Camp Hamilton picnic table donation has worked out. But whatever you do, come back often to check for updates of upcoming events and opportunities. Same Clamp time, same Clamp channel!

Email Timbo.

Your Clampbastardly Ambassador,




Sp2022 Group photo.

Posted 6.5.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Pine Cone Squirrel

Time to spiffify your white shoes and take your seer sucker out of moth balls as summer is just around the corner. But before you let spring breezes waft you away into the fragrances of Summer's Eve, check out the photos from our Spring Doin's. I've even snuck in a few photos of Ptimbo at Grand Council. All of it is now posted to Peter's Picture pages for your enjoyment. And if you don't know the password, next time pay attention, and don't worry. I've burned all the embarrassing pics Max and I took at the Doin's. What else is digital for?

Click the little pic above to see the group shot, and you can also get a good look at our latest plaque by going to the Clampdown page. If you don't see the current offering, just make sure to refresh your browser to keep up.

- - MGM

Posted 5.29.22 - - By NGH "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie, XXNGH; and XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Otero and Ptimbo

Hail, Brethren! Your Humbug, Tim "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie, here. XNGH "Medium Green Mike" Ramirez-Mares and I just returned from Grand Council, which was a most satisfactory event. We gave a concise report of our Chapter activities and Doin's, got to mingle with a lot of Brothers we hadn't seen in a few years, and generally spread the bonhomie of Peter Lebeck through the Diggin's. Our Proctor-Advisor, Dave "Warthog" Otero is the new Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, and we are glad to have him. Loren Wilson was voted Clamper of the Year.

Grand Conclave

It was also heartening to see several Outposts become full-fledged chapters, including Copper Queen in Nevada, with which we have a connection. MGM will fill you in on that one.

It was also inspiring to hear about the marvelous community and charity work done by many an ECV Chapter. I'd sure like to step up our community profile and contribution by doing something for a worthwhile cause in Kern County. Please put on your thinking beanies and let me know if you have any idears.

Wall of Comparative Ovations

The Wall of Comparative Ovations in Murphy's is in great shape, but a couple of the museums, including the Old Timers' Museum, have closed and the fate of their collections is being debated. Some items are now at the non-profit Angels Camp City Museum, while others remain in storage. Grand Council and local Chapters are doing their best to help preserve the contents of these museums and keep them available to those who appreciate Western history and lore.

In other news, our Fall Doins has not yet been set, but we are looking at several different options. While we do have some places we can usually go, I'm doing my best to find somewhere new and exciting to have our next bacchanal. Wherever it may be, fun times will be had.

I hope everyone enjoyed the last Doin's at Camp Hamilton. It was our first spring outing in a couple of years, and we may have been a bit rusty on a thing or two, but overall, everyone seemed to have a good time.

Stay tuned for updates, and keep those emails coming! Now over to MGM!

HOCO Committee

Mikee here to fill in a few details. Ptimbo has asked me to keep the number of words to a minimum, but we'll see about that.

Our Spring Doin's was a most satisfactory affair. The weather was great, the venue shady and lush, and our attendance was as large as I've seen it for one of our single chapter Doin's. We eliminated the hassle of walk-ins and still had 77 guys sign-up ahead of time. We also took in six new Brothers. We'll likely continue doing pre-pay registration exclusively because it cuts down on waste and helps keep our rub reasonable. Despite two years of Covid-19 we remain financially healthy, and this Doin's made that more so. So thanks you!

Red Table Donations

Camp Hamilton Memorial Park is a non-profit charity, and is one of those places we will return to on occasion. The association's board has honored us by dedicating an area next to our plaque in the name of E Clampus Vitus, and it will soon have three weather resistant, metal, black and red picnic tables for the use of park visitors: One donated by several of our X-Humbugs, a second by our PXL Brothers from Santa Clarita, and a third by the Peter Lebeck general fund.

As for Grand Council, I can report that our band of brothers continues to grow with over 50 chapters and outposts currently in existence. Each chapter is an independent corporation, with the right under its charter to use the name, signs, symbols and style of the order. Which means that the umbrella organization, E Clampus Vitus, Inc. (sometimes referred to as Grand Council, "GC," or the Board of Proctors) , is powerless to direct the day to day working of any chapter, including Peter Lebeck.

Spring 2022-21 Plaque

Never the less, there are standards, and unless we live up to them we are in danger of becoming a mere party crew, and worse, being seen by the public as just a bunch of drunks. It's good to have fun, and we're famous for that, but we are at heart a service organization. Our mission is to preserve and teach history, and to do whatever other good deeds will benefit our community. We aren't the Masons or the Elks, but our reputation is no less important.

To that end I recommend that all read our long-time friend Dave Otero's inaugural speech to Grand Council. I've posted it here because it is an important perspective and provides direction for where we should be going as an organization.

That isn't to say that we are not on track, Dave says we are, and so do I.

Gene Duncker

Speaking of on track. Congratulations to Copper Queen Outpost #1915, of Yerington, Nevada, on being granted Chapter status. While it was sponsored by Julia C. Bulette of Virginia City, our Brother, XNGH Gene "Dickhead" Duncker PxP, did have something to do with it.

The story goes that once Dickhead left PXL for his new retirement home in Nevada, he went to a formation meeting for the would-be outpost. When asked if he wanted to be on the steering committee Gene politely declined, but his bladder made the mistake of ordering Gene to the men's room. By the time they both got back, Gene had been volunteered in his absence and voted unanimously into office. (One can suspect that Gene's bladder was likely in on the conspiracy and was thereafter roundly congratulated by all - - except Gene.)

Jim Bailey

But you need resources to start an outpost, and, other than red shirts, Copper Queen had very little of its own. But our Dickhead remembered that PXL had shade and kitchen equipment it could spare.

Jim Bailey

During his year as Humbug, XNGH Jim Bailey had proposed trying to lighten our kit. He donated large pop-ups which allowed us to retire the metal tubed canopies we had been using for years, and which had been donated by Gene and XNGH Joe Szot. We had also put aside a large, wheeled, multi-burner stovetop, which we had replaced with light-weight camp stoves. Add in a few surplus pot and pans, and our donation was enough to get the outpost Clamping. So check back here for details. I expect some of us will be going to Copper Queen's Charter Doin's sometime soon.

PXL also now has a steering committee made up of our Humbug and a few recent 'bugs who've been most active. The purpose is not to override the authority of the Humbug but to provide oversight, offer advice as to expenditures, and to be the Humbug's eyes and ears on the ground -- so watch where you step. My suggestion was that they be dubbed the "Magnificent Malefactors," but I think they wanted something more decorous. Seemly, for sure.

Max Felser

I've started to work on the pictures, which will take me a few days. Aside from what I took, we still have the good fortune of having Max Felser roaming the Doin's and shooting as well. Thank him when you see him. He's one of the good guys.

This coming Saturday, June 4, 2022, is the unofficial "Red Shirt Get-away," at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge, 17766 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita CA 91351. It starts at 12 noon and is open to all ECV members in good standing regardless of chapter. So come on out for an inexpensive dog and a brew, it happens every first Saturday of the month, beginning at 12 noon until about 3 p.m.

US Flag.

Lastly, this Monday is Memorial Day, so regardless of where you are or what you are doing, take a moment to honor the memory of those who gave their all for our country. Our freedom was hard earned and their sacrifice should never be forgotten. You may also want to take a few minutes to read this meditation on American sacrifice and the meaning of Memorial Day by Teodore Johnson, Commander, USN, Ret. Peace to all.


- - MGM

Pine Cone Banner.

Posted 4.24.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Pine Cone Squirrel

Sad to say, registration is now closed. If you missed it, we'll miss you, but we won't be without company. Seventy-seven guys have signed-up for our frolic so it's going to be a bit cozy. If you feel that you have been unfairly excluded (or merely were too lazy to do the right thing and sign-up by the deadline), you'll have to beg the Humbug directly because walk-ins will be turned away at the gate.

The weather is holding steady, with the highs dropping a bit on Thursday and Friday into the mid-70's. No rain is expected, though you will want to bring a jacket for evenings hovering around 50 degrees.

Pine Cone Squirrel

Saturday morning we will be having a plaque dedication and possibly an on-site "fallen veteran's" tree ceremony. All are invited and encouraged to attend as we would like to include you in the group photo.

Once again, we are close enough to civilization to have cell service but far enough away to make shopping inconvenient, so plan accordingly. Gates open at noon on Thursday. For more details, read on, and see you there.

- - MGM

Posted 4.21.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Timbo Enrobed

Hail, Clampers! Your favorite Cloggologist here, with an urgent reminder from our most illustrious Humbug, Ptomaine Ptimbo Gillespie. If you expect to attend next week's Doin's at Camp Hamilton, don't come unless you register by tomorrow, Friday, April 22, 2022. This is a "prepay only" event, and even if the "Czech is in the male" - or in our case, the Frenchman -- if you're not registered by Friday, expect to be turned away at the gate. So if you haven't done it yet, do it now, before it's too late. Use our handy registration form on our Spring Doin's page to get the job done, but do it pronto.

While you're there, you can also use the Spring Doin's page to download a copy of the flyer, get directions and other useful stuff.

If you have a PBC, make sure he has his presentation, bribe and a copy of the Handbook. You can download it from (you guessed it!) the Spring Doin's page, just use the link or scroll down to find it, and don't forget to read the rules. Private harassment of PBCs is prohibited (we have our own app for that).

Pine Cone Squirrel

Gates open at 12 noon on Thursday, April 28th, but remember the feed bag doesn't go on until Friday afternoon, so plan accordingly. RVs are welcome, as are burn barrels, but you'll need to use them in the designated areas. A broad, flat space adjacent to the green zone is available for parking RVs. Tents are welcome on the grass, but no vehicles or burn barrels, please! Put wheels or cinders on the grass and you can expect a Clint Eastwood look alike to show up and ask you to get off of his lawn. We're expecting about 70 Clampers this weekend, so please make your friendly acquaintance and don't hesitate to move over as needed.

Dickhead Weather Central!

Dickhead Weather Central is so far predicting good Clamping conditions. Those foolish enough to rely upon our trusty oracle should expect partly sunny skies without precipitation, with daytime highs about 80° and nighttime lows about 50°. Everybody else, dress accordingly.

PXL Doin's are BYOB. We maintain a bar with free sodas and snacks, and liquid contributions are always welcome, but the chapter does not provide alcohol. This outing we will also have the use of the Camp Hamilton "Crow Bar." You are welcome to any libations you find there, but respect tradition and either leave a tip or an in-kind donation.

Lastly, while ours is the only event scheduled during our time at Camp Hamilton, please remember that it is a veterans' memorial park. Civilians at times will be present. Please give them a wide berth and proper respect.

So come on up for a most Satisfactory time! Drive safely, and see you at the Doin's.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted 3.13.22 - - By Ptomaine Ptimbo Gillespie, XXNGH

Timbo in Chair

What Ho, Redshirts,your Noble Grand Humbug here! Now that this virus to tire us is fading into many unpleasant memories, let's get back to doing what we do best - Plaquein' and Clampin'!

We have a bang-up (no anvils, please) get together planned for PXL's Fall 4-Day Clampout, Thursday, April 28th thru Sunday May 1, 2022. Operation Pine Cone will take place at Camp Hamilton in Bakersfield at a privately owned site dedicated to our fallen heroes. PXL already has a great presence with the Camp, having donated a bench and our plaque, and we will continue to be part of their family, helping as we can. Your PBCs will look great picking up pinecones and doing other squirrelly chores, so hook and book your candidates now. Do be aware that there may be widders or children of some of the memorialized around, so please maintain seemly decorum if you should see any of the public.

Pine Cone Squirrel

This has all of the hallmarks of a great Doin's. Our Grand Council friend whose Office Shall Remain Nameless is slated to attend, and we are getting lots of interest from the Redshirt Getaways at the Santa Clarita Elks. A goodly crowd is shaping up, so don't be a Limper, be a Clamper! We have more good stuff than you could possibly need! Live amusement with PBCs, a great place to gather, a built-in bar and more too numerous to list. Well, maybe not too numerous, I'm just lazy.

Pine Cone Squirrel

Cuisine, you ask? C'mon, man, who's driving this bus? No more of this catering baloney. You'll get authentic Ptomaine Ptimbo beans, great steaks or chicken, and a Friday night surprise meal that will make you wanna slap the Humbug. But if you do that, better make the first one count!

PXL flag

Since we have had some setbacks and some inactivity, we have taken the opportunity to clean out and do a lot of maintenance on the store, but we aren't ready to put it back into action yet. We will do our best to have what we can available.

All seriousness aside, let's get together and make this one for the books. Come out and make light out of what used to be only darkness. Or maybe that was my home office. Everyone has been cooped up long enough that all of y'all oughta have plenty of Clamper ready to come out. Bring whatever you have that is weird to share. We can start at noon on Thursday, so everyone ought to have their pumps primed for a good old-fashioned hoot-n-holler, have a yucca, "One more short one, please," weekend.

Having spake my piece, I now pass my scepter of authority, aka 4 lb. dead blow hammer, in benediction, wishing you a rapid, safe, and fun journey (with a sober driver) to the Clampout.

I'll be waiting for you. Click here to sign-up But hurry. It's prepay only and sign-up closes April 22nd!

  Ptomiane Timbo, XXNGHEmail Timbo.
       PXL - - NGH 2022


Posted 2.28.22 - - By XNGH "Top" Turner, Clampcrier

Hello Fellow Red Shirts,

Bear Pin

For all of you who "Fed the Bear" as founding members, your Charles Topping, special edition, "Bear Founder" pins are in.

You can pick yours up at the Spring Doin's, but better yet! Get your right away by joining us this Saturday, March 5th at our RED Shirt Getaway in Santa Clarita.

Yes, our informal, unofficial, monthly gathering up at the Elks in Santa Clarita is back on, and it's open to any red shirt in good standing from any ECV chapter. Were hosted by our Brethren who are members of the lodge, and admission is free.

You get the benefits of a cheap dog and a bag of chips, a brew or two and all the lies you can swap until it's time to catch up on the "honey do's." So come on up, and make sure to bring your prospective PBC so we can get a good whiff of him.

Time and Location: Santa Clarita Elks Lodge, 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country, 5 March 2022, 12 Noon.

Hope to see you there.


-- Top


Posted 2.22.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR and XXNGH Ptomaine Ptimbo Gillespie

Mike Ramirez

Hello Cloggites, welcome to Twosday,Twenty-Twenty-Tooth, and welcome back to the PXL CLOG. On behalf of Ptomaine Timbo Gillespie, our 2022 Humbug, I'd like to thank everyone who made it out to the Widders' Ball and pitched in to make it a success. Special thanks to Jeannie Johnson and Judi Hall Gillespie for their aesthetic in making our event look extra nice, and to "Top" Turner for his work organizing Friday night's pre-ball buffet.

Covid caused us to skip last year's Widders' Ball, so it was great to finally approach something akin to normal. Hopefully things will get even better as we advance into this coming Clamp year.

Our Spring Clampout is a "GO," and we're calling it "Operation Pine Cone." Starting Thursday, April 28th, we'll be gathering at Camp Hamilton in Bakersfield for our four day sleep over. So shake out your favorite blankie because we're putting together the particulars ASAP. Check back here soon for sign-up information.

XNGH Charles Topping is busy minting the various versions of his "I Fed the Bear" pins. I won't steal Top's thunder by posting the photos here, but you should peruse the March edition of the Feed the Bear newsletter to see what Charles has been up to.

Lastly, Timbo has written his opening statement for the 2022 Clamp year. He recognizes that the Covid hiatus has been a drain on the chapter and he's asking for your help. In all sincerity, he thinks we can go from being a good chapter to a great chapter. I've known Timbo for 20 years, so I think the Graybeards made an excellent choice of someone who can lead us through 2022. So without more here's Timbo in his own words.


Ptomaine Timbo, XXNGH!

In the immortal words of John Cleese -" Well, well, well. What's all this, then?"

Here we are in a new Clamping year, with new problems to solve and new pots of beans to eat. Most of you by now know that our Hawker has resigned and we are in need of a new one. We are also in need of a ClampChef who can uphold our high standards for nouveau Clamper cuisine.

We have many challenges to face, but nothing insurmountable. Clampers are like Weebles - we wobble a lot, but we don't fall down. Well, actually, we do now and then, but it is usually due to the influence of our patron Jack Daniel. So here's the deal - I personally don't give a damn what your politics are, and neither do your brother Clampers. If you don't like Biden, keep it to yourself. If you don't like Trump, keep it to yourself. We have always prided ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive group. Are we stifling your freedom of speech? No, we just don't want to hear it.

Ptomaine Timbo, XXNGH!

If you are unable to enjoy brotherhood without being in a group that thinks exactly like you do, go elsewhere. If you are so far to the left or right that you need to shout it from the mountain tops, go elsewhere. This isn't about "woke" or "cancel culture," it's about being able to assemble in a group and have good fun. We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time, so leave the politics, vaccine opinions, and religion in your truck.

I realize that at various times over the years we (and by "we," I mean the Chapter as a whole) have pissed off one faction or another of the Chapter. The Bakersfield crew feels unloved, or the Santa Clarita batch feels they are getting the short end. Get over it. We are all good guys, and as good guys, we should all be able to work together for the good of the chapter and not segregate ourselves into factions. Try to understand each other's concerns and talk about things rather than bitching about them.

If you have a problem with the way I'm doing something or the way someone else is doing something, talk to me about it so I can resolve it. The more of this crap that festers, the harder it is to get rid of. Don't go back to Sally's or the Elks or wherever you hang out and complain. Talk to me and let's fix it.

Ptomaine Timbo, XXNGH!

I've been a Clamper for a long time, and I have attended or more often been part of helping make some of the most memorable Clampouts around. So I know what it takes to make it happen. And when 10% of the Clampers do all the work, we don't all have a good time. It's all about organization and having the help to make it happen. When those two click, we all have a good time and no one is running around keeping their thumb warm.

I promise you good grub and a good time, and I will bust my huevos making that happen. But I'm not going to do it all by myself. Many hands, even if they are intoxicated hands, make light work. The 15 or 20 minutes you help us setting up or tearing down make a lot of difference to us and the overall good of the Chapter.

Ptomaine Timbo, XXNGH!

Now, on to much more fun stuff. Our Spring Doin's is set for April 28- May 1 at Camp Hamilton in Bakersfield, so keep an eye out for the upcoming flyer. Camp Hamilton is a private camp run by MGST Glen Denton, and honors our fallen. Top Turner, Pokey, and a few others from the Chapter have already helped with improvements on the place, including a PXL bench and picnic table for those who visit. So we have a great place to Clamp, some great grub, a cheap rub, and a date to hang with your buds. Such a deal!

Guarantees are few and far between in this world, but one thing I can guarantee is that you'll have my multi-award winning beans for grub. I got out of cooking after 20-odd years, but I will be at least partially responsible for cooking at our Spring Doin's and will need help. So if you know which end of a spatula is which, please step up, all the Brothers, especially this one, will appreciate it.

The last two years have been spectacularly sh*tty for a variety of reasons, and now that we are on the other side, let's keep the momentum rolling. We have the plaque rededication at Camp Hamilton coming up, a joint plaquing with Platrix Chapter coming up, a Fall Doin's to plan - the list is as long as our ambitions. Please be a part of it, and plan to be part of getting us back to where we are doing what we are about - History, Frivolity, Fraternity. I can't be everything to everyone but I am going to bust my heinie to get this fun wagon rolling again.

I hope to see all of you that can make it to Camp Hamilton April 28 through May 1. If nothing else, come for a bowl of Timbo's Beans. It'll save you gas on the way home.

  Ptomiane Timbo, XXNGHEmail Timbo.
       PXL - - NGH 2022


Posted 1.29.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Hungry Bear waiting for lunch.

Just a quick post including a few reminders. Widders' Ball registration is closed and any walk-ins will be turned away at the door. The hotel needed a firm count this year so if you missed out, you'll have to wait 'til next year to party with the best.

The conclusion of our annual business meeting reconvenes at 11:00 a.m., on the morning of the Widders' Ball, in the Homewood Suites' meeting room. Since this is technically a carry-over from November's meeting, the agenda is pretty much the same, but I'm making it available here for download so everyone is clear on the discussion. We are still in need of a Clampcook, a Hawker and Hawker assistants. If you are interested, make sure you attend this meeting or contact Timbo who is the Erectus for 2022.

Pine Cone Squirrel

The January 2022 edition of the Feed the Bear newsletter is available now. I've posted it to the Proc's Page. You can get it there, but if this becomes a monthly thing as "Top" expects it to be I may have to move it to its own page.

Lastly, "Operation Pine Cone," PXL's 2022 Spring Doin's is confirmed for Thursday, April 28th through Sunday, May 1st, at Camp Hamilton in Bakersfield. That's a solid date so make sure to make arrangements. More on that soon, until then, enjoy the Ball.

- - MGM

Posted 1.13.22 - - By Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH

Dale Turner, XNGH

Brothers, here is an update on the WIDDERS BALL.

The hotel needs a head count by 0900 on 20 January. Therefore, if you intend to come to the Widders' Ball please contact me ASAP by email at, or text or call me at (661) 714-7203. I need to know your meal selection, Chicken, Salmon or Vegetarian, and the names of those in your party. Remember, we only have room for 80.

DO NOT DELAY. There will be NO Walk In's. Pay for the Widders' Ball by Check or Zelle. For further details download the flyer and read down into the CLOG.

Next item. Friday Night Dinner at the Broken Yolk is ON! We have met the minimum. There is still plenty of room left. Remember 20.00 CASH per person is to be paid at the door. NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHECKS.

So bring plenty of Gold Dust. Doors open at 5:00, dinner at 5:30. Think Mexican Buffet. The manager, Kerry, would like to know if there is a special kind of beer that the Clampers prefer. Let me know ASAP so I can get that request to her.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH

Posted 1.4.22 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Happy Clampers.

Happy New Year to all, and welcome back to the PXL CLOG! We have a lot to get through - the Widders' Ball, notice of our corporate meeting, "Feed the Bear," the Clamper Getaway, and a "Thank You" from our outgoing Humbug, so let's jump right in.

Our 60th annual Widders Ball is back on again after having skipped 2021, a year that came with its own blackouts and uncertainties. But there can be few better ways to shake out the Cooties than with our annual party and dinner-dance up at the Homewood Suites in Bakersfield. And, as always, it's set for the weekend before Super Bowl, Saturday, February 5th, so no excuses. You can download the flyer here.

Happy Clampers.

We are limited to 80 guests, so sign-up now to assure your registration. As usual one price covers everything. Our Hospitality Lounge opens at 3 p.m., Dinner is at 6, and Dancing and dessert start at 7:30. It's all covered by one low price including adult libations from beginning to end. Clamper couples are $80, Redshirts are $40, and all other non-Clamper guests are $45. Additional details are in the flyer.

For this event, we're foregoing Paypal, due to its excessive fees, and trying a bank transfer app called "Zelle." You can sign-up through your bank using this link. Then once you're in, Zelle lets you send money directly to our bank by texting your payment to our designated email, You can send us money anytime, even if we didn't ask for it!

So use Zelle or send us a check. If you need to pay at the door, give Mark "Pokey" Crawford or Dale "Top" Turner a call. I've also made the flyer fillable, so after you download it, fill it out on your computer and then either print and mail it or use email to send the completed form to Top as an attachment-- but do it soon.

Happy Clampers.

XNGH Jim "Bullseye" Bailey has reserved a block of minisuites for us at the Homewood at a very enticing price, and they're much less expensive than a 502. At PXL we encourage everyone never to drink and drive so why not stay over?

To reserve your room for $79 plus tax per night, you must call the hotel directly at (661) 664-0400. When you call, ask for Nicole or just say you are a Clamper coming in for the Widders' Ball. If you don't get through try calling after the morning rush. Do not make this reservation on line because you won't get the Bullseye discount.

Also, for anyone who's in town on Friday night, Top and Bullseye are hosting a private Friday Dinner just for us at the Broken Yolk Café, 3300 Buena Vista Road, Bakersfield. This will be cash only, $20.00 per person, to be paid at the door. The money collected will go directly to the Broken Yolk Staff to cover food and tips, so please DO NOT include this amount with your Widders' Ball payment. You'll also want to bring a little extra dust because adult libations are not included in the price. Top says that when we did this two years ago, everyone had a great time. The food was excellent and the drinks most satisfactory, but we need at least 20 guests to make it practical. So contact Top by phone or text at 661-714-7203, to make sure you're counted. Dress will be Clamper casual.


The conclusion of our annual business meeting reconvenes at 11:00 a.m., on the morning of the Widders' Ball, in the Homewood's meeting room. The topics will be the same as the agenda posted for the November corporate meeting. We'll be finalizing our officers for 2022, and expect to announce a firm date for the Spring Doin's, which we expect to be at Camp Hamilton near the end of April or begining of May depending on availability.

Our "Feed the Bear" campaign continues. In accord with Clamper tradition, PXL does not collect dues from its members, but voluntarily support is acceptable, and "Feed the Bear" is a way to support the chapter over and above whatever we collect at our events or what we make from the PXL Store. The yearly donation is $50, and is fully deductible. You'll even get an electronic newsletter written by the Bear, himself. You can also become a "lifetime" bear keeper for a one-time donation of $1,000.

Uncle Mikey Fed the Bear!

"Uncle Mikey" Halloran was the first to generously feed the bear at that level; and since then, seven other brothers have joined him to keep the bear rolling in picnic baskets. As of December, the fund has 50 contributors in total, and for $1,000,000, we'll even let you name the bear whatever you want. (Your mother-in-law or ex-wife may not thank you after that, but we're sure they'll be using your name -- bigly).

This Saturday's "Clamper Getaway" scheduled for January 8, 2022 has been cancelled. The Santa Clarita Elks' Lodge has been closed for this entire week due to Covid19 and the flu (and yes, "Flurona" is a thing). If all goes well the Lodge will re-open on Sunday.

In normal times we are guests of the lodge every first Saturday of the month from noon until 4 pm. The beer is cold, the hot dogs are inexpensive, and the lodge features a full bar. All redshirts, regardless of chapter are welcome, and we usually number about 30 Clampers. It's a great place and time to bring your prospective PBCs so we can get a look at them and they can sample the camaraderie. Hopefully, we'll be back at the lodge in February for the next Getaway.

NGH Mark Crawford

Our outgoing 2020 Humbug, Mark "Pokey" Crawford, wants to thank everyone for sticking with the chapter during these two years of tough Covid times. His hardest decision was to decide to do "nothing" when many Clampers were saying that the pandemic was a hoax and that we should Clamp on as usual. Pokey was even ahead of the Board of Proctors own decision to cancel Grand Council. In taking the heat our Humbug made sure his Brethren stayed safe from disease, and for that we owe him our thanks. But you just have to admit, it was a heck of a way to earn an extra "X."

Enjoy the playoffs and the Super Bowl. See you at the Ball.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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Posted 11.08.21 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Kelvin Swanson

Welcome back, Cloggites, and Happy Veterans Day. This will be a brief update. I'll have more details for you once the smoke clears from Saturday's meeting and we get closer to the Widders' Ball, but most pressing is this Saturday's work party, November 13th, at the Elk's Lodge parking lot in Santa Clarita, where we'll be cleaning out and doing an inventory on the PXL Store trailer. Our Hawker recently resigned, and now that we have the store back we need to reconnoiter. Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson has generously offered to watch over both the store and kit trailers for us, and is keeping them on his property at no expense to the chapter. You need to make sure his thirst is satiated whenever you see him. Huzzah!

The work party starts at 9 a.m., but you don't have to leave when we're done because the minimally belated Red Shirt Get Away starts at Noon. While the Get Away isn't an official PXL sanctioned event, it's hosted by XNGH Dale "Top" Turner and we are guests of our brothers who are members of Elks Lodge in Santa Clarita. All red shirts are welcome, and members from other chapters are always part of the fun. Join us for a hot dog lunch and a cold brew or two at member's prices. It's also a friendly place to bring your prospective PBC for a fair vetting. It'll take some of the frost off of his pumpkin.

Location: Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379 (Parking Lot)

17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country 91351

Date: Saturday, November 13, 2021

Time: 0900 (9AM)

Fall 2018 Doin's!

Plans for our 2022 Clampyear are underway. The chapter met for its annual corporate meeting last Saturday at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant in Frazier Park to report on last year's shenanigans and to block out what needs to be done in the coming season. As expected, the chapter remains in the black, with the only major expense for the year having been the fall Doin's at Fort Tejon, which produced a surplus despite the absence of the PXL Store. As noted above, the Graybeard's have taken custody of the trailer and are sorting through issues concerning the store and its finances. They will report their progress to the membership no later than the morning of the Widders' Ball, to which time the meeting was adjourned.

XXNGH Timbo Gillespie

XXNGH "Timbo" Gillespie was recognized as Humbug Erectus and most of his slate is complete, though he is still looking for a Damn Fool Doorkeeper, along with some other choice victims. Rumor is that volunteering will earn you points with the big Clamper upstairs, or so goes the blarney of our favorite Irish Catholic prospect. But you don't have to take his word for it, the Argentines, I'm sure, have something to say about that.

Dave Otero at Freeman Junction

We also had an honored guest come by for our meetings. Dave "Warthog" Otero is a longtime friend of the chapter and the proctor assigned by the mother organization to liaison with PXL. He also holds the office of "Nameless" on the ECV Board of Proctors. He's not Pumba, and he's not a warm puppy, but he's the next best thing. The guys were so looking forward giving him a sniff, but it turns out Dave smells just about right. Dave assured us that the chapter is on the right track, that we're loved, and that we should keep on keeping on.

Covid left all of us disoriented, so we are so glad to finally announce that our Widders' Ball is back on this year, and Jeannie Johnson and Judi Hall-Gillespie are working hard on the details. Expect to meet up at XNGH Jim "Bullseye" Bailey's Homewood Suites in Bakersfield, on Saturday, February 5, 2022, for dinner and dancing, as we ring in the new Clampyear. For those coming into town on Friday, Top is again arranging for a Mexican Buffet dinner for anyone attending Saturday's Ball. Expect to pay about $20 for Friday dinner, but you need to RSVP ahead of time. You can email Top at More details on both the Widders' Ball and the Friday's buffet, to come later.

Jim Bailey

Then plan for a four day Spring Doin's. We'll be Clamping out at the Camp Hamilton Memorial where our plaque to first responders will finally be publicly unveiled over the weekend. Camp Hamilton is a private park dedicated to veterans who have gone on to the Golden Hills. We'll be the guests of PXL member Master Gunnery Sergeant Glenn Denton, USMC Retired, and the Camp Hamilton Board.

Camp Hamilton.

Camp Hamilton is a place of both remembrance and joy, where trees have been planted to celebrate the fallen. So make sure to bring more than a dram of seemly decorum because loved ones and families are often present, especially on the weekend. This should be one of our best.

Timbo is also looking to do a summer one-day event, preferably a plaquing with an after dedication celebration. We know Noriega's is gone and out of the question. And we'd consult with our Brothers at Platrix, but they probably think Tommy's Original Hamburgers and Pink's Hot Dogs would make great alternative sites for historical plaquing. On the other hand . . . if you think really hard about it . . . and if you're hungry enough . . . .

In that vein, our Fall Doin's location is pending with several sites being considered including Walker Basin, Tehachapi and Kelso Valley. More on that later.

Saturday Clamper Getaway.

Our "Feed the Bear" campaign is ongoing and proving quite successful. Top reports that all 50 founding subscriptions have been sold along with several "life member" contributions at $1000 each. So much thanks to all who have pitched in so far.

Feed the Bear is a voluntary fund that provides extra dust towards the chapter's operating costs and historical projects. Contributors get a special bear pin and a hanger for their initial contribution. Members who make the yearly contribution of $50 get an additional hanger. Life members collect hangers until they leave us for the Golden Hills.

In keeping with ECV tradition, PXL never collects membership dues. The customary "Sick Jackass" fee is a small voluntary assessment to defray the costs associated with getting out the word when a Brother can't make a Doin's. Feed the Bear is a new way to help support the chapter over and above the costs of flyers, postage and the internet.

Charles Topping

XNGH Charles Topping, who is also a master of fine arts and has won awards for his work, has begun work on our first set of Feed the Bear pins. As some of you may have heard, Charles recently spent several days in the hospital when he developed breathing issues, which, thank God, turned out not to be covid. Then, when he should have been home recuperating, he ventured out to his driveway where he was mercilessly attacked by a skullduggerous trash receptacle. They say the ones in Kernville are particularly vicious. But our man emerged victorious, sore, but on the mend. Send prayers his way.

We'll be in touch. More later.

- - MGM

Posted 10.15.21 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR


Hello Cloggites. We have a quick update, but first an urgent correction! The date of our annual corporate meeting has been moved up to Saturday, November 6, 2021, 10:00 a.m., at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mt Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225, where we'll be wrapping up the year and presenting plans for 2022. So don't show up on November 20th or you'll be two weeks too late and you'll have to thaw your enchiladas in the microwave. Also don't bother showing up to the monthly Red Shirt Getaway. It's been cancelled. We'll all be up in Frazier Park.

Prior to the general meeting, the Graybeards will be sequestered in executive session at 9:00 a.m. to discuss urgent matters concerning the PXL Store, Chapter Operations and Finance, so don't get your skivvies in a bunch if you show up early and have to eat your chiles rellenos in the main dining room. After the Graybeards have hashed it out in private, the Humbug will explain it all to you at the general meeting. The one thing I can tell you right now is that if you think you have what it takes to manage PXL, the Graybeards want to give you a chance to prove yourself by learning the ins and outs of the chapter. So don't be shy about offering to pitch in.

Dale Turner, XNGH

Dale "Top" Turner's yearly "Feed the Bear" campaign has proven most successful. The proceeds are earmarked 100% to support the chapter's charitable activities, and its first year's offering was limited to 50 founding members. That was until several of our Brothers most generously fed the bear by creating and pitching in for lifetime memberships. So thanks to everyone who contributed in support of Peter Lebeck. "Top's" efforts so far have raised over $7,000, with more to come.

Charles Topping

Any Clamper who Feeds the Bear will get a special pin designed by XNGH Charles Topping, whose sculpted designs have won awards throughout Clamperdom. Feed the Bear once and get the pin, then get a hanger for every year you feed the bear thereafter. Life members get a hanger every year until they are called to the Golden Hills.

Max Felser

As of now the initial offering is sold out. But Feed the Bear is an ongoing way to support the chapter and will be open to any Brother who cares to contribute in the future.

Lastly, all the photos from the Fall Doin's have been posted on Peter's Picture Pages. Much thanks to Max "The Flash" Felser for his contribution of 200 photos. Max is always there with his camera, and the chapter is lucky to have him. It's guys like Max that help make the chapter a success.

- - MGM

Class of 2021.

Posted 9.25.21 and Amended 10.15.21 - - By XNGH Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

So, where are we now? Out of the wilderness Cloggites, I say, and glad to be back! The scourge of Covid has not yet fully passed, but at least things are getting better, and we were finally able to put on a real Clampout after a two year hiatus. It's hard to believe that our last overnight outing was in the fall of 2019. But when you get wopped upside the head by a deadly disease and you have to lay low for a spell to avoid killing your brothers, you should consider it a timely investment.

Breakfast at Tejon.

Still, you all deserve an explanation, so excuse me while I take this opportunity to fill you in on what's been happening.

This past weekend we put on our first Clampout since our most satisfactory outing to Indian Hill Ranch in September 2019. Our current meeting up at Fort Tejon ran from Thursday through Sunday last, and we had about 65 prepays, including eight PBCs who were all successfully taken in. The brothers were most impressed by the new guys, who all showed most satisfactory humor and fraternal spirit. In fact we never were able to wipe the smiles off of their faces. So congratulations to Steve Brandriff, Wayne Edwards, Tito Galván, James McKenna, Tyler Nelson, Mike Scorsone, Eddie Turner, and Scott Turner. Check out the weekend's photos, and see for yourself.

Obviously the website is showing its age and needs a lot of work, but one thing at a time, OK?

Lawnless Tejon Parade Ground.

Things have changed a lot (DUH!), but it isn't just because of Covid. The entire state is plagued by drought, and fire is everywhere. Even the fort hasn't been spared. The hillside facing old Tejon showed charring from a recent fire at the top of Grapevine Pass, and the once beautiful lawns are entirely gone because water can't be spared. The drought may even have limited our attendance. Rigs over 25 feet were nixed by the park, open fires were prohibited, and vehicles were parked face out in case of evacuation. And for the first time in our history, our Saturday night dinner was CATERED, because we had to leave our barbeque at home. But that didn't keep us from having a good time; in fact it was most Satisfactory! (Everybody did as they were told, so nobody got hurt. :-) )

Timbo Gillespie.

Nevertheless adjustments have to be made, and here's what's happening. By consensus of all Graybeards present, XXNGH Timbo Gillespie is expected to be officially named Humbug Erectus when we meet for our annual business meeting in November. Our current Humbug, "Pokey" Crawford, is completing a second year as Humbug due to the Covid emergency, and is looking forward to his time as salmon jerky. While our Vice Humbug, who also served as our Hawker, has left the building and isn't expected back anytime soon.

Obviously we'll need to rearrange the deck chairs a bit, which is why the Graybeards tapped Timbo to steer us through next year. The Graybeards also recognized that limiting Gold Dust Receiver and Grand Noble Recorder to one year terms has left us vulnerable to spotty record keeping and weak follow-up, particularly as to the store. Our federal and state tax exemptions require that we be able to show that everything we do is in keeping with our charitable status. Failure to show how our money is spent, and spent in the right way, can get our charitable status punched, and that would be bye-bye PXL. Consequently GDR and GNR will likely become exempt from the yearly rolling over, at least by agreement of our incoming Humbugs. Formal changes to our bylaws can be made later if need be.

Camp Hamilton Plaque.

As for Clamping, here's how our chapter has been affected since the start of 2019. The possibility of a Clamp Okihi IV, is gone. The park was severely vandalized during Covid and the county has given up on the site; and if it hasn't been sold, it will be sold soon. Okihi was where we celebrated our Charter Doin's in 1962, and those of us who grew up in Bakersfield remember it from scouting days. It will be missed.

Our plans to plaque the Noriega Hotel, along with a summer family get together, also went away due to Covid. Noriega's had been established over 120 years ago as a Bakersfield boarding house hosting Basque immigrants, many of whom were here to work the sheep. In recent years Noriega's was known as a restaurant serving family style meals boarding house style, complete with carafes of red wine, to over a 100 diners at a time. But Noriega's is no more, another victim of Covid. Our Humbug has the plaque, but now we have no place to put it. There was even talk of a guerilla installation…but, well, we don't do that (and even if we did, I'd have to deny it).

Veterans Group at Camp Hamilton.

Indian Hill Campground in Tehachapi, also changed hands, and became a religious retreat. I know many of us were impressed with the amenities afforded there, including a pond, shade, electricity and flush toilets. Going back isn't totally out of the questions, but we'll likely need some extra strength knee pads to wangle our way in.

Then there is Camp Hamilton, where we had planned to Clamp in the Spring of 2020. As explained in a prior post, Camp Hamilton is a private park near Bakersfield dedicated to the memory of veterans who have gone on to the Golden Hills, and a most suitable place to plaque. Despite the cancellation of our Spring '20 Doin's, our NGH, "Pokey" Crawford, was still intent on completing our onsite work. Observing social distancing (mostly) near the begining of the pandemic, ten of our veteran brothers plaqued the site, and also added a spiffy new red and black picnic bench in honor of the fallen, complete with a concrete pad. We'll be going back there for our 2022 Spring Clampout, when we'll complete the public dedication.

Acton Cemetery Plaquing 2020.

Also in February 2020, as Covid was just getting started, we jointly erected a monument with our brothers at Platrix, in Platrix Territory, to commemorate Acton's pioneer cemetery; followed up by invading Acton's '49er Saloon to declare it an official ECV watering hole.

It was good to work together again. Overtime, the cultures of both chapters have converged. Though I can't say that PXL ever had any rocket scientist or movie stars, or Platrix any drillers, the membership of both chapters have become a better fit so much so that many of the guys would like to establish a stronger bond with what should be our natural ally. PXL was actually carved out of Platrix #2 territory back in the early '60's, but because we were sponsored by Fresno's "Jim Savage" Chapter, Platrix never reserved the right to Clamp in Kern County. Los Angeles and Orange Counties were very different places back in the 60's, so I'm sure that the idea of needing to clamp in Kern must have seemed fluff. But as those open fields in L.A. and Orange disappeared, Platrix was forced to look elsewhere, and that led to some misunderstandings, and even a "lawsuit," where Grand Council found that Platrix had encroached on our territory and awarded PXL $18.66.

Tresspass at the  Loop 2010.

Since then, Platrix has made sincere efforts to treat us with respect. In recent years, we've been consistently petitioned and suitably bribed to Clamp in our domain. And in 2012, Platrix even split the substantial cost of refurbishing our monument up on Walker Pass, which back in 1963, had been a joint project of both chapters.

Then, this last year, Platrix lost its Clampsite at the Loop near Keene in Kern County. The property had belonged to a member, but when the Clampsite changed hands, Platrix found its Clamping privileges revoked forever. Harsh as that was it affords PXL a chance to show that we do value the bonds of brotherhood. A joint doin's may be in order, possibly as soon as 2022.

RIP XNGH Keith Fraser.

We also lost some long time members to the Golden Hills, including XNGH Keith "Keifers" Fraser, who was our Humbug in 2004. Andrew "Stagecoach" Vialpando, who suffered a heart attack at too young an age. Tony Weaver who played Santa Claus every year for the kiddies (even though he was Jewish), and Steve "Stevo" St. John, who was another one of our boys from Ventura. They each administered the staff of relief in fair measure, and we shall miss their hail, until we meet again.

On a cheerier note, XNGH Dale "Top" Turner has resumed hosting the "Red Shirt Getaway," the first Saturday of each month, at 12 noon, at the Elks' Lodge in Newhall. This is an informal, non-chapter sponsored event, and we are guests of our ECV brothers who belong to the lodge. All Clampers and their prospective PBCs are welcome to join us for an inexpensive dog, chips and a cold brew or two. The draw is typically about thirty guys from multiple chapters. It's a great way to decompress and to swap ideas; and you'll be home way before dinner. Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379 located at 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country 91351.

Charles Topping Originals.

The Graybeards have also approved the establishment of a new way to help sustain the chapter called, "Feed the Bear." The inaugural issue is limited to the first 50 members who contribute. It costs $50 to join, and you'll receive an exclusive Charles Topping designed bronze investment cast pin designating you a "Founding Member." Subsequent voluntary contributions will get you a yearly hanger, or a pin and a hanger if you join later. The monies will be set aside to help with costs associated with putting on PXL's Doin's and help shift other revenues to pay for plaques, monuments and associated literature.

Any redshirt can sign-on, but only ten inaugural slots remain. If you are interested, contact Top at or call him at (661) 714-7203, before this opportunity closes out for 2021.

Also did you know that our current Grand Noble Recorder is also a newspaper publisher? Mark "Scoop" Mutz has been publishing the monthly independent "The Fence Post" for a number of years. With the September edition he's up to number 464. The emphasis is on local and California history, so it's definitely worth a read. You can do that on line at, or just be a mensch and subscribe.


Penultimately! (that means next to last), we have a new post office box: Peter Lebeck ECV#1866, P.O. Box 14, Caliente, CA . 93518-0014.

And finally, we have an important correction! Our annual corporate meeting set for Saturday, November 6, 2021, 10:00 a.m., at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mt Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA 93225. The agenda is pending, so check the CLOG for updates. La Sierra is an official PXL ECV watering hole. Get there early and bring your appetite. I highly recommend the chiles rellenos. SELLAH!

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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