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Welcome to "Peter's Pages"
The Web Presence of "Peter Lebeck 1866,"
The Kern County Chapter of E Clampus Vitus ®

Revenge Announcement.


Red Shirt Saturday this Week!

Posted 7.4.24 - - Dale "Top" Turner, CC

SOUND THE HEWGAG!! Pull out your red shirt and join us at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge for a libation, a Hot Dog and a Clamper Tale or two this Saturday July 6, 2024.

Attached is a flyer from our Hawker Mike "12 Volt." The store will be set up with several new items picked up at Grand Council this past May. There are some great items for sale so bring plenty of CASH or a check. NO CREDIT CARDS !! FYI - There's an ATM in the Lodge Bar.

Also, the new PXL logo shirts came in and we have a both Short and Long Sleeve available. However, there is a limited number of long sleeve shirts. All Red shirts are $25!

Location: Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379 located at 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country 91351.

  • o Date: Saturday, July 6, 2024
  • o Time: 1200 ( 12 Noon) until you have to go home and do "Honey Do's"

Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July, hope to see you at the Red Shirt Saturday.


Be well and Clamp On!
Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR
Clamp Crier


Posted 6.14.24 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

MGM and DH at a monument

Hello Cloggites! Just a quick intermediate post before the upcoming news about our fall Doin's blots out the sun around my computer.

I had been saying for some time that I would be bringing badly outdated parts of our website out of the stone age, but there is still quite a bit to do, and I can only tackle so much. That said, I wanted to show off the first part of our plaquing page revision, which now displays large icons of each of our erections from 1963 to the present. In time, each icon will be connected to a page dedicated to each plaque with whatever history and background I can muster. I'm also working on a foreword to be linked to our charter Doin's icon.

Timbo and Jim Bailey at a monument

History-wise that's a tall order. I've been a member of Peter Lebeck for over 30 years, but I was only 7 when the chapter was chartered, so knowledge of our past is at a premium and there aren't too many even second hand sources left to consult.

I've had the benefit of my camera for much of my time as a Lebeckian, and others have passed on photos and other materials in the hopes that I could use them eventually. I've also been able to count on the generosity of XXNGH Al Price and his Widder Jayne, who both volunteered to help with photographing plaques and collecting their histories even before Al started going up the chairs. Even as recently as this month, Brother Rob Burke sent a photo of a 1979 PXL plaque in downtown Bakersfield that was rumored to exist but which none of us could find.

Jayne and the Quackster

I also heard rumors years ago of still another PXL plaque out there in the wild, but until it turns up, I'm going to say that our list is current and complete. Still, you want to keep your eyes open.

I've also heard talk of putting together a "plaque trek," where we'd take a day to visit every PXL plaque and monument in existence; but going from Taft, to above Kernville, then out to the Mojave Desert, doesn't seem too doable once you begin to map it out in your head. Kern County is a very, very big place. How many of us have made it out to the El Pasos as far as Burro Schmidt's Tunnel?

Randsburg monument

What I would like to see is for us to form a "plaque vigilance committee," dedicated to sprucing up our monuments. Both birds and vandals love plaques, but not in a good way. Lots of chapters make a point of tending to their plaques, and PXL has enough plaques that we should be actively looking after them at least once a year: Inspect them, evaluate the best and safest way to clean and preserve them, then spiffify! We could even plan day treks, doing a few plaques at a time, but we need Brothers with wheels who can research and coordinate.

That's my thought, anyway. In going through the photos of our erections, I was saddened by how little love some of these plaques have gotten over the years. Just one example is one of my favorite plaques, the monument at Randsburg to Randsburg and the Yellow Aster Mine. This erection has been standing tall for 35 years, and prior to posting its image, I was able to dress it up a bit digitally but Photoshop is not that same as real life.

Rob Burke

Click on the unretouched version to the right to examine and compare. The Randsburg plaque's lettering isn't damaged though it could use some cleaning, but the paint is flaking off of the concrete and the monument is possibly suffering some spalling. Investing in some concrete patch, a can of Barkeeper's Friend and a couple of coats of paint would hardly break the budget, but the missing element is the effort of our own Brothers to preserve our past work.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I'll be back soon with news of our Fall Doin's, "The Humbug's Revenge!"


Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Vaquero and Sawdust at the grill

Posted 5.27.24 (as amended 5.28.24) - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Hello Cloggites, Mikee here, and welcome back to the PXL Clog, back online as promised to bring you up to speed. So here we go!

Frazier Park Tavern

First off, an important notice and reminder from our ClampCrier, Dale "Top" Turner that this Saturday's June 1st Red Shirt Getaway will NOT be held at the Elk's Lodge in Santa Clarita but in Frazier Park. So don't go over here but come over there. We wanted to make it easier for our Brothers who live in Kern County, who would otherwise have to travel the extra distance, to have an easier opportunity to join us:

  • "Brothers, our June Red Shirt Saturday will be held in Fraizer Park at Tara's Tavern (Formally Sue's Tavern), beginning at Noon at 3440 Mount Pinos Way, Fraizer Park. As always, all Red Shirts in good standing, regardless of chapter are welcome, but we would like to get a head count. So if you would, please RSVP by email or text. It would be greatly appreciated.
  • "Send you RSVP to me, Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR by texting to (661) 714-7203 or by email to For those who would like to get a bite to eat, La Sierra Mexican Restaurant next door to the tavern is also a designated PXL watering hole. It opens at 9am for breakfast, brunch or an early lunch, and there is no need to RSVP. There is plenty of room for all of us at both locations.
  • See you there, and as always, be well and Clamp On!"

A few of you might remember the days, many full moons ago, when PXP Gene "DH" Duncker would complain that as ClampCrier no one gave him much to say, so he never had enough to cry about? Well, I can assure you that that is no longer the case, and as Cyberrecorder, even I'm getting it from multiple fronts. So my apologies ahead of time. I'll try to give credit where credit is due, but I could go on for several pages just with acknowledgements.

Kelvin Swanson

The fact of the matter is that our entire crew deserves a shout out for the great job they did putting together and pulling off our most satisfactory Spring Doin's at Willow Springs International Raceway. From scouting, to set up, to tear down, we have a lot to be proud of, and many thanks to all the Brothers who pitched in.

Led by our Humbug, Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson, not since his invention of the microwavable chicken pot pie has anyone seen such terpsichore in motion.

Hangman Mike Brandriff

Pictured at the top of this post are our new brothers who, throughout their ordeal showed the kind of camaraderie and enthusiasm that will continue to strengthen our chapter into the future. Seated on the stage from left to right are Tim Travers, Rodney Robinson, Mike Burke and Tim Stratton. Kneeling are Jonathan Lemus, Brad Coukos, Ed Alvarez, Rick Shepard and Rob Forsberg. Standing behind them are our Grand Imperturbable Hangman Mike Brandriff and his Vigilantes, Robert Sanchez and Glenn Roederer, who all did a great job. You can click on the pic to get a closer look.

Sh*t House Scramble

I can't recall when any other PXL PCB class has earned its own nickname, but these guys certainly did - - the "Sh*t House 9." I don't think that was intended to be a dig at the late Kurt Vonnegut, but it did have something to do with fire.

The daytime weather over the weekend was nice, though it did turn drizzlish in the evening. The wind also came up on Friday night and into Saturday morning. That wasn't a problem for the Doin's, as the raceway had provided us with a two-story building with a comfortable hall, large enough to easily accommodate us for meals and our Clamper shenanigans.

ClampChef Frank Webster

But that didn't mean we could cook inside, and that posed a significant problem for our new ClampChef, Frank "Guardrail" Webster. At 5 a.m. Saturday morning, our Hangman, Mike "Hollowpoint" Brandriff, his PBC contingent and our entire kitchen set-up, were out in the wind, with no way to get the burners lit without moving everything and everybody. Finally, after much trial and error, including moving everything into a covered breezeway and then behind the building, the entire mish-mosh of cooktops and over a dozen guys ended up scrunched into a foyer just outside the bathrooms, righteously spawning the legend of the glorious and imperturbable PXL "Sh*t House 9."

And so it goes, Pilgrim. Even Kurt would be proud.

Bill Huth, Top, Chris Huth, Humbug Kelvin Swanson

Thanks again to the Huth Family (pronounced "youth") for their hospitality and for putting up with the nearly 90 guys who showed up to celebrate and decompress. The plaque is also an especially nice one. It will be mounted inside the main building and is a welcome addition. The main road has a sign pointing to the track complex as a "point of historical interest," but with no corresponding erection. If you'd like to get a better look at the plaque, its picture has been posted on the "PXL's Latest Plaque" page. Seen here are owner, Bill Huth; Top; Bill's son and PXL Brother, Chris Huth; and our Humbug, Dr. Klapper.

I've also posted the photos Max Felser and I took at the Doin's to Peter's Picture Pages. All I can say is, it's a whole lot of ugly, but with so many photos, if you aren't in them, you weren't there.

A contingent from PXL dutifully made it up to Sonora for ECV's annual Grand Council Encampment, held this year from May 16th through the 18th at the Sonora Fairgrounds. For those of you new to Clamping, Grand Council is ECV Incorporated's annual shareholder's meeting where the governing board of proctors reports, hears concerns and rolls over its officers for the year. Every living Graybeard, which includes current Humbugs, is entitled to attend, and each chapter briefly reports to the entire assembly on its past year's activities. There's also some partying that goes on in between.

Dave Bond and Gene Duncker

At the fairgrounds, good spaces are at a premium, and it is not unusual for scouts to set up camp several days ahead to save the best spots. That was something that Brother Dave "Soggy Dough" Bond did for us for many years, being the good friend that he was to PXL, so it was with a heavy heart that we learned of his passing.

Dave Bond's home chapter was YB1, and he lived in San Francisco proper, yet he made a point of driving his little pick-up down to our Doin's as often as he could. He was as solid a member of our chapter as anyone not in the chairs. When you didn't see Dave you'd wonder where he was.

Though he never put on airs, Dave had been YB1 Humbug in 1997. He loved Peter Lebeck, and there was plenty of reasons to love him back. He was kind. He always had a smile on his face and he offered a cheerful word and a cup of coffee to any brother who stopped by for a visit. He gave you the sense that he had seen a lot in his time, and no matter what was troubling you, everything was going to be alright. His reign as 2014 Clamper of the Year was well earned, and the Golden Hills is that much richer for our loss. We wish Dave a safe journey.


Rick Veiga

Top reports that this year's PXL contingent to Grand Council included our Humbug, Kelvin Swanson; Vice, Rick Veiga; Clampatriarch, Al Price; Hawker, Mike Mazzetti; Hawk Tackle, Jim Mann; and Top, as GDR and ClampCrier. As Greybeards, Kelvin, Al and Top are members of the council. While there, the guys made it over to Murphy's and tipped a couple at the old Murphy's Saloon, then visited the ECV Wall of Comparative Ovations.

Our Vice Noble Grand Humbug, Rick "Hard Luck" Veiga went to the mandatory briefing prior to the big meeting. We have high hopes for Rick. Hard Luck has a no sweat kind of confidence. He works hard and is always willing to pitch-in even when some guys would be tempted to say "not my yob, bro'." So who better to take with you into a boring meeting, right, Kelvin?!

So here's a few points from Rick's summary of that meeting:

Fun Times
  • The board wants to foster a group effort to plaque the travels of Jedediah Smith, whose journeys covered the territories of 35 ECV chapters, and the board is offering its help in wording these plaques to keep them consistent throughout Clamperdom. Kelvin has the details.
  • The board also wants to make sure the universal plaquing database is complete and is asking us to make sure we report our work to the board. Some chapters have a "Clamplaquero" in charge of this stuff, but no one in our chapter has been officially assigned, so that's something to think about.
  • Chapters are also asked to remind their members that photographing the HOCO is forbidden and pictures of it do not belong on any social media. Other Doin's photos posted to the internet should be password protected, with the advisement that nothing is truly private in cyberspace.
  • Legal paperwork like a chapter's proof of insurance, necessary state and federal permits, and tax forms must be up to date, with copies to the board sent on a yearly basis.

Rick and Kelvin also took the opportunity to introduce themselves to our proctor-advisor and to the new Sublime Noble Grand Humbug, but apparently who these guys are remains a closely held secret. You'll have to speak to Rick about that (or just ask Mark Hall Patton, he's the new Sublime).

Sh*t House Scramble

There was also a CARP meeting. For those of you not familiar with what that is, it is the acronym for "Clamper Association of Roisterous Peddlers," and being a member is an essential part of being a chapter Hawker and maintaining a reasonably priced and well stocked store.

CARP members trade with each other "at cost." It also keeps prices down by allowing Hawkers to order in quantity and to share their purchases with other CARP members when they meet and trade with each other. Unique items can then be easily spread around Clamperdom, and the only mark-up is the one that helps your chapter raise money when you buy something through its store.

Our Hawking team, Mike Mazzetti and Jim Mann are CARP members and they sponsored Rick into the association. They then, as Rick tells it, "loaded up on some good stuff" which you are bound to see at our next Doin's.


Dale Turner

Next to last, Top offered an update on the Board's "no noose is good noose" policy. Ou symbolic display and use of the rope and hangman's noose is still allowed so long as it is confined to the Doin's and remains out of sight of the public. That includes displays affixed to Clamper regalia. And apparently, it's also still OK to shout "Hang the B*stard!" so long as no civilians can hear you. Among us, it's understood to be a joke, but not so to the public at large. Public displays of nooses, on vests and hats are still verboten, and in keeping with our own chapter's recommendations, public displays of any kind should remain in semi-good taste.

Also, just between us, Top says our Humbug is close to finalizing arrangements for our Fall Doin's -- The Humbug's Revenge -- which is tentatively set for Thursday, September 26th, through Sunday, September 29th. We're hoping to have the date and location finalized within the next two weeks so check back here or log into Facebook for confirmation, with details to follow shortly thereafter.

Long May it wave!

Lastly, on this Memorial Day take some time to ponder the sacrifices of the men and women who have fought over the decades to keep our country free. Pray for them, if it is your way. But in your reflections acknowledge how too often - - in a world that seems to shrink more and more by the day -- we take for granted the safety and prosperity that was purchased so dearly and what it still takes to keep it, and to keep the faith with those who have made that down payment for us. To the veterans who have left us for the Golden Hills, may peace be upon them all, and their memories be a blessing to us forever.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted 5.16.24 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Bear with me. I'm working on an update, including a recap of our Spring Doin's. In the meantime, the photos are posted to Peter's Picture Pages and the Willow Springs plaque has been posted to the "PXL's Latest Plaque" page. Enjoy. -- MGM



Posted 4.3.24 - - Dale "Top" Turner, CC


HEAR YE, HERE YE! AND ATTENTION CLAMPERS! This is the last call to sign up for the PXL 1866 Spring Doin's at Willow Springs International Raceway. Get your Registration in now! If you haven't signed up, click to go to our Spring Doin's Page and complete the Online Registration or miss out!

Registration ABSOLUTELY ENDS THIS FRIDAY, 5 April at 5PM. There will NO WALK IN's.

AGAIN, no registrations will be accepted after Friday, April 5, 2024, NO Exceptions! "If you snooze - You Lose." The food order goes in on Saturday morning, so we need a solid head count.

A couple of you have not sent in your gold dust. Get your rub in NOW! Zelle to: or call the Gold Dust Receiver, Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH at 661-714-7203 with your check number. If you don't prepay, be prepared to hand over an additional $15.00 ($90.00 total) at Check In.

NOTE: A list of attending Clampers will be given to the gate attendants and Willow Springs Raceway Staff. If you're not on that list or have not pre-registered, you will not be granted entrance into the park. That is why you need to register NOW!


If you have someone delivering an RV for you that is not a Clamper on our list, please let me know ASAP so we can add their name to the list for entry into Willow Springs Raceway.

During the weekend of our Doin's, Willow Springs is hosting its largest and most exciting racing event of the year, with thousands expected to be in attendance. We're truly privileged to be given an exclusive area on the Raceway grounds to Clamp. This will be an ECV /PXL Clampout to be remembered and talked about for years to come.

On Saturday, our chapter will be plaquing this historic racing facility. Our Clampsite area will be closed to the general public, but with that said, we will be in the public eye and "Seemly Decorum" is expected at all times, and that includes what we display on our Clamper Vests and clothing.

If you have a bicycle, electric bike, golf cart or moped you may bring it. The entire racing facility and all racing tracks are open to us all to see and visit. Including the Café and Swap Meet.

Your "FIRE BARREL" is welcome, but it must be kept off the ground.

Dale Turner, XNGH

Lastly, I look forward to seeing many of you at our Red Shirt Getaway, this Saturday, April 6th, at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379, located at 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country 91351. The door opens at 12 Noon. There will be a meeting chaired by our Vice Humbug Rick "Hardluck" Veiga to finalize the Spring Clampout.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 661-714-7203.

Be well and Clamp On!
    Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR
    Clamp Crier



Posted 3.14.24 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

PXL Pi Day Flag

Happy Pi Day boys! This would be a good night to celebrate and eat some Pi. Your Widder would appreciate it, Just don't tell her I said so.

And now for something serious.

Our GDR, XNGH "Top" Turner wants to make sure that everyone is aware that the LAST DAY to order an event shirt for our Willow Springs Raceway Spring Doin's is THIS COMING MONDAY, March 18, 2024. Shirts are $25.00, now in sizes L to 5XL. You can Zelle your gold dust to: or Pony Express your gold dust to: Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR 24415 Lisa Kelton Place, Newhall CA 9132.

If Top doesn't have your shirt-dust in hand by March 18th, you're not getting one. Orders and late payments by check or cash will be returned. Late Zelle payments will receive a $25 PXL Store credit only -- even if you ordered on time.

Dale Turner, XNGH

ALSO DON'T PUT OFF sending in your dust for our Doin's, because our cut-off is Friday, April 5th. PXL will NOT be taking registrations at the March 6th RED Shirt Saturday Get-Away at the Santa Clarita Elks, so don't wait.

Download the Registration and Release forms, or sign-up on line by way of our Spring Doin's Page at You'll find mailing and Zelle instructions on the Mandatory Registration Form. If you're not on our list, track security will not give you access to the Clampsite, so get 'er done!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, text, phone or email Top at 661-714-7203 or Be well and Clamp On!



Posted 3.6.24 (Amended) - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR and Dale "Top" Turner, CC

Hello Cloggites, Mikee here with a few quick notes.

Klapper and Family

We rang in the new Clamp year with a very successful Widders' Ball. Peter Lebeck sold out for the first time in memory, which bodes well for the term of our new Humbug, Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson. We also have some very good and enthusiastic guys coming up in the chairs, so I think our chapter is in good stead going forward.

Fifty-two partiers came in early on Friday and made a weekend of it. Saturday's ball had a western saloon theme and a lot of Widder-centric romance. It was most satisfactory.

The photos are in and posted to Peter's picture pages. Thank Max Felser when you see him for photographing our event. As usual, if there is a photo of you that you'd like to turn into a print, email me at and I will send you a copy by return email.

Max and Rick

The Spring Doin's page, along with its electronic registration, has been posted, which you can access by clicking on the link. But if you haven't committed, let's see if I can talk you into coming, and also make you aware of a few important items concerning our four-day Clampout.

Willow Springs International Raceway is offering PXL a unique place and opportunity for a Doin's. At a time when it is harder and harder for chapters to find good places to Clamp, here's one that the Brothers will be talking about for years to come. Established in 1953, WSIR was the first facility of its kind in our part of the country and styles itself as "The Fastest Road in the West."

Grand Prix CLassic 2024

On Thursday we'll have early access to the park with space for tents and RVs. The Clampsite also provides us with use of a building where we can hang out and do Clamper things. Early Saturday afternoon we'll be plaquing the park, but the rest of the weekend has some surprises. WSIR has eight tracks. The center piece of the facility being a 2.5 mile, nine turn road course known as "Big Willow." Our exclusive Clampsite sits on a "balcony" overlooking Big Willow's Turn #4, which is one of the most exciting places from which to watch the races. Friday and Saturday will feature the usual hijinks, but on Saturday afternoon we'll be able to watch motorcycles race along Big Willow from noon to 4 pm, during the "Willow Springs 24th Grand Prix Classic Motorcycle Festival," which goes on all weekend.

Our access to the park has changed a bit than from when it was first advertised, but now it's easier. A guard shack controls the front gate, and so long as you're listed as someone attending our Clampout, you get in for free and get full access to the Clampsite. The gates opens for us at noon on Thursday but now closes at 10 instead of 6 pm. Just keep in mind that if you show up late or don't make it back from town in time, you'll be out of luck until 7 am Friday morning when the guard shack open again. Friday and Saturday, the gate closes for us at midnight.

Mike Mazzetti.

If you have a PBC and you want to buy him an event shirt, don't put that off! Event shirts must be ordered and paid for by March 18th, NO EXCEPTIONS. Our Hawker, Mike "12 Volt" Mazzetti, doesn't carry shirts. They're a pain to inventory and who the heck wears a medium anyway? What 12 Volt does carry are mainly pins and accessories, and most importantly, his catalogs. Mike has made special arrangements with Wreck'n Ball Enterprises where, so long as you order from our store, you can have any item at the list price without having to add on for taxes and shipping.

Wreck'n Ball has been selling ECV related items for years, and much of it is fully customizable. So if you're interested, peruse their on-line catalog, or just flip through Mike's books to find what you're looking for, then order it from us. To make it easy, Mike is bringing the store to the April Saturday Getaway at the Santa Clarita Elks on April 6th. You can catch him there or email him at You'll likely be able to pick-up your purchase at the Spring Doin's. Universal NO sign

Lastly, no noose is a good noose, says the ECV Board of Proctors, citing new California antihate legislation that puts the display of nooses into the same category as painting swastikas on synagogues and burning crosses on lawns. While the new criminal statute does require an intent to cause emotional harm, it does not require a specific victim, so that anyone who sees it is a potential victim. Consequently the Board of Proctors has asked all ECV chapters to drop the noose from their iconography. That means patches or pins with nooses are out. ECV is not an organization that promotes hate or bigotry, and we certainly do not want to be viewed that way by anyone.


Hungry Bear waiting for lunch.

And now a final, final word and update by our Clamp Crier and XNGH Dale "Top" Turner about Feed the Bear.

Brothers, I'd like to start by thanking those 50 Brothers who became Feed The Bear Founders in 2021 and the additional thirteen Clampers who have joined our group of PXL Bear Feeders over the past three years. Your annual $50.00 donation has helped to improve the chapter and your continued support is truly appreciated.

Feed The Bear (FTB) has not only covered our annual insurance, State fees and Grand Council dues, it has given us the funds to upgrade our field kitchen with a new gas grill along with three new custom PXL EZ Ups. The funds also go towards your event bars, and this Spring Doin's it will pay for an event patch.

Bear Pin

With their initial FTB rub of $50, each Brother receives an FTB Pin designed by Charles Topping along with their first year's hanger, then a year specific hanger for their subsequent $50 yearly contributions. To date we have 63 FTB members, 16 of whom have become FTB Life Members with their $1000.00 donations.

The FTB Hangers for 2024 & 2025 are now available. We still have hangers for 2022 and 2023 for those Brothers who would like to catch up on their FTB Hangers.

You can Feed The Bear at any Red Shirt Saturday or PXL 1866 event, including our Spring and Fall Doin's. We accept Cash, Check or Zelle. Once again, I'd like to thank you for your continuing support of our Chapter and the Feed The Bear program. Be well and Clamp On!    --Top

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted 3.1.24 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR


Online registration is now open. Just click on this link or the one in the links box, or even the banner above to get there from here. If the page doesn't come up, just make sure to refresh your browser. This is a prepay only event, and you must be on our list to gain access to the facility and the Clampsite. Our drop dead date for getting in your rub is April 5th, but if you want a shirt it must be paid for by March 18th. No exceptions! For further details, see the Spring Doin's page.    - - MGM


Passing the Staff 2024

Posted 2.29.24 - - By NGH Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson

NGH Kelvin Swanson

If you had told me some twenty-five years ago that I would be a Humbug someday I would have just smiled and thought to myself, not likely. I can't begin to tell you all how honored I am to be your Humbug for Clamper Year 6029. We have great things planned for this Clamp year.

My wife Simone and Daughter Stacy had lunch brought in for all the Clampers and Widders to enjoy before the corporate meeting on Saturday before the Widders' Ball. It was really appreciated by all, keeping us from having to go out in the rain for lunch.

The annual PXL Corporate meeting went very well. Top Turner covered our finances and expenditures for 2023 along with reports to the Feds, State and Grand Council. For those of you who joined us at the Widders Ball it was an event to be remembered thanks in part to my wife Simone and my daughter Stacy and all the Widders who lent a helping hand in transforming the Hospitality Room into a Western Saloon and Dancehall.

The party began on Friday evening with 52 Clampers and Widders in the Hospitality room. We were entertained by the "PXL Pickers" -- five of our own Clampers. A professional sound system donated by Mike "12 Volt Mazzetti kept the sound at a pleasant level. We listened and danced to songs from the 50's and 60's along with many new and old country western tunes.

Following the passing of the Staff of Relief on Saturday night, the party kicked off with tunes from the past, and between sets we were once again entertained by the PXL Pickers ( Michael "Hoss" Lowrance, Wayne "Screwball" Edwards, Hollis "Bomber" Dyer, Scott "Capt. DEF" Bickle and our own Sonny Anglin, one of the remaining members of the Bakersfield Sound.

I'd also like to thank Merle "Shaft" Phillips and his Widder Theresa for keeping the bar flowing with ample libations. The Widders Ball was so great that the attendees asked for a REPEAT performance in 2025.

Our Spring and Fall Doin's are locked in. We're headed to Willow Springs International Raceway, April 11-14th, and the Mojave Private Skeet Range, September 27-29th. You can download the Spring Procs here, where you can check out the entire schedule and get what you need to sign-up for the Spring Doin's, including our electronic registration.

Something I have planned to do in my Humbug year was to have another one-day Oldtimers / Candlelight initiation. This is going to happen in July 2024. Candidates will be limited to those 65 and older and or with a disability, though all redshirts are invited to join in the fun.

VNGH Rick Veiga

I'm looking forward to a great Clamp year and with all the great brothers who have stepped into leadership and functionaries' positions, I know good things are yet to come. Willow Springs Raceway is going to be a PXL event that will be talked about for years to come. We need to remember that we are guests of the Raceway, and although we will have our own secured area, we will still be within the watchful eyes of the public.

I'll be heading to Grand Council in May to represent Peter Lebeck chapter 1866. If there is anything you would like me to look into, just let me or my Vice, Rick "Hard Luck" Veiga, know. By working together as a team this can be one of the best years our chapter has ever had. Thank you for all for your hard work and support.

Looking forward to seeing you real soon.

Email NGH Dr. Clapper.

Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson, PXL--NGH





Master Guns

Posted 1.25.24 - - By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier

Brothers, It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of two fellow Lebeckians -- Master Gunnery Sergeant Glenn Denton, USMC Retired, and Brother Harry "Mud" Pennington, who was both a dedicated Clamper and long time Elk.

On this Saturday, 27 January 2024, a memorial service and gathering will be held for Glenn, and all PXL members and those wishing to celebrate Glenn are invited. It will be held at Camp Hamilton Veterans Memorial Park located at 34999 Lerdo Highway, Bakersfield, CA 93308. The program will start at 1200 and will conclude at 1700. Knowing Camp Hamilton there will plenty of food and libations on hand.

Glenn Denton was an important PXL benefactor. He was the founder of Camp Hamilton Memorial Park, and he, along with the Camp Hamilton Board of Directors and Staff, made Camp Hamilton available to our chapter for several of our spring and fall Clampouts at no cost. Glenn also served as Bodfish Association past president in 1994, and taught in the School of Infantry, at Camp Pendleton, CA .

Tragically, Master Guns was killed in a solo car crash following the 2023 Thanksgiving Holiday while enroute from his Bakersfield home to his South Dakota residence. The cause of the accident was black ice which catapulted Glenn's pick-up off of a highway bridge. Sadly his wife Ester was following close behind in her own vehicle and witnessed the whole thing.

The Chamberlain McColley's Funeral Home in South Dakota has posted his obituary which you can view here.

For those of us Marines and FMF Corpsmen who new Glenn and who spent time in the early days at Camp Hamilton, we truly understood the importance and the meaning of each of those first trees that Glenn planted with his own hands. These trees represent the lives of our brother Marines who fought alongside Glenn in Vietnam, and paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our great nation. Today, the hundreds of trees throughout the park represent the combat and non-combat servicemen and women from all our military branches who have served our nation with honor. It is sight to behold and a place to reflect on the sacrifices made by service personnel and their families.

Harry Mud

It is with heavy heart that I also report the passing of fellow Clamper Harry "Mud" Pennington. Mud passed away sometime on Thursday, January 18, 2024, of an apparent heart attack. I have no further information at this time but will keep you all informed as I learn more. Harry "Mud" was a member of both Platrix and Peter Lebeck. He had also served as the Santa Clarita Elks Santa Claus for many years.

May both of these Brothers rest in peace.

Meeting Notice!

Two other quick notes. Our Widders' Ball is sold out and the waiting list is closed. Also, don't forget that our annual corporate meeting reconvenes in the Homewood's meeting room at 1 p.m., Saturday, February 3rd, the same day as the ball. The presence of all PXL Graybeards and Redshirts in good standing is requested. Hospitality to follow at 3 p.m. where all guests are invited.



P.S - Master Guns, Save me a lower bunk.
Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier
XNGH/GDR -- USMC - Vietnam 67 - 68


Posted 1.13.24 - - By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier

Dale Turner, XNGH

ATTENTION BROTHERS! Our 2024 Western themed Widders' Ball has SOLD OUT! So if you are wondering why Brother Mikee hasn't gone all out to advertise our annual shindig, wonder no more. It's because we are out of space! If you missed out and would still like to attend, I have started a stand-by list. Just send me your and your Widder's name to and I will add you to the cue. If a spot opens up I'll contact you. Currently we have two couples on stand-by.

Dale Turner, XNGH

Now Listen Up! If you've already signed-up and have completed your pre-registration form, it's time to send in your rub. Mikee has attached the flyer to this post along with the registration form, but if you pre-registered there's no need to do it again, I know who you are.

But to keep your reservation your payment must be received no later than the end of January 2024. It's only fair to others who may want to attend. For couples the rub is $100.00, and for singles $50.00.

Pay by check or Zelle. If you're paying by check make the check payable to, "PETER LEBECK CHAPTER 1866 - ECV." DO NOT use "PXL 1866" or make the check payable to me, Dale Turner, because the bank will not accept payment.

Dale Turner, XNGH

If you have a banking app, you can pay using Zelle. Send your rub to, "" In the notation include your name and that of your guest(s), and indicate that your payment is for the ball.

If you are staying over, discounted room rates are still available at the Homewood Suites, and they're much less expensive than a 502 or a trip to the hospital. Just call the Homewood at (661) 644-0400, and ask for Nicole. Mention that you're attending the PXL Widders' Ball.

Meeting Notice!

Also, don't forget that our annual corporate meeting reconvenes in the Homewood's meeting room at 1 p.m., Saturday, February 3rd, the same day as the ball. The presence of all PXL Graybeards and Redshirts in good standing is requested. Hospitality to follow at 3 p.m. where all guests are invited.



Be well and Clamp On!
    Clamp Crier

Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR


Posted 11.12.23 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Just quick, but important, editor's note from your Cloggite-in-chief: In this latest update I've added several significant posts, so you'll want to read down into the CLOG and beyond.

Al Price, XXNGH

Grand Noble Humbug Al "The Quackster" Price has given us his closing remarks for I'd say was a successful, if at time trying, year. He picked up the reigns and volunteered to "rehumbug" (if that's even a word?), when the guy next in line proved himself not up to the job. Much thanks, Al, and good luck to the NFG, Humbug Erectus Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson who has already announced his plans for our Spring Doin's. So read on, and to both I say "QUACK!"

Kelvin Swanson

We also have important notes from XNGH, Gold Dust Receiver and Clamp Crier, Dale "Top' Turner, who comments on our recently convened annual corporate business meeting and who also has his eye on the ball -- THE PXL Widders' Ball, that is. The enthusiasm in the chapter is such that as of today there is already a waiting list for the Widders' Ball before I've even had a chance to shill it. So if you are already signed up or are interested in going, make sure you read his post or you could end up spending the weekend at home watching old Red Zone reruns. If you haven't signed up yet and still want to attend, sign-up now. As space becomes available, Top will move you up on the list. I will be posting a flyer, but expect that by that time all the reservations will be gone.

Dale Turner, GDR

Top has also made clear that, having ironed out the wrinkles from our bookkeeping and financial reporting, and with solid procedures in place, he is ready to move on from his role as Gold Dust Receiver. He will be training others to step-up into his boots, and will serve as consultant to our incoming Grand Noble Recorder. Much thanks to Top for his service to the chapter. I'd say you could buy him a beer, but he doesn't drink, so if you want to celebrate you'll have to drink two yourself.

Last two points. Don't forget the Red Shirt Getaway resumes at noon Saturday, December 2nd, at the Elks Lodge in Santa Clarita. Join us for a dog, a brew and the usual pack of lies. Also the link to the photos from our business meeting is up on Peter's Picture Pages. I left out the compromising ones, so you'll just have to live with what's there. Further proof of life is available upon request in case your Widder was asking. Fortunately mine doesn't ask since I'm not in any of the pictures.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Posted 11.10.23 - - By NGH Al "The Quackster" Price, XNGH

From the Ugly Duckling, the Quackster.
Doesn't sound like a swan, but here's my Swan Song, (again).

The Quackster

Finally got my Ducks in a row, and now it's time to turn everything over to my vice, and your new Humbug-erectus, Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson and his crew. I'm sure you'll be in good hands!

There are always "challenges," but for the most part I think we did pretty well this year.

    Fun at the Widders' Ball
  • The Widder's Ball weekend, with the main festivities on Feb 4, 2023, went quite well, and there were always many folks involved to make that happen. I especially want to thank my widder, Jayne, and Ptimbo's widder, Judi for all that they did for us, and all the time they spent preparing everything. And, a big thank you to XNGH's Dale "Top" Turner and Jim "Bullseye" Bailey for the Friday Night dinner.
  • The Whiskey Flat Days Parade, Feb. 16, 2023 --- Well, we tried to get a group together once again to march in the parade, but there were several conflicts, so only three Clampers and two widders showed up. I have my doubts about signing up again to march again any time soon.
  • Sign-in at Camp Hamilton
  • The Spring Doin's, April 14 thru the 16th, came off really well, thanks to XNGH Dale "Top" Turner making all the arrangements months in advance. We dedicated three new picnic tables, and rededicated the plaque at Camp Hamilton. We had planned on dedicating a plaque at the Famoso Raceway/Dragstrip during this Doin's, but they are going through lease re-negotiations with the County Board of Supervisors, and want to hold off for a while. I've passed the contact information on to Dr. Klapper, "just in case", and want to thank XNGH Donny "Sawdust" Johnson for giving us the contact person information.
  • Grand Council May 19 thru 21, again, there was a conflict, and we had several brothers who went to attend the chartering of the Copper Queen Chapter. During the last Grand Council that I went to in 2019, it rained most of the time, so this time I stayed in a motel in town but made all the meetings. Many businesses in town were boarded up since the Covid.
  • Road's End Plaque
  • July 14 to 16, Trash Trek to Henefer, Utah and the "Hastings Cutoff" (of Donner Party Fame) --- along with a trip to Fort Bridger. Had to miss this one. No electricity, no water hookups at the Weber Crossing campground, and this was the third "Trek" in a row out of state.
  • The Re-plaquing of Road's End, Sept. 16, 2023 --- I want to thank XXNGH, Charles Topping for all his help and guidance for getting this done. I met with the daughter of one of the last owners of Road's End, and then also met with the District Ranger for that portion of the Sequoia National Forest, to get the wording corrected, and get permission to replace the plaque that had been damaged, then totally disappeared. I also had to contact the Dr. Samuel Gregg George Chapter #1855 to let them know that we were replaquing in their territory. It was a Kern County business back in the 1800's, but was located in Tulare County. All went very well. We had representatives from both PXL and the DSGG chapters in attendance, along with family members who lived and worked at Road's End before it was destroyed by fire in July 2002. We even had several folks who had attended the first plaquing there in 2005!
  • Ray Checks the Canopies
  • The Fall Doin's at Fort Tejon, Sept. 21 thru 24 --- Again, another XXNGH stepped up and got these days reserved for us. I want to thank our brother, Mark "Pokey" Crawford for staying on top of everything so I didn't have to! We had originally wanted to do the clampout at Camp Whitsett (Boy Scout Camp) in Tulare County, near the Road's End plaquing site, but they changed their rules since the Covid, and now no longer allow alcohol on the property. So, camping at Fort Tejon meant a 2 ½ to 3 hour drive one-way, or 5 to 6 hours, just on the road. That's why we did it a week earlier. I'd like to say everything went off without a hitch at Ft. Tejon, but that would be a lie. Due to an equipment malfunction, WE LOST ALL THE SPECIAL BEANS XXXNGH Ptimbo Gillespie was cooking up for us. It was later told to me that "a screw was missing in one of the legs of the propane burner that the bean pot was heating up on"! Sans that, we had a very successful Fall Doin's! The weather couldn't have been better, and we had three very, very good PBC's!
  • Pokey at the meeting.
  • The Annual Business Meeting at the La Sierra Mexican Restaurant & PXL Watering hole in Frazier Park, Nov.4, 2023 --- All went well. We had planned on 26 showing up, and actually had about 30 Redshirts in attendance. I proposed Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson as Humbug erectus, and he went over his planned corps of officers and functionaries for 2024. We look forward to this being made official at the Business Meeting just prior to the Widders' Ball, Sat. Feb. 3, 2024.
  • Other Good News from 2023 - -- We were able to replace our worn-out Cook Shack pop-ups with some really sturdy new ones and used them at Camp Hamilton. Thank you XNGH's Dale "Top" Turner and Mark "Pokey" Crawford for doing all the research and final ordering of these for us. We also were able to purchase a new propane BBQ and use it at our Fall Doins' at Ft. Tejon. I want to thank XXXNGH Tim "Ptimbo" Gillespie for handling the purchase of this new BBQ, and also for volunteering again during 2023 to serve as our temporary Clamp Chef!
Tip of the hat.

It is really hard to believe that this Clamp year is almost over. I owe a special THANKS to MGM and Ptimbo for their support when things got kinda' tough for me around mid-year. I really mean that my brothers! Thank you for your support and not allowing me to throw in the towel.

I'm looking forward to another great year in 2024 with the new group of officers, and also looking forward to seeing many of you at the Widders' Ball on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024. Be sure and register early as we are limited to 80 participants. Our Gold Dust Receiver, XNGH Dale "Top" Turner asks that you not use Zelle, or pay for the Widder's Ball prior to Jan. 1, 2024. (It's a bookkeeping thing, and could mess up our year end IRS & State tax filings).

Email The Quackster.

XNGH Al 'The Quackster' Price, PXL #1866
    Noble Grand Humbug 2023
    (661) 867-2414






Posted 11.04.23 - - By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier

Rick lights the way.

On behalf of the chapter, to those twenty-six PXL Clampers who signed-in at today's annual corporate business meeting, I want to thank you for a great and informative session. Our Grand Noble Recorder, Rick "Hardluck" Veiga will be sending out the minutes sometime next week.

Congratulations to Noble Grand Humbug Erectus Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson, our current Vice Noble Grand Humbug. Kelvin has submitted a fine list of officers and functionaries for Clamper Year 6029 (2024). He has also announced plans for his Spring and Fall Doin's, as well as a possible "Candlelight" initiation for the summer of 2024, along with his plaquing scheduled for the Springs Doin's at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, California. So make sure to save Friday, April 11 through Sunday April 13, for our first Clampout of the year.

Top at work.

We look forward to confirming Dr. Klapper's nomination as Humbug when we reconvene our business meeting at 1000 hours, on 3 February 2024, the morning of our Widders' Ball in Bakersfield. All members are encouraged to attend.

Now, Speaking as the Gold Dust Receiver, I think I made it clear that for accounting and end of the year auditing I have asked all Brother's to hold off on making any donations for the remainder of 2023, or sending in their rub for the 2024 Widders Ball, until after 1 January 2024.

Fun at the Widders' Ball.

NOW ABOUT THE WIDDERS' BALL . . . As in the past, due to seating restrictions, the Widders' Ball is limited to 80 total partiers. I know you'll want to get signed up as soon as possible so I have linked a PXL 2024 Widders' Ball EARLY REGISTRATION FORM. This form will not replace the Widders Ball Flyer scheduled to be sent out at the end of December.

Please read the form carefully and mark the appropriate boxes. DO NOT mail or Zelle your rub until after 1 January 2024. We'll take your check, but don't expect us to cash it until after the first of the year.

BUT DO snail mail or Email the attached completed Early Registration form ASAP. I have started a Registration list and once it hits 80 guests it will be closed. We've already reserved seats for 70 attendees, so if you want to come, don't procrastinate!

  • If you have already texted or emailed me that you will be attending the Widders Ball you must still
    complete the form and get it to me ASAP or you risk falling off of the list due to increasing demand.

Be well and Clamp On!


Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR


Posted 10.30.23 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Click on this link to download a copy of the agenda for this Friday's annual corporate business meeting scheduled for Saturday, 10:00 am., November 3rd at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, 3500 Mount Pinos Way Frazier Park, CA 93225. See you there!    - - MGM


Vaquero and Sawdust at the grill

Posted 10.20.23 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Dr Klapper does the raffle

Hail Cloggites! And welcome back to Peter Lebeck's notorious Clamper Blog -- the PXL CLOG. We have quite a bit to cover so let's get started, shall we?

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to Fort Tejon and made our Fall Doin's a success. Congratulations are in order for our latest members, Christian Huth (pronounced "YOU-th"), sponsored by XNGH Top Turner; Jesse Garibay, son of long time member Jesse Garibay; and Noah Bouza, son of XNGH Luis Bouza. Some wag suggested that it could get a bit confusing having two Jesse Garibays in the club, but given the size differential it was also suggested that the new Jesse should be known as "Sasquatch," and the old Jesse should be known as Half Squatch. That means we could be ahead of every other chapter by a Squatch and a half.

Join the Bean REBELLION!


Then there was the most serious matter of the "Beantastrophe," when Ptimbo's award winning beans ended up spread all over the ground when the stand supporting the pot suffered a mechanical failure. The bean gremlins had finally scored.

Flatulence with Balance!

The memory of man runeth not to a time when PXL has ever been without beans at a Clampout, though such a prospect threatened at the Spring 2014 Doin's, when Humbug Charles Topping decided against beans in favor of tender "potatoes lovingly baked in Dutch ovens over hot coals." Well the truth was that the potatoes were delicious, and the potato bar was genius, but "lovingly" turned out to mean having to wait an extra hour for dinner.

Even before that wait had become a reality, the reality of "NO BEANS!" sparked the Great Bean Rebellion of 2014. XNGH Bob Cordes, upon discovering this heresy, recruited Kenton "Airdale" Miller as shotgun and they drove the 25 miles down the mountain from Walker Basin into Isabella where the two Redshirts commandeered a shelf full of canned legumes. Upon their return, Bob declared that no Clampout should ever be, nor would ever be, without beans!

But now it has finally happened (so a moment of silence, please . . . and uncover if you have 'em).


URGENT! La Sierra Logo

Now before the mood gets too morose, I should probably move on to lighter subjects, like maybe our upcoming business meeting which is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2023, at 10 a.m., at the La Sierra Mexican Restaurant in Frazier Park. Veronica and her husband have been hosting us for several years now and have made the back room available to us at no cost, so please be generous with your tips and support this important PXL Watering Hole. Be there for breakfast starting at 9 a.m. My favorite is the Chiles Rellenos in case anybody wants to bribe me.

Chile Relleno

I will post the agenda here when I get it. Keep in mind that this is our annual, state mandated, corporate business meeting where we wrap up the current Clampyear and rough out the year to come. Our yearly financial statement is reported out, and the Graybeards choose a Humbug Erectus, who is expected to propose his slate of functionaries and events for the coming year. Once all the items on the agenda have been addressed, the meeting will be adjourned to the day of the Widders' Ball in February for a short clean-up meeting in the morning and the formal change of officers at night.

Kelvin Swanson

Much of this work could be done in executive session and the results reported out to the membership, but, unless there is something of a sensitive nature to discuss, our board likes to conduct its meetings out in the open, where members can ask questions and provide input. A hearty breakfast and a little beer or a Bloody Mary doesn't hurt, either.

RedShirt Getaway

If you would like to go "up the chairs" or just want to formally volunteer, email our Vice Humbug, Kelvin "Dr. Clapper" Swanson, right away (before you talk yourself out of it). Check out our functionaries page to get a better idea.

While we are on this subject, here's three more related matters . . . the monthly Red Shirt Getaway for November has been canceled since we'll be at the business meeting in Frazier Park; but plan ahead for the first Saturday in December, when all Redshirts in good standing and their prospective PBCs are invited to join us at the Elks Lodge in Santa Clarita where the fun starts at noon, and the suds, dogs and talk are all cheap. Also if you'd like to reup your voluntary $50 contribution to "Feed the Bear," the 2024 FTB hangers will be available at the Getaway. See GDR/XNGH Dale "Top" Turner about that.


Steve Born at Road's End

In case you missed it (and almost all of us did) the "Road's End" monument was replaqued on September 16, 2023, on the Kern River side of Mountain Highway 99, several miles north of Kernville. Much thanks to our Humbug, Al "The Quackster'' Price, XNGH Charles Topping and to the brothers of Dr. Samuel Gregg George #1855, who made this possible.

Though the site is associated with Kernville, it is actually in Tulare County, so this was a joint reerection. The original 2005 project was honchoed by our late XNGH Steve "Historically" Born, who worked as a high school history teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District until illness sent him off to the Golden Hills. He and his then Vice Humbug, XNGH Don Johnson, were also our point men on the massive California City Six-Way, the following year.

The Road's End project required coordination with the U.S. Forest Service. They insisted that the plaque, which was to be located in a parking lot beside the Kern River, be affixed to "a natural feature." That's forest speak for "a rock," and it was one which turned out to be so low to the ground that someone ran over it and shattered the granite plaque.

Al Price at Road's End

The Quackster's solution is much more resilient. He still had to use the same old rock, but the new plaque is made from aluminum and the surrounding boulders make the monument much better protected.

If you'd like to see it, two photos are temporarily located on the "PXL's Latest Plaque" Page. You'll find it at the bottom of the links box on the left. This used to be the "Clampdown!" link, but a few years ago I began using this spot as the best place to temporarily show off our latest plaque.

Jayne, our Quackster's widder, also took a few more photos and I've added those to our site through a link on Peter's Picture Pages, where you'll also find the pictures that Max and I took of the Fall Fort Tejon Doin's.


Flying Jackass

I'm currently busy fixing parts of the website which have degraded over the years often due to technological changes and just plain not having enough time to keep up with this stuff. Back when I took on this project the only social media you could access on your cell phone - -assuming you had one - - was called a "telephone call." I've rebuilt the website twice, though even now it's still best viewed on a laptop or home computer, though I'm working on improving that.

So back in the day the chapter was recovering from a waning phase when very little plaquing had been going on. We had become an historical society that had lost track of its own history. We couldn't account for our existing plaques, related keepsakes and even the identities of our past Humbugs.

So what started as a free web site limited to five pages and used for posting announcements, morphed into a 200 page online closet where we could memorialize our conclaves. Even if we couldn't account for everything that had gone on during the chapter's first forty years, we could at least piece some of it back together and put it somewhere we could find it, along with all our current stuff.

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been able to keep track of everything, but if you want to see who was involved with our chapter in the past and what we were up to, this is the place to look.

Pat McGhee

So now that I'm retired, I'll be going back into the site and whipping it into shape section by section. Some parts don't work anymore so I'm going to need plenty of time to fix them. For instance, many of our early photo collections won't display because they were compiled in Adobe Flash which doesn't work on current browsers. I'll also need the original photos, if I can find them, to make sure the images are large enough to be seen at current screen resolutions.

Jim Adams

Unfortunately there are some things I'll never be able to completely research. I have several hundred hard copy photographs from collections by the late XNGHs, Pat "I-Man" McGee and Jim Adams, but there is really no sure way to curate and organize them. With luck, the back of the photos may be date stamped, and may be identifiable as relating to a particular event, but that's about it. Still, we are lucky to have them.

On this current set of fixes, I've gone ahead and archived a good chunk of the most recent CLOG posts and added them to our CLOG archive which is now 34 web pages and contains every CLOG post going back to 2007. You'll find the links on the left under the navigation box. I have also added a new navigation links at the bottom of each of those pages to allow for continuous reading. Other pages throughout the site that had faulty CSS formatting, and whose display could best be described as "SPLAT," are fixed and now readable again. It's a start with more to come.

Paul Gleim

On a sad note, I've taken down the link to the Paul Gleim's Rfocus Store. Our brother Paul has moved out of state for medical treatment, and was counting on help running the store. Unfortunately that didn't pan out. Paul's Rfocus store was an important resource for us because with his dye sublimation printer he was able to produce single copies of T-shirts and hoodies at a reasonable price. That said, we wish Paul well and look forward to his recovery.


Frank Webster

Moving on to the subject of breakfast, we need to thank Frank "Two Time" Webster for getting up early and supervising the kitchen during the preparation of Saturday's Graybeards' Potluck Breakfast. That kind of initiative is a big help. While we are proud that our members always pitch-in to set-up, break camp and help us out in other ways, sometimes you just need someone to coordinate, and Frank did a great job doing it.

We've been blessed to have guys like Circus Masters Dave Staley and Fred Fenski - who've mastered our kit and know how to direct our guys in how to set it up and put it away. Or Mike Mazzetti, who's taken control of the Hawker store and, with the help of his Tackle, Jim Mann, is doing a bang up job.


Kenny Young at the Bean Feed

But there is one place where we are hurting right now and that's at the position of Clamp Chef. Anyone filling this position has to be pretty selfless. Aside from planning meals for fifty to eighty guys, it requires a day of bulk shopping at a restaurant outlet, a day of prep, making the beans, putting everything on ice, and lugging it to the Doin's. Already that sounds like someone who could use some help.

Flatulence with Balance!

Except for a stint where Kenton "Airdale" Miller took over at Clampchef, XXXNGH Ptimbo Gillespie has been in charge of the kitchen since he took over from our beloved XNGH Kenny "Cookie" Young in 2008, the year Kenny succumbed to the Big "C." For years Kenny's skills behind the grill were well respected, and his dedication to Clamperdom highly recognized. In 2007, the Dumbillican Brotherhood appointed Cookie as their "Committee of One," and he only left us after having given his final report at Grand Council in 2008.

So it's been a long, long time. Ptimbo would like to move on to become our "Cookie Emeritus," and I think he's earned the right to spend a few years enjoying the "fruits of his labor," which are more than just beans and tummy rumbles. That means we are going to need a replacement at Clampchef, and if you are game, Timbo might even make you keeper of the secret bean recipe.

Friday Night Tacos

There's also been talk of lightening the load a bit by getting crews together to take turns wrangling Friday night's meal, and it's been done before, with our veterans pitching in. While I have no serious objection to a hearty and hot Penne Putanesca (aka pasta and frozen meat balls), at this last Doin's Jesse "Zeus" Garibay went down to his local Mexican market and bought enough precooked fixxin's for soft taco dinners for everyone. It was well within our budget, very tasty, and we even had leftovers. I think Jesse laid down a challenge, and he's given us something to think about.


Party People

As you can see, I'm also getting the site ready for the 2024 Widders' Ball. The flyer will be up soon, but in the meantime, save the date, Saturday, February 3, 2024. We'll be headed back to the Homewood Suites in Bakersfield, where we'll be the guests of XNGH Jim "Bullseye" Bailey. It's a bye week for football so no excuses. Put on your dancing shoes because they'll be a party going on!

As usual we encourage you to stay overnight for your own safety if you intend to ingest adult libations. Jim Bailey is making a special room rate available for both Friday and Saturday nights. What we won't be doing this year is putting on an organized Friday night buffet. If you intend to stay over on Friday, you may consider partnering up with other couples for an informal night out.


Lighted Candle

As for next year's schedule, I expect that to be firmed up at the November meeting. But what I can tell you is that we expect to plaque the Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond in the spring. There is also talk of a "Candle Light" initiation sometime after Grand Council, in May or June. This event will be PXL only, and won't happen at night, so think of it as a "Candle Light in the Light" lite initiation. If you have a PBC who is 65 or older, or has an infirmity that would rule out his going through the typical PXL initiation, this is an opportunity to bring him into Clamperdom without exposing him to the elements.

I'll update you again soon, Until then, peace out, and have a Happy Halloween!

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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Posted 9.11.23 - - By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

9-11 Tribute lights

"9-11" - "the deadliest terrorist attack in human history" - occurred 22 years ago today. It is a solemn time worth remembering for it took the lives of almost 3,000 innocent individuals, all of whom were just going about their daily work, or traveling from one place to another. It was all routine until it wasn't.

Not all whose lives were taken were Americans - - nearly half were not - - but it was an evil desire to kill Americans and to damage our open way of life that motivated the malefactors. What they did affected us then, and it continues to affect us now. That is sad, but all the more reason on this day of remembrance, to resolve to be a better and more discerning people. The terrorists should never be allowed to claim even a pyrrhic victory.

So say a prayer for the innocents, those who died in the Towers, the first responders who selflessly went to the rescue and didn't return or later became seriously ill, those who died in the planes and at the Pentagon, and, of course, the heroic passengers who died at Shanksville. They all deserve our thoughts, and may their memory be a blessing to all of us. --MGM


Dale Turner, XNGH

Our Clampcrier and GDR, XNGH Dale "Top" Turner wants to emphasize that:

Friday, 15 September 2023 is the last day to register for the Fall Doin's at Fort Tejon. Registration closes and payment must be received by 1800 (6PM). Late payment is $15.00 more or $90.00.

PBC Registration was closed on Saturday, 2 September at midnight. Event Shirt orders were also closed at the time and the ordered placed. If you ordered an Event Shirts and or name tag it will be waiting for you at check in.

LISTEN UP!! If you are not able to attend the Clampout and have already paid, you must contact Top Turner, XNGH/GDR before the end of the day on Friday, 15 September to have your funds rolled over to the next Clampout. You will then have one year from the current Clampout to use your saved Gold Dust.

Failure to cancel before the end of the day on Friday, 15 September the Chapter will thank you for your donation.



Posted 8.27.23 - - By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier

This coming Saturday, September 2, 2023 there will be a RED SHIRT GET AWAY at the Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379 located at 17766 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country 91351. The doors open at 12noon, and admission is free. Come join us as we tell Clamper Tales and lies and share a libation or two. The Lodge has great Hot Dogs!

It's a Great Way to Sign-up for PXL's Fall Doin's!

  • There will be Registration Forms available for signing up for the Fall Doin's at Fort Tejon scheduled for 21 - 24 September. You can pay with cash, check or by Zelle.
  • This Saturday, 2 September will be the last day to order and pay for an Event Shirt or order a name tag.
  • We will need the Names, Paperwork and Rub of all PBC's on Saturday. We will be submitting their name to the printer for their Custom PXL Sheepskins.
  • ALL Sponsors must insure that your PBC Registration and Gold Dust is turned in by 2 September.
  • There will be no guarantee that the PBC will receive a sheepskin if their paperwork is not turned in on time.
  • You can get a printable copy of the Registration and Release of Liability forms from the Fall Doin's page if you'd like to fill it out ahead of time. PXL requires a signed hard copy Release of Liablity for every doin's. No exceptions!

Should you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at 661-714-7203


Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH/GDR


Vaquero and Sawdust at the grill

Posted 8.21.23 -- By NGH Al "The Quackster" Price

An Update from our Humbug, Al "Quackster" Price, XNGH
--- KISS --- Keep it short, stupid. So Stupid should keep it short.

Alan Price, XXNGH!

Words to live by My Brothers,

This year has kept me busy. Being Humbug is not for the faint of heart and I don't recommend it unless you are willing to put in the work. It's 10% Glory, 90% Elbows, and a whole lot of knee pads in between.

The year's activities started with Friday night dinner, February 3, 2023, at the Broken Yolk Café, the night before our 2023 Widders' Ball. Then on to Saturday's Widders' Ball at the Homewood Suites!

Widders Ball 2023

I consider that two good times in a row! Thanks to everyone, especially my Widder, Jayne, and Ptimbo's Widder, Judi Gillespie, for all their help with the Ball. To Dale "Top" Turner for his help with Friday night's dinner, and much thanks again to XNGH Jim Bailey for his generosity in lending us his facilities, at the Broken Yolk and at the Homewood, at no cost to the chapter.

Though I'd like to blame the weather, the Chapter turnout for the Whiskey Flat Days Parade in Kernville was disappointing. Only two Clampers, besides myself, and one Widder, showed up to march in the parade -- so we drove it in my Jeep instead. The barbeque at XXNGH Charles Toppings' house had to be cancelled. Due to the poor turn out, we don't plan on scheduling any more Whiskey Flat "marches" in the near future.

Spring Chow Line at Camp Hamilton!

The Spring Doin's was held once again at Camp Hamilton Veterans' Memorial Park. Like PXL, Camp Hamilton is a 501(c)(3) charity, though specifically dedicated to the memory of those who have served in our armed forces. The Brethren pitched-in with their individual donations and volunteer labor that allowed us to buy, assemble and dedicate three more picnic tables to the park.

Following our Spring Doin's, I attend ECV's Grand Council in May at Sonora, California. I reported on the Chapter's activities, all went well. Fort Tejon Announcement!

The Dates for the Fall Doin's are all set. A big thank you to XXNGH Mark "Pokey" Crawford, who was able to book us back into the Fort Tejon campground for Thursday, September 21 through Sunday, September 24, 2023. Please note my Brothers that Thursday is for the "set-up crew." If you show up on Thursday, you will be expected to pitch-in and help set up the cook shack, pop-ups, etc. --- NO EXCEPTIONS.

2005 Roads End Plaque

We were planning on holding the Road's End plaque rededication that same weekend, but the plaque site is north of Kernville in Tulare County, and it is a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive one-way from Ft. Tejon. So the plaquing will be held separately at 11 am, on Saturday, Sept. 16th instead. Come join us if you can! No festivities, just the re-plaquing ceremony. Take the road on the far east side of Kernville --- about 15 miles north on Mountain Highway 99/Sierra Highway. The plaque site is at the turnout 0.8 miles past McNally's Store/lodges and Burger stand on Mountain 99.

Meeting Notice!

Our Annual business meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2023, at our regular place, the La Sierra Mexican Restaurant (and Clamper Watering Hole) in Frazier Park. Our Meeting will begin as usual at 10 am. We hope to get in for breakfast at 8 am. We will keep you posted as to the agenda and if there are any changes, as the weather can be iffy in November.

Tarp and Pole Awning

On the good news side, we replaced our worn-out cook shack pop-ups with industrial grade pop-ups similar to those used at trade shows. This is our third generation of weather protection, and these awnings are even emblazoned with the PXL Rondelle. XXNGH Mark "Pokey" Crawford and XNGH Dale "Top" Turner researched the pop-ups which were funded through your donations to "Feed the Bear." So thanks to these Brothers and to everyone who has supported us through our volunteer fund.

Our chapter actually survived without much shade for many years. XNGHs Gene Duncker and Joe Zsot donated the sturdy "tarp and pipe" canopies in 1986, which served us well until we retired them and which were good enough to donate to the Copper Queen outpost in Yerington, Nevada to help the Brothers there assemble a proper kit. Those canopies were replaced by a generous donation from XNGH Jim Bailey in 2015, who saw the benefit of having something lightweight, that would require fewer men to set up. After a number of years of good service, we have finally retired those, as well.

New Gas Grill

Here's another problem. As much as we would rather cook our meats on charcoal, too many Clampsites no longer tolerate open flames due to drought conditions - including Fort Tejon. But again thanks to the Bear Fund, we have just purchased a new propane gas barbeque -- to be used for the first time at our Fall Doin's! Think of it as our Barbeque to the Stars. Thank you XXXNGH Ptomaine Timbo Gillespie, for helping us out once again as our Clamp Chef, and for taking the bull by the horns in suggesting, picking out, then ordering our new barbeque.

My Brothers, on a serious note, Ptimbo has only stepped in temporarily as our Clamp Chef to help us out this year --- but we need a permanent replacement for him, so he can at least try to enjoy his recent retirement! Please let me or any of your other officers know if you are interested in helping us out as Clamp Chef.

Though it's hard to believe that this Clamp year is almost over, we still have a lot of Clamping to do! Come on up to Fort Tejon, then join us at the Road's End plaque rededication on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 11 am. Please carpool if you can as parking is limited. If you're not plaquing, you're not Clamping. See you there!

Email The Quackster.

XNGH Al 'The Quackster' Price, PXL #1866
    Noble Grand Humbug 2023
    (661) 867-2414





Posted 8.20.23 (Ameneded 8.21.23) -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Our Electronic Sign-up form is on-line. Click here to go to our sign-up page for details. You can also download the flyer from there if you'd like to register by snail mail, or if you need to send in a copy of the mandatory release.

Dale Turner, XNGH

You only have until September 15th to sign-up and pay. Walk-ins and retreads will be turned away at the gate. If you'd like an event shirt or a name tag, then you have a shorter deadline. Shirts up to 4X are $25, name tags are $10. Our Our Hawker no longer stocks shirts so you must order by September 2nd, or miss out!

Contact our GDR, Dale "Top" Turner directly if you have any questions. Dale also reminds us that all checks must be made out to, "Peter Lebeck Chapter 1866 - ECV," or they will be rejected by the bank and will put you on the hook for an extra $15. Just think of it as giving away an ice cold six-pack that no one is ever going to get a chance to drink.

Tejon Shirt

Or Even better, use Zelle. Just make sure your memo states who you are and that it breaks down what the money is for. If you want a name tag, be sure to double check the spelling. If you want shirts, be clear about how many and in which sizes. Once the deadline has come and gone, they'll be no way to fix mistakes.

Lastly, we'd love to do everything on line, but we still need that pesky "Release of Liability" form in writing, preferably before the Doin's. You can send it by USPS, email to or even drop it off at the Saturday, September 2nd, Red Shirt Getaway at the Elks' Lodge in Santa Clarita. Top will be there and he'll be happy to accept your paperwork, and he'll even take your cash money. Hard copies of everything can be found on the sign-up page so get started.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
...and remember to Love us on Facebook




Originally Posted to Facebook 8.2.23 -- By XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, Clamp Crier

Scott 'Staples' Crawford
  • Brothers,

  • It is with heavy heart that I report the passing of fellow Clamper Scott "Staples" Crawford. "Staples" is the brother of PXL XXNGH Mark "Pokey" Crawford.

  • I received a call from "Pokey" informing me that his brother Scott had passed away today at approximately 12 noon, August 2nd from possible complications from a heart procedure.

  • Scott "Staples" had been admitted to Stanford Medical Hospital last Thursday where he underwent heart surgery placing eight stints. He was released and sent home on Tuesday, 1 August.

  • Pokey spoke with his brother this morning at 0900 and Staples said he had some stomach pain but seemed okay. At some point the Doctor was called and he ordered Scott back to the hospital. As they were preparing to move him to the airport for the helicopter flight everything went south. He passed at home with his wife Debbie by his side holding his hand.

  • Scott and his wife Debbie had moved from Castaic to Lewisville, CA which is just outside of Redding about two years ago. They were in the process of selling their home and relocating back this way and had started purchasing a home in Bear Valley Springs (Tehachapi).

  • Scott is survived by his Wife Debbie, two Daughters Leslie & Jackie, five grandchildren and two brothers, Mark & Bruce.

  • I will keep you all posted as more information becomes available. Let us keep the Crawford family in our prayers.

  • Dale "Top" Turner, XNGH
    Clamp Crier

Scott's wife, Debbie, appreciates our condolences but asks that we hold our call at this time.


Posted 5.13.23 -- By Timbo Gillespie, XXXNGH

Copper Queen Chartering

The Charter Doin's celebration of our newest addition to Clamperdom, Copper Queen Chapter 1915, took place this last weekend May 5th through 7th, in Yerington, NV. PXL was most ably represented by former NGHs Mike Ramirez-Mares, Dale Turner, Myrl Wallace, and yours truly, Timbo Gillespie. We observed the chartering, HOCO, and the New Chapter initiation of this fine bunch of guys.

Copper Queen Chartering

Former PXL NGH and Ex-Proctor, Gene "DH" Duncker, was ecstatic to see us and the nice burn barrel we presented to the Copper Queen Brethren, complete with ECV logo and inscription cementing us as brother chapters. There weren't any sisters around, or girls, for that matter, but that's just how it is in ECV.

Our proctor, current SNGH Dave "Warthog" Otero and SNGH to-be Mark Hall-Patton praised Peter Lebeck as a "class act." By traveling to Yerington, and representing the brethren of PXL, the four of us were able to proudly reinforce our bond as friends and compatriots of our newest group of irascible irregulars.

Ed. Note: The photos from the Copper Queen Inauguaral are posted on Peter's Outties Page.

What say the Brethren?

Email Timbo. Your Clampbastardly Ambassador,


Posted 4.24.23 -- By Mike "MGM" Ramirez, CR

Quackster and Pokey

On behalf of our Humbug, Al "The Quackster" Price, he thanks everybody who came up to Camp Hamilton for our Spring Doin's and made it a success. We had 48 guys show up (Bob Clemmenson, where are you?) and not only experience great camaraderie, but also some of the best weather we've ever had for a spring Clampout, with sunny skies and daytime temperatures in the mid-70's all weekend long. I've already posted some of the photos, with more coming soon from Brother Max "The Flash" Felser.

Dr. Klapper's Raffle

Vice Humbug Kelvin "Dr. Klapper" Swanson, put together a great raffle, but even before the ribeyes had winked their last at Saturday night's dinner, our brother "Ptomaine Ptimbo" Gillespie worked his magic with his grilled soft tacos and cheesy beans on Friday night. So if you didn't make it up to this one, you really missed out because it was a whole lot of fun.

On a sad note, since our last Doin's, we did lose two of our own to the Golden Hills, XNGH Jim Adams and Brother Rod "Eggplant" Story. Both will be missed, and both were memorialized as part of our HOCO at the spring Doin's.


So far our Humbug has been doing a bang-up job. Al had already earned his "X" in 2019, but stepped in to help us this year on short notice. He's been daring us to put him out of his misery, but we're not as dumb as we look. Competence has its virtues, which in this case mean that the Quackster, with the help of XNGH Mark "Pokey" Crawford calling in to the state park service every day, has locked in Fort Tejon for our fall Clampout.

Jim Adams, XNGH

That's right! We're going to Fort Tejon for a weekend Clampout, September 22nd to the 24th. So get ready for the fun as this is one of our most popular venues, with easy access for everybody. It literally has its own exit on Interstate 5, and while open fires are still not allowed due to drought conditions, there will be no size restriction for RVs this time around. So keep your eyes glued to this site for early registration information.

New Canopies

Our "Feed the Bear" fund is doing great things for Peter Lebeck chapter. XNGH Dale "Top" Turner, who is our Gold Dust Receiver and bear tamer extraordinaire, reports that the fund covered the purchase of our three new trade show quality canopies, one of which is emblazoned with four PXL Rondelles. The Bear fund also covered the chapter's yearly insurance premium and has paid for the new plaque needed to restore the demolished "Roads End" plaque we dedicated in 2005, under the late Humbug, Steve "Historically" Born.

Top has explained that the purpose of the fund is to cover insurance and the purchase of hard assets, so I agree that we have been putting our Brothers' generosity to good use. As every Clamper knows, our tradition dictates that no one pays dues to remain a Clamper. At PXL our Clampouts do raise money, but we purposely keep the rub low so that everyone can afford to come. Apart from that, sales from our store help bring in additional revenue. If you have a few extra bucks lying around and appreciate what PXL does for our Brotherhood and the Kern community, that $50 annual donation (or a $1000 life contribution) to the Bear fund, will provide the chapter with extra support on a strictly voluntary basis.

Bob 'DF' Cordes, XNGH

For instance, XNGH Bob Cordes, built a wood fired barbeque from the bed of an old pick-up truck, and we've shared it with his chapter of the Knight of Columbus for years. But due to the drought, most of the venues open to us no longer allow open fires, so the chapter needs a commercial grade propane grill to continue cooking our own Saturday night meals instead of having to have them catered, or worse, having to eat cold baloney sandwiches. So this is one place where the Bear fund could really help us out.

Broken Roads End Monument

As for the Roads End monument restoration, the Humbug has squared away the loose ends. The plaque has been ordered and it should be mounted later this year. The Roads End plaque celebrates a way station above Kernville which was literally at road's end in 1910. The wording tracks the site's history up until the 2002 McNally Fire when the buildings on site were destroyed. As a way point along the Kern River, Roads End was originally used to station the pack animals needed to build the hydroelectric power house a mile and a half up-river. Later, in the 1920's, Roads End was used to stage animals and equipment needed to extend the road. The site eventually included a store, a restaurant and cottages which served the public until their destruction by fire in 2002.

Charles Topping, XNGH

Originally XNGH Charles Topping envisioned a new concrete monument that would have included vintage photos of the site. But the U. S. Forest Service is very particular about this kind of thing. The original agreement had required us to affix our plaque to a "natural feature." That meant that despite being located in a parking lot, the plaque was attached to a large rock, and the rock was so near to the ground that someone backed into it and shattered the plaque to pieces. Well forget about the concrete monument. The current administration is requiring us to use the same rock, but this time they have put additional boulders around it, which should protect our monument from accidental abuse. We are also using aluminum instead of granite this time around.

Gene 'DH' Duncker

Our Humbug would also like to congratulate our XNGH, Gene "Dickhead" Duncker, PXP, who, after retiring to the Carson City area about eight years ago, found himself bamboozled into sitting on the board of the Copper Queen fledgling outpost in Yerington, Nevada. Gene attended the meeting, stepped out to go pee, and found himself in office when he returned from the lavatory. The problem was that Copper Queen was starting from absolute scratch, but, on the other hand, no one had ever accused Gene of being shy. At Dickhead's urging Peter Lebeck donated our surplus gear, including awnings, cook tops and pot and pans to get them Clamping. In 2022, and after a lot of hard work, Grand Council gave Copper Queen the go ahead for full chapter status, and their inaugrual Doin's is now set for May 5-7th in Yerington at the Lyon County Fairgrounds. To follow up, I asked Gene if he would ever do that again, to which he replied, "It Depends."

Paul Gleim

As I explained in a prior post, the Paul Gleim "Rfocus" Store is currently off-line due to some serious health issues which have forced Paul to seek treatment out of state. We wish Paul all the best, but note that his business is not completely kaput. Paul has left his store and his accounts to a friend, so hopefully Rfoucs will be back on line soon. The advantage to ordering from Paul was that you could order personalized items as well as shirts sporting various Clamper designs produced on a dye sublimation printer. That is a fancy way of saying that he could print one shirt at a time economically, as opposed to the screen printing process that requires printing dozens of shirts to make them affordable. That's a really useful option to have, so we'll make sure to keep you up to date on that.


As far as our event shirts go, we've been able to order them at a most reasonable price from a school district affiliated training program in Springfield, Illinois, for youths with disabilities, run by Ptimbo's nephew, Richard Gillespie. The program is called INK 186, and they are responsible for the recent Bald Eagle and Camp Hamilton offerings.

New Hawkers

As for PXL's Hawker Store, we've made some serious changes, hopefully for the better. Mike "12-Volt" Mazzetti is our new Hawker, with an assist from Jim "Shanker Mechanic" Mann. They'll be holding down the store but not taking it to other chapters, at least for now. We've put the old Hawker trailer up for sale, and we're paring down the inventory to make it fit in the trunk of a car. Mike and Jim are both CARP members, so you'll still be able to buy pins and other doo-dads obtained from other CARP Peddlers, but event shirts will have to be pre-ordered and picked up either at our next Doin's or at the Saturday Clamper Getaway in Santa Clarita, which typically occurs on the first Saturday of the month.

You'll also be able to preorder other Clamper gear. 12-Volt has access to the entire Wrecking Ball catalog. If you preorder from him at Wrecking Ball prices and pick-up your items from the PXL Store, you won't have to pay for shipping and PXL will still make a little on the sale. You can peruse the Wrecking Ball catalog online, or see Mike. He'll be at the Getaway on Saturday, May 6th, noon until 3 pm. Santa Clarita Elks Lodge #2379, 17766 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita, CA 91351.


So what happened to the last guy? Well that's a very sad story, and the chapter deserves an explanation. We turned management of the PXL store over to Kevn "No Eye" Horton as part of the 2014 term, with nearly $12,000, in the store account. Kevn told us that his experience as a businessman made him particularly qualified to take over the store from XNGH Russ "Hole" Chapman, who had been serving temporarily as our Hawker. Kevn was expected to beef-up the store's inventory, keep track of sales and expenses, and deposit the store's proceeds into the general fund after each event. He was also expected, at a minimum, to submit a financial report at our annual corporate business meeting in November, as part of our intention to make chapter finances more transparent.

No Eye -- PNG

At first, no one expected much from the store because store funds were expected to be spent on new inventory. But when it was time for Kevn to report on the stores' progress, Kevn would always paint it in the best light, but his financial report was always "almost ready" or 'left at home.' The leadership would roll over and Kevn's failure to file a report would go unnoticed by the new administration.

That went on until 2020, when Al Price, coming off of his first stint as Humbug in 2019, became the Gold Dust Receiver. Al set about going over bank statements from his Humbug year and discovered that two transactions on the store account were returned for "insufficient funds." Neither deficiency had been reported to him, nor had any explanation been offered. Al also noticed that regular deposits were not being made into the general account after events. So where was the money going?

Humbug Mark "Pokey" Crawford appointed an audit committee that included himself, Al and XNGH Dale Turner to review the store's books going back to 2014. At first Kevn appeared to cooperate, but it quickly became clear that he was unprepared to turn over any financial records other than bank statements to which the chapter already had access. He produced no ledgers or receipts for his purchases, and he would not surrender the check register. By the time Kevn gave up the store in September of 2021, the account had less than $200, and there was no evidence of him ever having made regular disbursements to the general account, or having generated any after action reports despite his having taken the store to various ECV events during his tenure, including a trip to Colorado at our chapter's expense.

The situation looked really bad, but the board wanted to give Kevn a chance to reconstruct and explain the store's finances and his activities even if he did not have all the receipts and other paperwork he should have been keeping as part of the ordinary course of business. He was also given the option to come before the board and explain himself, but he failed to take advantage of either opportunity. He did reply in writing, but it was to say that we should recognize that he had always done a good job handling the store.

On February 4, 2023, the board voted to expel Kevn "No Eye" Horton from Peter Lebeck chapter and to declare him persona non grata. Kevn is no longer welcome at any of our functions, and both the Board of Proctors and the other ECV chapters have been so notified. Peter Lebeck cannot take Kevn's redshirt from him, but we do have the right to make our displeasure known. It is a sad thing indeed.

Email MGM.

MGM, XNGH -- "Recording No Cyber Before Its Time."
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