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Welcome to "Peter's Pages"
The Web Presence of "Peter Lebeck 1866,"
The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®

Thanks for Coming!



Thanks for Chillin' at Sh*t Howdy Ranch!

Interim Post 5.25.19 (as amended 5.27.19) -- By MGM, XNGH

Long May it wave!

A peaceful and thoughtful Memorial Day to you, Cloggites. Please take some time today to honor those who have sarificed for our country -- men and women -- in more ways than we can imagine. If you've been trying to get in to see the latest photos from the Boyd Plaquing and all you were geting was an error message, not to worry. The privacy door that protects our photos on Peter's Picture Pages is working again. I've also posted the photos from the Spring Doin's, so please, have at it.

Mel Bergman

Due to "server side" changes by our web provider, Lunarpages, the door's PHP coding had to be updated to agree with the new syntax required by PHP 7.2. Since I don't know any coders, I reached out to Lunarpages' for help, but their bid to fix the door was $750.

Well I figured that the original coding donated by Brother Mel Bergman some 10 years ago was still solid, it just needed some spiffifying to meet the new standards. I don't code, but including research time it took me about four hours to figure it out and probably would have taken an experienced coder less than 30 minutes to do the job from start to finish. I'll let you do the math. Some other parts of the website still need to be looked over to make sure they're up to date, but Bro's, I'm in the wrong friggin' business!


Posted 5.19.19 (amended) -- By MGM, XNGH

Chillin' at the Ranch.

Hello, Brothers. The mucky-mucks, muck-lucks and diehards of the chapter are up at Grand Council this weekend to kowtow before the powers that be, so check back soon for a report from Humbug Al "The Quack" Price. As for everyone else, thanks to those who attended our Cinco de Mayo Weekend Celebration up at Sh*t Howdy Ranch and our plaquing in honor of Dr. Boyd at Bakersfield College on April 27th. While just a few of us made it up to BC for the plaquing, this memorial event was most welcomed by Dr. Boyd's family and well received by the college. As for our Doin's up in the Sierras, Jayne isn't making The Quack sleep in the bushes as far as we know, so we must have done OK.

Wm. Harland Boyd Plaque

Seriously, the weather and camaraderie up at Sh*t Howdy Ranch was most satisfactory, so many thanks again to the Prices for their hospitality. We never quite get as big a turnout when off the beaten path, but if you made it up to visit this trip was well worth it. I'm working on the photos now as well as doing some major remodeling on the website to get us ready for the fall, so bear with me as is our usual routine.

As for the photos from the BC erection, they are posted to Peter's Picture Pages. Unfortunately due to an upgrade made by our internet company, our privacy door no longer works because of obsolete coding that is well over 10 years old. I'm waiting for Lunar Pages to give us their estimate to fix the problem. In the meantime, if you know someone fluent in PHP 7.2, please let me know. I am determined not to start putting all of our photos on Facebook, but I have no idea what this is going to cost us. Either way, much thanks to Max "The Flash" Felser and Tom Gelder for taking those photos for us. The Wm. Harland Boyd Plaque is affixed in a prominent place at the entrance to the Humanities Building at Bakersfield College. It is an excellent example of what we do and adds to our reputation as a local civic organization. Click on the Icon to see a larger, readable photo of the plaque. - Huzzah!


Posted 5.2.19 -- By MGM, XNGH

Peter Lebeck's Cinco de Mayo Celebration is here. So read on for a few last minute notes of hysterical interest.

CalFire Permits!

Número uno. You need a free CalFire permit for ANYTHING that runs on combustibles. Burn barrels, space heaters, gas stoves, BBQs and even Coleman lanterns ALL require permits, but it only takes about 15 minutes to get one, and you can get it on your computer or phone. Just go to watch the video, answer a few questions and it's all yours. Just make sure you have it with you when you come up to the ranch for our Cinco de Mayo Celebration because there is no cell service in Walker Basin.

You'll find the last reliable cell signals around Caliente and Bodfish. In case of Emergency ONLY, you or your Next of Kin may access the land line at the Ranch House which is 661-867-2414. But be polite! Our host is Jayne Price, who, given her high station in life, will kick the Humbug's donkey if you try to order pizza. Speaking of which, the closest market is 25 miles away so bring what you need for the weekend.

Dickhead Weather Central!

Weather is looking good for Thursday through Sunday. Burn barrels are OK, but watch for low to moderate winds. Dickhead Weather Central is predicting highs in the mid-70's and lows in the mid-40's with no chance of precipitation. Sorry. If you were hoping for snow you'll have to head to Mammoth. As a consolation prize make sure you show up to the Humbug's Meet 'n' Greet on Friday afternoon where Pancho Villa's ghost is expected to drop by for a cold one, and you may also find a margarita with your name on it.

Lastly don't forget you can download the flyer with directions from our Spring Doin's page. Just don't forget to close the gates behind because no one wants to see their cows go on vacation. See you at the Doin's!

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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Posted 4.23.19 -- By MGM, XNGH

Hey Cloggites! Here are some important announcements so read on!

PXL Bear Paw

First up, this coming Saturday is PXL's Spring Plaque dedication at Bakersfield College at 11 a.m., where we'll be unveiling our tribute to the late history professor and PXL Brother, Wm. Harland Boyd. Then join us for an informal lunch at Ethel's Old Corral. This event is open to all and families are welcome. The details, including a map, are posted below. Just read down into the CLOG.

Second, the prepay window for our Spring Doin's is closed, but you can still sign-up, just expect to pay the gate tax for you and your PBC. Sorry, only PBCs who have been preregistered are allowed and no retreading is permitted without special dispensation. That sed, we'll still take your dust, either on PayPal or at the door, but please preregister if you can. The closest market is 25 miles away on mountain roads and no one wants to hunt their own squirrels for dinner.

Lastly, CalFire and the BLM have informed us that individual campsite fire permits are mandatory if you want to use any device that uses combustibles. Burn barrels, space heaters, gas stoves, BBQs and even Coleman lanterns ALL require fire permits. Leave your permit at home and our fire marshal will have to hose your establishment. And who wants to be left out in the cold and in the dark?

Fortunately, permits are free on line at All that's required is that you take a 15 minute fire safety course. Answer a few questions successfully and you can print the permit right from your computer. Just make sure you have it with you when you come up to the ranch for our Cinco de Mayo Celebration because there is no cell service in Walker Basin.


Posted 3.24.19 -- By MGM, XNGH

The Quack!

Hello Cloggites! It looks like our Humbug, Al "The Quack" Price, is on a roll coming off of last weekend's Watering Hole Invasion at Randsburg. We had about 50 Clampers and their significant others show up for this celebration, and a good time was had by all.

Next up for our Quackster-in-chief is PXL's Spring Plaque dedication at Bakersfield College, at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 27th, where we will unveil our tribute to the late professor of history and PXL Brother, Wm. Harland Boyd. Please join us at the patio entrance to the Humanities Building, in seemly decorum and in full Clamper Regalia, where we will explain to the public the significance of the man in the manner of ECV. Parking is free and you are most welcome to bring your friends so they can celebrate with us, and see what we do.

The BC Map

Following the ceremony we will retire to nearby Ethel's Old Corral to continue our satisfactory camaraderie and for suitable nourishment and libations. A map and directions can be downloaded by clicking the map icon on the right. --->

Dr. Wm. Harland Boyd passed away in 2002, at the age of 90, after a life of civic contributions to the Kern County community which he served with distinction. He taught history at Bakersfield College for 27 years until his retirement in 1992, and is remembered fondly by those of our members who studied under him at B.C.

Harland was one of the volunteers who founded the Kern County Historical Society in 1931. He edited the Society's quarterly magazine for over 40 years, as well as several books published by the society and its members. He was also an author in his own right, having published books on stagecoach travel, trains, and the folk histories of Kern County, among other subjects. The Beale Library also houses 60 binders of Dr. Boyd's personal notes concerning local historical topics.

Harland also sang in his church choir for 50 years, gave his time to no less than 12 other civic organizations, and the Brother still had time to go CLAMPING!

So please, no excuses, join us for this short celebration in honor of Dr. Wm. Harland Boyd, all around good guy and faithful Brother 'til the end. See you there!

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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Posted 3.20.19 -- By MGM, XNGH

Thanks to All who invaded ''The Joint'' in Randsburg this past weekend. Check out the photos posted on Peter's Picture Pages to see yourself or just see what you missed. Next up is our dedication of the W. Harland Boyd Plaque at Bakersfield College on April 27th, followed by an informal get together at Ethel's Old Corral. Complete details will be up shortly, so check back soon!

Posted 3.3.19 (Amended 3.5.19) -- By MGM, XNGH

Greetings Cloggites! We have stuff to do so let's get you caught up. We have an upcoming "invasion" in Randsburg, plus news about our Spring Doin's, Clamper Get-Aways, Store innovations and a report back from the Whiskey Flat Parade. We've also added this event shirt link for the Randsburg Invasion, as discussed below, so read on!

The Joint

In less than two weeks PXL will be invading "The Joint," a small but sufficiently moist establishment in Randsburg, California where on March 16th, we will be declaring it to be an ECV Watering Hole. "The Joint" is located at 165 Butte Avenue. Hydration begins at 1 p.m., and Lunch is available for purchase nearby for those with an appetite.

This is an "adults only" event because, after all, this is a "joint." But other than that, all are welcome. So bring the Widder and your friends, and your Widder's friends, and their friends' friends on up to this historic mining burg and let's make a day of it. Neil and Hollie Shotwell, who run "The Joint," have hinted that they won't eject us until the place has been well christened, and Randsburg itself is a picturesque town worth some sightseeing in its own right. Much thanks to Rick "Hardluck" Veiga for his work on this one. To get the flyer including directions, click here.

Randsburg Jail

For those of you not familiar with its history, Randsburg dates back to 1895, and is one of two towns created to support the famous "Yellow Aster" mine, which proved to be one of the most productive gold strikes in California History. It all happened here in Kern County, and it has a remarkable back story.

Randsburg is sometimes described as a "ghost town," but since its founding it's never been without people though in many ways it does seem frozen in time. Clampers have also been known to wander these parts. Our monument from 1989's "4-Way Clampout" stands at the entrance to the center of town. Jim Adams was PLX Humbug at the time. We have a page dedicated to the Randsburg plaquing where you can read about this town's remarkable history by clicking here.


Details, Details!

Sign-up for our Spring Doin's has officially begun. Just use the Spring Doin's Link where you can download the flyer, register electronically and even pay using PayPal. We'll even take your rub and registration the old fashioned way - by Snail Mail. In fact sending your dust by mail saves us about $2 in PayPal fees, but either way, it's time to start licking.

This time we're going to Sh*t Howdy Ranch for an extended Cinco de Mayo weekend, May 2-5, 2019. If you want to know why, the Humbug will explain it all to you, just read the flyer to find out. You'll also discover that you'll be able to purchase an event shirt for this Doin's if you so by April 12th. It's also not too late to order a PXL Name Badge. For one low price you also get the event hanger to go with. Pre-Pay deadline for both the name badge and the Doin's is April 19th. So what else can you expect, you ask?

The Bro's Want YOU!

At 3400 feet Sh*t Howdy Ranch is a gem. Located in Walker Basin, a mountain valley in the Sierras above Caliente, it's spectacularly green in the spring, and especially beautiful when the wild flowers are in bloom. Best of all, it's a great place for Peter Lebeck to hold our 2019 Spring Doin's, and you, our Brother, are invited!

Starting Thursday, May 2nd, we'll be the guests of Humbug Al "The Quack" Price and his Widder Jayne who have offered up their ranch for our semi-annual conclave. The accommodations are rustic, but what they lack in indoor plumbing, they make up for in atmosphere. We'll have the use of a grassy, oak studded meadow with plenty of room for RVs, tents and lots of PXL shenanigans.

Details, Details!

Sh*t Howdy Ranch offers space that will easily accommodate 100 Redshirts and their PBCs. It's a place for relaxing camaraderie, especially when you're hanging out at PXL's centrally located libation center, our infamous "Tittie Bar." It's the only one of its kind in all of Clamperdom, you'll find it a great place to share what you brought, swap lies and make new friends. You might even find a Margarita or two there on Friday afternoon, though it's best to deny you had them. And why shouldn't you? After all, it's Cinco de Mayo Weekend, and you're encouraged to play into the weekend's theme so long as you do so with respect. Just leave your other Margarita at home.

Our gates open at noon on Thursday, May 2nd, for our set-up crew, the high flying "PXL Flying Circus," and those inclined to help out. Just keep in mind that we're about 25 miles from the nearest Piggly-Wiggly, so if you're coming up early, plan accordingly. You'll have a place to pee, but you'll be on your own food wise until Friday dinner. Also make sure to check the weather. You'll be traveling on well-maintained mountain roads, quite passable for RVs, but you'll want to wave at the cows, not wear them.

We have Friends in High Places.

In early May the days in Walker Basin are typically pleasant. As for the evenings, it does get nippy so you'll want to bring your warm jammies and your burn barrel if you're so inclined. Just check the flyer for our fire rules because we're not Clamping on bare ground and Smokey Bear's our hero. He's also a Clamper, and we don't want to make him grouchy.


Clamping starts on Friday for Brothers not joining the Circus. If you've brought a PBC, you'll need to turn him over to our Hangman when you get into camp because we may want to put him to work, especially in the kitchen. Our Clampchef, Kenton "Airdale" Miller has promised a special Mexican themed dinner for our first official day of Clamping.

At PXL we are known for our food, and this Clampout will be no exception. Our Doin's are BYOB, but your rub always includes four full, hot meals starting Friday night, plus a continental breakfast on Sunday. Saturday's epicurean highlights include our Graybeards' Potluck Breakfast - - we have eggs, you bring meat, tortillas, etc. - - everybody wins. Then you get more meat for lunch. And if that isn't enough, for dinner you'll get your choice of a large rib eye steak, a quarter chicken or vegetarian roadkill, each served with all the fixxin's. And we never forget the BEANS! (Well. . . maybe once, but that's a long story).

Had enough?'

Stuffed in the middle of this meat sandwich you'll find one of the best PBC interrogations and HOCOs in all of Clamperdom - - lubricated by the victims themselves. Just make sure that if you are bringing a PBC - - and we do encourage that very much - - that your sucker comes prepared! Make sure he gets a copy of our PBC Handbook ahead of time. You can download it from our Registration Page. Then make sure your would-be Brother brings us a bribe that will suitably impress all of us, and that he have a five minute hysterical presentation. You know the drill. If you do your part, by the end of the ritual we'll all be laughing our butts off and shouting "Satisfactory!" to the high Sierras.

So what are you waiting for? At PXL camaraderie comes first. We'd be honored to have you join us, and you'll be glad you did. To find out more, just go back to our Spring 2019 Doin's Page where you can get a copy of our infallible fillable flyer, sign-up electronically, and grab additional details, including directions. And whatever you do - DON'T LET THE COWS OUT!


Now about those event shirts. . . . Paul Gleim

Until now PXL had almost always found event shirts to be too expensive to produce, but that also meant that someone wanting to show that they had been to PXL couldn't show off by wearing our shirts. Vendors doing screen printing required set up fees - one for each color. Art work provided to the vendor had to separate colors into layers, and in order to spread the cost, our chapter store had to buy dozens of shirts, carry surplus inventory and hope that the shirts would eventually sell out. As a small chapter, three or four dozen event shirts was never going to be worth it.

The advent of "dye sublimation printing" is changing that. The equipment and materials are still costly, but the advantage is that it's now possible to print multicolored graphics on a single shirt as cheaply as on twelve dozen; ten colors as cheaply as one. And that's where Paul Gleim our "T-Shirt Man" comes in.

When we took Paul in, Top knew Paul had a printing and embroidery business. In fact "T-Shirt" prints shirts for a number of non-profits, including veterans' organizations. Top figured we could buy from Paul and tap the brother for a discount.

Kevn Horton

No Eye has proposed taking that one step further. By using a special link, our members will soon be able to order what they need directly from Paul, pay for it through his site and then pick up the goods from our store at our next Doin's. That also means that because Paul does dye sublimation printing, they'll be no limit to how many event shirts we'll be able to do in the future. We'll even be able to store old designs and designs from past events for those who missed out.

Paul also does embroidery; so personalized hats, jackets and similar items are also possible, all without the store having to carrying gobs of inventory. The transaction remains at "arm's length." Paul negotiates the price, PXL gets a fixed amount from the purchase, and the Store makes sure that only Clampers get the merchandise. Elegant.

We're going to be trying this out for "The Joint" Invasion, and here's the link if you'd like to buy an event shirt fot this one.


Dale Turner, XNGH Rick Veiga

XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, and the PXL Brother members of the Elks Lodge in Santa Clarita, continue to host the "Saturday Clamper Get-Away" most first Saturday's of the month. It's open to any Clamper and any prospect you wish to introduce to the Brethren, and we typically have Brothers from several chapters show up. This past Saturday's Get-away had about 25 guys magically appear to share a brew and a hot dog or two. Top sends out an email notice to those he thinks may be interested. I'm going to try and keep up with him and post reminders here and on Facebook, so keep an eye out if you'd like to come. Get-Aways usually start at noon and end by three, so plan to spend a little time if you can. Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379, 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country 91351.

Lastly, our intrepid little group really wowed them at the Whiskey Flat Days Parade up in Kernville on February 16th. I'd show you pictures but everyone's hands were too cold to whip out a camera. The good news was that it didn't rain and the snow level didn't drop. For those of us fortunate enough to attend, Charles Topping and his Widder Pat hosted a neat little barbeque, complete with a little suds. Thanks to the Toppings for that one, and to everyone who marched in the annual parade.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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Posted 2.3.19 -- By Al "The Quack" Price, NGH


The Quack, NGH!

O'yez, O'yez, O'yez ----- A legal term (sorry Mikey), meaning: attention please,
or please come to order, (and that's the last legal stuff you'll hear from me!)

Thank you for your vote of confidence in choosing me as your Humbug for the next year, 6024 (2019). (Yeah, right you say. We weren't even asked!) OK, OK, well then, you're stuck with me for the next year anyway. DOC is going to be a hard act to follow.

I remember reading that E Clampus Vitus was started as a joke but quickly gained in popularity. Why? I think it was because it was a way to get away from the norm and have some fun --- and my Brothers and Widders, THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO THIS YEAR ---- LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!


Noble Grand Widder 2019!

I think we started off in the right direction --- The Widders' Ball was really for the Widders this year, and it sure looked like they had a great time --- I hope so. Sharron Wallace won our Widder of the Year award. Thanks for putting up with us, Sharron. You can have Doc back now, mostly.

My Widder Jayne and I have already heard many compliments from many of the other Redshirts and Widders in attendance. We gave out money prizes this year rather than cheese or wine baskets. Plus, Brother, and XNGH Jim Bailey who was again kind enough to loan us his place for the ball, donated $100 worth of gift coupons for his Broken Yolk Cafés. You've really missed something if you haven't been to either one of Bailey's Broken Yolks, and believe me when I say, you better be hungry when you go there --- the portions are very generous, and very good!


Here are a few things that I have planned for us over the next 12 months.

Whiskey Flat Parade 2012!

First, it has been a long time, well, several years anyway, since we have marched in the Whiskey Flat Days parade. So here's the FLYER! A couple of our greybeards approached me early last year and asked if maybe we could get involved in that event again in 2019. Little did they know, but I had already started planning on doing just that. Do you remember the stories about the old Clampers during the Gold Rush Days, who made fun of the other groups who were marching in the parades back then? The Masons, Odd Fellows, or other such groups would march, in step, all decked out in their suits and jewels of their particular station --- and the Clampers followed along behind them, out of step, wearing their red long johns, and decked out with their home made "badges of tin"? Well, we'd probably get arrested if we came to the parade in only our long johns, but, let's have some fun this year. The Whiskey Flat (NOT Whisky Flats) parade is always held on the Saturday of President's Day weekend, and in 2019 that will be on Saturday, February 16th. XNGH Don "Sawdust" Johnson has offered to make his truck available to drive the Widder's around during the parade. In the past the Widders dressed up in period costume, and that's what we'd like to see again, but even if you don't want to dress up like that, PLEASE COME ANYWAY! Another thing I'd like to do is put some more fun back into this event. Years ago, the PXL had a Clamper Band. We haven't had one for many years. Like I said, let's have some fun! I bought 20 metal KAZOO'S, and want to start up another PXL "Band" ---- but, with a couple of requirements:

AL and Jayne.

1. You can't know how to read or play a note of music! And,


My Widder Jayne and I are ready for this, ARE YOU? I've already submitted the paperwork for joining this parade. Last year's paperwork says "Do NOT get there before 8 a.m. 'cuz we won't be there, but pre-parade judging will take place at 9:30 am SHARP. We plan to assemble along "Mountain 99" just at the end of the street, the other side of the bridge on the east side of Kernville. The parade starts at 10 am.

Whiskey Flat Parade 2012!

This is just a one-day event for us, and most, if not all of the local hotel rooms will be booked by parade goer's and/or vendors. Not many of the camp grounds will be open at that time of the year either. It takes an hour to get to Kernville from our ranch, but Jayne and I will make our land available for you if you'd like to bring a tent or a trailer up if you're tough enough. You'll be roughing it though, no running water, no restrooms or trash service. Pack it in, take it out. Because we're also Ham Radio Operators, my Widder and I keep track of daily temperatures, rain prospects, and snow possibilities. Our records show it was 51° during the day two years ago and 30° in the morning, then last year on parade day it was 67°at parade time and it was 31°in the early morning, so it will require some hearty souls. Hey, it'll take you an hour to get up to Kernville from Bakersfield, so what's the difference, except we aren't going to charge anything, and you probably won't be able to find a motel room close by. Ranch address: 20325 Redstone Ave., Caliente, CA 93518.


W. Harland Boyd, 1951.

Our first Plaquing will happen a week ahead of our Spring Doin's. We will be honoring Dr. William Harland Boyd, at Bakersfield College on Saturday, April 27th, at 11 am at the entrance to the Humanities Bldg. Dr. Boyd was many things, a History professor at B.C. for 27 years, head of the History Dept., one of the co-founders of the Kern County Historical Society and Museum, and their newsletter editor for over 40 years. Plus, he authored or co-authored approximately 15 books on local Kern County history. Too busy to do anything else? Nope, Dr. Boyd sang in the Choir at his church for over 50 years, was a member of the retired teachers Assn, Kern County Division, the Sierra Club, The Writers of Kern County Assn., The Western History Assn., the Kern County Genealogical Society, Tulare County Historical Society, American Historical Assn., Friends of the Kern County Library, CA Alumni Assn., Friends of the Bancroft Library, AND OH YEAH, HE WAS A MEMBER OF THE PETER LEBECK CHAPTER 1866 OF E CLAMPUS VITUS (according to our Historian Emeritus, Chris Brewer)!

Bakersfield College.

Dr. Boyd went by his middle name, Harland, or W. Harland Boyd) most of the time, probably so as not to be confused with the other Bill Boyd, Hopalong Cassidy! He was at least one of our XNGH's teacher at Bakersfield College (Wes "Preacher" Kutzner). Many of you know that I am also President of the Havilah Historical Society (H.H.S.), and that Havilah was the very first County Seat for the newly established Kern County 1866 - 1874. Well, Dr. Boyd's daughter, Barbara Boyd Voltmer, also a writer, is a friend, and member of the H.H.S. I met with members of the Board at Bakersfield and got their approval to let us install a wall plaque on the brick wall, just inside the doors to the Humanities Bldg. Again, the dedication to be held at 11 am, Saturday, April 27, 2019. BE THERE!


Sh*t Howdy Ranch.

Our Spring Doin's will be back at our "Sh*t Houdy Ranch" in Walker Basin, 20325 Redstone Ave., Caliente, CA, May 3, 4, & 5, 2019. This is Cinco de Mayo weekend, so let's celebrate with a Mexican theme. We'll break out the Margarita's and the chips & Salsa. You break out the Sombrero's and/or anything else (within reason) you can think of that will help us with the celebration.

I'm told Grand Council will be held May 17th & 18th this year up in Sonora, CA. We had a very good turnout last year, and I hope we can have an even better one this year. But, as of Feb 2, 2019, the firm dates have not been posted on the Grand Council website.

Fall Doin's, Sept 20, 21 & 22, 2019: We will be plaquing an Indian Village site in the Golden Hills Community of Tehachapi. Two years ago, when Dale "Top" Turner was NGH, I went to the Golden Hills Community Services District Board Meeting, to get permission for "Top" to plaque Constable Thomas Godwin's grave at the Old Tehachapi/Shield's Cemetery, but at the same time asked them for "tentative approval" to plaque the ancient Kawaiisu/Nuwa Indian Village site, called Tehechita, (most likely the namesake of Tehachapi), it is only about a mile west from where the Godwin plaque was placed.

La Sierra, ECV!

I was going to try to use the Brite Lake RV Campground again, but when I went to their office I was told, "We have a new District Manager and he doesn't allow group camping on the grass any longer. Each camper, RV, or tent must be in a numbered space." She also told me that their dump station and restrooms are out of service. No Eye has scouted out another campground near Brite Lake, but they say they are in a valley, and not bothered by as much wind, plus they have water, toilets, and trash receptacles already at the camp ground. GNR No-Eye Horton will do a walk-thru shortly, as they are currently closed for the season, and there is snow on the ground, the owners are on vacation. It sounds pretty good, so I'm looking forward to No-Eye checking it out for us.

Then of course, we will have our Annual Business Meeting November 16, 2019 at the La Sierra Mexican Restaurant & ECV Watering Hole in Frazier Park (next to another Watering Hole, Sue's Tavern).

Busy, but hopefully a really FUN YEAR! Please join in and have some fun with us!

------ Satisfactory?

Email The Quack.

Al "the Quack" Price
Noble Grand Humbug 2019




Posted 1.2.19 -- By MGM

Widders' Ball 2019!

Happy New Year, Brothers, to you and to all of your friends and family! If you are on or mailing list you would have gotten the Procs and the Widders' Ball sign-up pages a few weeks ago. For those of you waiting for an internet update, wait no more because our internet postings are finally here with only a couple of weeks to spare.

Widders' Ball 2019!

So in case you haven't noticed, you are cordially invited to attend Peter Lebeck's 59th Annual Widders' Ball and Demote-A-Palooza Soirée -- which strictly speaking starts at 3 in the afternoon and parties on into the night. One low price covers everything except where you'll be sleeping - and we even have a great solution for that.

As usual, our pachanga is set for Saturday, the weekend before Superbowl. This year that means January 26, 2019, and while we will gladly accept drop-ins, your best bet is to sign-up by January 15th, which will allow you to custom order a PXL name tag for your Widder.

Widders' Ball 2019!

To read all about it, just go to our 2019 Widders' Ball Page, where you can download the flyer with directions, both on how to sign-up and how to get there. We also have a PayPal Page for the convenience of those who find themselves snowed in and unable plow their way to the mail box.

2019 is going to be a great year for our chapter, and the Widders' Ball is a great way to get it started. Here's to all of us and to seeing you all there.



Posted 12.17.18 (Amended 1.2.19) -- By Ptomaine Timbo, XXNGH

Greetings and salivations from HQ P.X.L. where those engaged in Humbuggery dictate to those of us who aren't. Here's some solid intel to get youse where you'll need to be this Clamper year. Humbug Incomingus AL "The Quack" Price and his 2019 corpses of officers wish one and all a very satisfactory Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you all at the various functions, debaucheries and bacchanals we have in store for 6024.

And what better way to start than with a little soiree' we like to call the Ball. Widder's Ball, that is. So bring your missus or favorite mule, whatever works, we don't judge. But be there! Herewith and so forth prodigiously proclaimed is our schedule -

01/26/19 - Widder's Ball at Homewood suites in Bakersfield.

02/16/19 - Whiskey Flats Parade in Kernville, followed by a BBQ at Charles Topping's.

04/26-28/19 Spring Doin's at Sh*t Howdy Ranch in Walker Basin.

05/17-19/19 Grand Council in Sonora, CA.

09/20-22/19 Fall Doin's in Tehachapi.

1//16/19 - Annual PXL end of year business meeting in Frazier Park.

So mark your calendars, since your mental health depends on getting away at least twice a year with your brethren. With new brothers and a new year, we know you will want to make Clamping a priority. Doc had a great year and we are looking forward to His Quackedness guiding us through what will surely be another excellent year of Brotherhood, History and Frivolity.

Speaking of brotherhood, in our chapter we value few things more highly. We also place a high value on helping those who may have had a little less luck at the diggings, and to that end we support the Bakersfield Women's Shelter. So be generous with all those little hotel shampoos you've swiped over the years. They really appreciate travel sizes of shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. It helps those less fortunate get back on their feet and regain some dignity. So please stop by your local store and grab a handful of these usually inexpensive items. Brother Don "Sawdust" Johnson and his wife Jeanie will see that they get to the right place.

Please join us for the Widder's Ball. Fun, renewing friendships, and kicking the old crew out are just some of the fun we'll have.

Email Timbo.

Timbo Gillespie, XXNGH -- "PXL Clamp Crier"
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